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Many people have heard Kent Hovind try to defend his refusal to engage in written debates and/or other correspondence by claiming he was a poor typist; couldn’t type very fast or very accurately.

I think that is just another one of Kent’s lies.

The record indicates Kent Hovind can type reasonably fast and with reasonable accuracy so as to be able to engage in a written debate and other correspondence; if he wanted to.

In my own observation of such as goes to supporting my opinion about that, I have had a personal, written exchange with Kent Hovind.

I have heard Kent Hovind claim he earned two doctorate degrees while in prison.

Kent Hovind was allowed to have up to 30 email correspondents while in prison and there is reason to believe he operated typically with 30 correspondents on his email account and was active in communicating with them.

I have heard Kent Hovind claim he wrote 37 books while in prison.

Kent Hovind, in my opinion, can type with reasonable accuracy and with reasonable speed and could easily engage in written debates and other correspondents if he wanted to.

The reason(s) Kent Hovind declines written debates and other correspondence is not because he can’t type fast enough or accurately enough.



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