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Originally Posted July 27, 2022

by Robert Baty

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This article is intended to memorialize the exchange I had with Earl Christian Baker (aka Chris Baker), Kent Hovind spokesman, today, July 27, 2022, after an initial exchange between Chris Baker and Mark Stoney, a former resident at Kent Hovind’s 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL.

Following is the link to the FaceBook group thread where the exchange took place:

Of special interest is what Chris Baker had to say about the Chris Jones controversy and Kent Hovind’s 501(c)(3) corporation Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc. (CSEM, Inc.).

Following are the screenshots of the exchange:

Update July 28, 2022


Update August 10, 2022

Update August 11, 2022

Chris Baker – Still covering for Kent Hovind!

Recently, I called Chris Baker out regarding the directors of Kent’s 501(c)(3) alter-ego corporation; asking what Chris, a director, plans regarding replacing one or more of the other directors consisting of Brady Byrum, J.R. Hughes, Bill Sardi, and Ernest Land. Chris refused to answer and hinted that one or more of them already had replacements at least named, for what that is worth; the State on-line record having no notice of such new directors.

The image below reflects the latest exchange I had with Chris about that.

Links to my recent articles about my dealings with Kent’s man Chris Baker:


Update August 12, 2022

Chris Baker continues his dishonesty!


Update August 26, 2022

Update August 30, 2022



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