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Originally Posted June 19, 2022

by Robert Baty

Brett Keane is a YouTube celebrity that I crossed paths with on or about the first of the year 2022. Brett, perhaps, is most famous for his exposition as to why men have nipples. However, for some reason, he has removed that broadcast from public view.

Brett Keane’s YouTube Channel Link:

Dawn Keane is Brett Keane’s wife.

Dawn Keane FaceBook Link:

(This video isn’t available anymore!)

I was attracted to Brett’s work in apologetics when I noticed that he broadcast his interview with Kent Hovind in December of 2021. I would later learn that, despite Brett presenting that as a recent interview, the interview was actually from the Summer of 2021 and was originally broadcast on a YouTube channel that Brett had that was discontinued.

I thought it appropriate to volunteer to appear with Brett in a related broadcast addressing Kent Hovind’s problems, subject to Brett inviting Kent to join us and, if it were to be the case, documenting Kent’s refusal to join us.

Brett refused to oblige and, according to him, he would not dare to contact Kent Hovind and extend the invitation.

Brett would ultimately go on to be hand-picked by Kent Hovind to promote his “Get Cindi Lincoln” campaign. Cindi Lincoln is a former girlfriend of Kent Hovind whom Kent swindled out of about $200,000.00. She wants much of it returned and Kent has vowed not to give her another dime. Kent also was convicted of criminally assaulting Cindi Lincoln and has pledged to spend the rest of his life appealing that judgment.

In recent weeks, the public interest in Brett’s promotion of Kent Hovind and his “Get Cindi Lincoln” campaign has picked up considerably; as has, apparently, Brett Keane’s dislike for me and my work.

Following, from Brett Keane’s performance the night of June 18, 2022, is Brett’s latest broadside against me.

Following will be some of the graphic history of my dealings with Brett Keane since the first of the year. I will add images and notes as I get time, but I thought it appropriate to get some formal response, to Brett’s cowardly, lying, hypocritical attack on me above, posted here as quickly as possible.

(This video isn’t available anymore!)

(This video isn’t available anymore!)

(This video is private!)

(This video isn’t available anymore!)

(This video isn’t available anymore!)

Update June 20, 2022

Following are 6 images of Cindi Lincoln, Kent Hovind’s former girlfriend and the woman he was convicted of criminally assaulting and the woman who wants Kent Hovind to repay her for money he swindled her out of during their relationship. Following those 6 images is a presentation of the thumbnail image Brett Keane caused to be created in the promotion of one of his broadcasts. To my knowledge, Brett has never acknowledged or explained how my 6 images came to be used in his thumbnail.

(This video is private!)

In one stunt in a Brett Keane broadcast, Kent was allowed, unchallenged, to read 9 affidavits in his on-going campaign to discredit Cindi Lincoln. Most were anonymous. One was, allegedly from Sandra Sawyer, Kent’s current girlfriend. One was, allegedly, from Kent’s long-time employee and camp cook Freddy Urena.

(This video isn’t available anymore!)

Possible criminal issues involving Chris Jones and Kent Hovind:

(This video is private!)

Update June 21, 2022

Brett claims he’s done defending Kent Hovind and his people. We’ll see how far that goes. Stay tuned!

Update June 22, 2022

HMM! Looks like Brett’s promise didn’t last more than a day!

Here is the link to Brett’s broadcast today demonstrating his interest in further defending Kent Hovind and being swooned by his girlfriend, Sandra Sawyer.

Link to tonight’s live broadcast from Brett Keane:

Time marked link to comments below:

Update June 24, 2022

Brett Keane wasn’t always so lovey-dovey with Kent’s boy Matt Powell. Just a few months ago Brett broadcast his message to Matt to “get lost” because Matt Powell didn’t give Brett the attention Brett thought he should get from Matt Powell.

Despite the claims, this is another example of a “woe-is-me” video from Brett Keane where he claims “he’s done”, but isn’t. He came back for more.

Here is another link to a recent video that Brett Keane used to boast about his ability to beat up people. However, it appears to have been deleted and not returned to public view as Brett Keane and Adam Lore have suggested. Kenny Rhodes had challenged Brett Keane to a boxing match and Brett pretended to accept, but he modified the challenge by claiming he would meet Kenny for a bare-knuckled fight in some church parking lot.

Update June 26, 2022

Brett Keane told us that when he can’t handle a discussion he will tamper with the evidence. So he has, again!

Brett Keane’s broadcast was about 6.5 hours long. How much of that do you think will find its way on to Kent Hovind’s channel. Stay tuned!

Later: Wishy-washy Brett Keane later changed the settings again and provided the video “unlisted”, then later yet returned it to listed status and it is archived on his YouTube channel now at:

Update June 27, 2022

Link to video broadcast by “Mr. Lore” which archives Brett Keane’s subsequent comments about his wishy-washy actions regarding his broadcasts, more specifically the Chris Baker video:

Brette Keane – Even more tampering with evidence!

This was his latest “woe-is-me” video.

I was just getting some time to try and preserve what interested me out of it, but when I got to it it had gone poof!

Link to video illustrated below:


Update June 29, 2022

Brett Keane reasserts his role as Hovind Apologist despite developments in the case of Chris Jones and “Zaire” (Xyaiire).

Update June 30, 2022

Time will tell!

Link to video illustrated below:

Update July 2, 2022

Brett Keane’s latest pro-Hovind promotion:

Update July 5, 2022

Brett Keane could not stay away. Today he was back, this time quite critical of Kent Hovind and Chris Jones.

Update July 12, 2022

Brett Keane – at it again!!

“Kent Hovind, Sandra Hovind, Friendship, Drama Ends, Manipulators, Guilt By Association, Betrayal”

(Spoiler: Still seems to be all about Brett!)

Update July 15, 2022

(Brett Keane has since removed the above referenced video from public view.)

Brett Keane broadcasts live again today and gets Kent Hovind’s girlfriend to give him some sweet, lovey-dovey time.

Mark Stoney broadcast a very short video response to what Brett Keane said about him in the above video wherein Kent’s girlfriend, Sandra Sawyer, was featured. Mark’s video response is at:

Brett also make a community post admitting his continuing defense of Kent Hovind, giving TTOR (Justin Derby) credit for exposing Kent Hovind, and taking another cheap shot, implicitly, at Mark Stoney.

Then there was this from Brett, which he deleted about as quick as it was broadcast!

Update July 16, 2022

Today, Mark Stoney captured a video Brett Keane broadcast and then quickly deleted. Brett intended it to be a critical review of Mark Stoney. Therein, hypocrite Brett accuses Mark of producing artwork I produced and of using old photos out of context; something Brett does all the time while refusing to simply show himself as he is when broadcasting or recording his performances.

Link to Mark Stoney’s video broadcast of Brett Keane’s deleted video:

Update July 20, 2022

Brett Keane says he’s leaving for awhile, but isn’t honest enough to face us and look us in the eye and tell us. So, I added an actual, recent image to my graphic illustration of his good-bye message below.

Update July 26, 2022



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