Bernie Dehler is an atheist activist in Oregon and has interviewed Kent Hovind a number of times.

In a recent interview, Bernie asked Kent about me and Kent responded with some false and/or misleading comments.

That has led to Bernie asking me to appear on his show to respond and otherwise deal with Kent’s false legal narrative.  As an added advantage, Bernie was also interested in discussing my Atheism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise which we are also scheduled to take up for a short time after dealing with the Kent Hovind issues.

Bernie and I are scheduled to record that program on the evening of July 19, 2016 for broadcast later after Bernie edits it for broadcast.


Kent’s comments to Bernie about Robert Baty:

The following propositions were developed in response to Kent’s public claims about our relationship and me.  Bernie and I will likely deal with #55, but we may or may not take up #56 which Kent did not address but which I formulated as a companion proposition in light of Kent’s claim to have “reliable sources” for his false and/or misleading claims about me.

Proposition #55

Kent Hovind has heard from reliable sources

that Robert Baty is an IRS Agent, a “plant”, and

works for the Government.

– Kent Hovind: Affirms

– Robert Baty: Denies

Proposition #56

Robert Baty has heard from a reliable source

that Kent Hovind is personally responsible for

Andrew Hovind’s disabilities and that he, Kent

Hovind was dismissed from a church in Illinois

when he, Kent Hoivnd, inappropriately touched

a child.

– Robert Baty: Affirms

– Kent Hovind: (To Affirm or Deny)

UPDATE August 5, 2016 – The Bernie-Baty Interview Broadcast




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