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Originally Posted March 21, 2023

by Robert Baty

Jesse Boyd in a secret communication with his cult members has described the above proceeding as an “omnibus hearing”. The Court does have a lot to consider in this case and so there may be a lot going on tomorrow if the proceeding proceeds.

Jesse Boyd’s secret message is shown below:

The Court’s on-line record is usually a day or two behind, and so the on-line record does not appear to reflect the most recent filings. We are still waiting for the Court’s ruling on The Montana 4 Amended Motion to Dismiss and some other matters.

You will notice that Jesse Boyd said nothing in his secret message about his hot-shot celebrity lawyer with the substance abuse, domestic abuse, financial abuse, tax abuse history and whom has recently been sued in federal court for FRAUD; John M. Pierce. The State of Montana has had enough of his shenanigans and has asked the Court for an “in-camera hearing” to consider whether or not John M. Pierce, who is representing The Montana 4 pro hac vice, should be dismissed from the case for bad behavior.

I am posting this article in anticipation of tomorrow’s proceeding, anticipating that there will be much to report. I hope to be able to update this article in a timely fashion.

Update March 22, 2023

I never was able to connect to any broadcast for the hearing. I think it was likely not broadcast. John Lamb posted a report indicating it was just a thing between the lawyers to schedule stuff.

According to John Lamb, the trial date has been set for November 12, 2023. We’ll have to wait for the docket to develop to report on other matters. John Lamb didn’t say a lot about what’s really going on with the motions and such.

Link to the John Lamb broadcast:

John is real proud of the sign donated to promote the false Boyd narrative!

Update March 26, 2023

The docket record below indicates what we can expect to take a look at this week as the documents might become available. Additional documents may be filed also during the week.

Update March 28, 2023 – Another Docket Addition

Update March 31, 2023

8 of the 9 above-referenced documents have become available as shown below:

There are also some current developments in the Brad Terrell civil case that Jesse Boyd and his people have been lying about.

Update April 5, 2023

Jesse Boyd and Eric Trent swung another interview with James White of Northwest Liberty (Fake) News today. In part, they mentioned a new Motion to Dismiss. White indicated it could be found on his website. It has not yet appeared on the on-line docket record.

Link to Interview:

Link to new Motion to Dismiss:

(Filing of the Motion to Dismiss has not been verified!)

(Spoiler: Jesse did not have “every legal right to be there”. His car was parked illegally.)

Update April 11, 2023

New lows for Jesse Boyd and his mouthpiece Brenda Roskos of the Montana1stNews venue; 2 new articles today, 1 with Jesse announcing his big event in Montana on May 13, 2023.

Second article is at:

Update April 18, 2023

The Omnibus ORDER from the Court

State request for more time to respond to defense motion, due to being in trial April 3 – April 14

Court grant of State motion for more time

I was told that The Montana 4 Motion to Dismiss for Selective Prosecution is “under seal”. That’s why filing of the copy being distributed by Jesse Boyd and his people cannot be confirmed via the Court. The docket record does not appear to indicate it is “under seal”. We will see how that goes.

Update April 21, 2023

Following is the current docket record in the civil FRAUD case filed recently against The Montana 4 legal dream team leader John M. Pierce, et al:


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