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Originally Posted June 25, 2022

by Robert Baty

Is Kent Hovind A Bigamist?

If not, why not?

Link to video illustrated below:

Link to my September 2018 article concluding that Kent Hovind and Mary Tocco were/are still married because their common law marriage was legal and there was no known legal proceeding dissolving the marriage:

Below are comments and references supporting my rebuttal to the above claims of Sandra Sawyer, from which I would conclude Kent is still legally married to Mary Tocco and NOT legally married to Sandra Sawyer, and if some appearance of legality of a marriage between Sandra Sawyer and Kent Hovind has been submitted to government agencies, it might make Kent Hovind a bigamist as a matter of law.

Legitimate feedback is most welcome.

Update June 26, 2022

Sandra’s first presentation for round 1 and my response is shown above. Will Sandra dare to try again and advance round 2 with another presentation in an effort to establish her claim regarding this important public issue?

Update July 11, 2022

The Fundamental Propositions Summarized

Update July 17, 2022

Today, Sandra Sawyer may have admitted to Kent Hovind being a bigamist. She claims the two of them registered their marriage with the State (not specified which state or which courthouse), thereby justifying her claim to be “legally Sandra Hovind”.

Link to Mark Stoney video under which Sandra posted her comments illustrated below:

When Kent Hovind and Mary Tocco were legally married by common-law in September of 2016, no registration was required to establish the legality of the marriage. Registration is now required, but it was not then. As a result, Sandra’s argument doesn’t hold up. Kent and Mary are still legally married and Kent is not qualified to register another marriage such as suggested by Sandra Sawyer above.

In September of 2016, when Kent Hovind and Mary Tocco were married, by common-law, in a very public, widely broadcast ceremony on Kent’s 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL, the requirements to make the marriage legal were as follows:

Be of sound mind.

Not be married to another.

Agree to be married to each other.

Hold yourselves out as married to one another.

Live together.

Update July 18, 2022

Sample Alabama marriage registration after January 1, 2017; such as Sandra Sawyer says she and Kent Hovind filed.

Update July 23, 2022

Link to video under which comments illustrated below were posted (there are about 50 other comments in that thread):

Update October 17, 2022

Link to video illustrated below: