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Originally Posted July 23, 2022

by Robert Baty

Earl Christian Baker (aka Chris Baker) recently moved in with Kent Hovind on Kent’s 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL. Chris eventually became a director of Kent’s 501(c)(3) corporation CSEM, Inc. and also serves as Treasurer.

Today, July 23, 2022, I, Robert Baty, was able to engage Chris Baker and this article is intended to memorialize that engagement. Maybe there will be more. Maybe not.

The exchange took place in the “Kent Hovind Creation Science” FaceBook group at:

More specifically, the exchange took place in the threads in that group at the 2 following links:

Following are the screenshots reflecting that exchange:

Update July 24, 2022

Update July 27, 2022


Update August 12, 2022

Link to related follow-up article:


Chris Baker v. Robert Baty — No Comments

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