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Originally Posted August 14, 2022

by Robert Baty

Leslee Kuntzman at one time worked as an illustrator for Independent Fundamental Baptist preacher and young-earth promoter Kent Hovind. Some of Kent’s books also featured Irie Sky Kuntzman as an illustrator.

Mark Stoney recently sought to contact Leslee to discuss some of her work for Kent Hovind as part of his continuing coverage of the Kent Hovind story. However, he was not able to locate her. I (Robert Baty) decided to try and help locate her.

In the course of my efforts, Eric Kuntzman contacted me and the rest, they say, his history. Eric has been concerned about his sister Irie for several years because she, her mother, and her father (and Eric’s father) appear to have simply disappeared.

Link to the Leigh Koontz FaceBook page:

Link to Eric Kuntzman FaceBook page:

Images from the Leigh Koontz FaceBook page:

The man referenced in the post below who, allegedly, committed no crime is Kent Hovind. I don’t know the story on the other man allegedly shot by law enforcement. She mentions him in other posts as well.

Kent Hovind appears to have established relationships with a number of younger women while he was in federal prison from 2007-2015. Leigh appears to be one of them which he was able to exploit. To the extent that Leigh’s course in life might be related to her “odd” notions about government, religion, conspiracies and such, Kent Hovind might be rightly given credit for having encouraged such notions.


Gea was one of Kent Hovind’s first prison pen pals; a young, Canadian woman who was really enamored with Kent Hovind and supported him and helped him get his message out on YouTube. Gea’s FaceBook account now appears to be using the name Gurbani Kaur Gill. Erin Davis is the wife of Rudy Davis, Kent’s #1 YouTube promoter for a time. Rudy quit his job in 2015 and promoted Kent Hovind full time for awhile.

Other Media Coverage

Update August 16, 2022

Can Kent Hovind and his people get any lower! Comments below posted under The Butcher Shop article referenced above:

Update August 18, 2022

Joe Kuntzman on Pinterest

Family Connections (estranged)!

Mother and Brothers

Leslee’s/Leigh’s Brother and Sister-in-Law


Joe Kuntzman’s mother and Eric Kuntzman’s grandmother!

Leslee’s/Leigh’s Stepfather!

Regarding Eric’s 2014 Trip to Colorado

Update August 19, 2022

Update August 22, 2022 (1:00 PM MT)

Link to Mark Stoney – Robert Baty Interview broadcast August 17, 2022

Irie Sky Kuntzman FaceBook Page

Irie Sky Kuntzman YouTube Channel

Joe Kuntzman YouTube Channel

Comments under the Mark Stoney – Robert Baty Interview Video at:

More from under the above referenced video!

Another one from Joe to Mark:

I guess this could go on for a while longer!

I have grown weary of copying all of that. Go to the link below for the video and more of what has been said in the comments section. If something more substantive appears, I will try to mirror it here.

EMAIL appearance by Leslee Kuntzman/Leigh Koontz (aka Healing Wind)

Irie has already changed the name of her YouTube account, but kept the address!

Update August 23, 2022

The child support issue presented in comments above can be found at the following time marked link to Mark Stoney’s video and are illustrated below:

Third party testimonials about trying to get in contact with Leslee/Leigh:

Kent Hovind’s botched announcement of August 16, 2022:

Joe Kuntzman and Irie Sky Kuntzman returned, this evening, to Mark Stoney’s video comments section, along with Leslee Kuntzman’s brother Douglas. Douglas and Irie exchange a few messages, but Joe went nuts bantering about with nothing meaningful to say and refusing to openly and honestly engage in a civil discussion of issues relevant to the story.

Too much to copy and paste here. The link to the video under which the comments are posted is:

Update August 24, 2022

Irie and her uncle Doug connect under Mark’s video at (different format):

After the following exchange this morning, Mark Stoney posted a message saying he was stopping the discussion, terminating comments, but he would leave the video posted in the “unlisted” category.

Update September 2, 2022

A late response to the search effort:



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