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Originally Posted August 31, 2022

by Robert Baty

The Participants

The Promotion by Jay Bundy

The Event via SFT (Standing for Truth)

Still Champion – Jay Bundy

A little about Kent Hovind

A little about Jay Bundy

From one of his dissertations at:

Other References

Some of Jay Bundy’s Social Media/Internet Sites$Pocketlocker86

Jay Bundy calls my name after I posted comments in his side chat on his latest live broadcast at:

Time marked link (00:02:18)

Since posting the above this morning, Jay’s video has been blocked by SME.

I was able to capture the comments under the video as shown below:

I guess I don’t understand much about YouTube. YouTube advised me that Jay posted the following response to my comments above, but I can’t find them at the link to the video and the message under the video says comments are turned off and no comments appear. I’ll take it, however, as a compliment from Jay as is indicated.

Following are some of the graphics used by Jay Bundy in his introduction in the video meeting with Kent Hovind. Kent Hovind never really dealt with the substance of what Jay was presenting in these graphics.

Update September 2, 2022…/UCRlJw2rAorNmw8O4Lb91ofw/about

Jay Bundy responds to inquiry about Donny’s quip about a Jay-Kent-Donny series!

Nothing about Kent wanting a Round #2 with Jay Bundy or wanting anything to do with some regular programming involving him, Donny Budinsky (Standing for Truth/SFT) and Jay Bundy.

Update September 3, 2022

Excerpts from Jay Bundy’s introductory remarks in the Monday, August 29, 2022 broadcast of his performance opposite Kent Hovind:

Jay Bundy tried to lamely deny he was using Covid restrictions as an explanation as to why he was not about to be visiting Kent Hovind on his 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL. Another example of why he is an unworthy correspondent and one should be very careful in trying to seriously deal with his problems.

About the 6 hour mark in Jay’s marathon tonight, I again returned to the side chat when he mentioned masks, asking his people how many would be wearing masks when going to work Monday. Jay again mentioned me by name in his broadcast and said he was banning me from his channel. I have added a graphic showing the side chat that caused Jay to respond in that childish way.

Update September 4, 2022

Link to related article on this website announcing Jay Bundy’s plans for a Pennock v. Hovind “conversation”, virtually, via his classroom:

This is the time marked link to the segment in the above-referenced video where Jay Bundy, for no good reason, goes into a rant about me and my interview with Paul Ens (aka Paulogia); something that had not been brought up in the video or the side chat: (01:44:45 Time Mark)

Update September 5, 2022

A grown man grovels before Jay Bundy!

Update September 6, 2022

Jay Bundy forfeits his WWE Champion Belt to Robert Baty!

In light of all the self-promotion by Jay Bundy since his face-off with Kent Hovind on August 29, 2022, maybe some others will see the humor in this as I did:

I think they call this an “op-ed”. It’s from Bill at The Butcher Shop.

Something seems to have triggered Jay and he’s decided to dedicate today’s marathon broadcast to bullying and harassing me and lying about me and misrepresenting me; all the while he claims to be a victim.

Time marked link to what I consider to be Jay Bundy’s threat of physical violence towards me, despite catching himself and deciding he better deny that’s what he is talking about:

Update September 7, 2022

Kent Hovind’s man Donny Budinski continues his groveling before the throne of Jay Bundy. What Donny fails to mention is any talk of any rematch between Kent and Jay or Kent’s possible face-off with Jay’s hero Robert T. Pennock.

Bill opines on his personal experience with Jay Bundy last night via The Butcher Shop at:

Jay Bundy – WWE Hypocrite!

He’s back on live, and about 30 minutes in Jay refers to his performance with Kent Hovind on August 29, 2022 as a “debate” over and over and over again!


(This video has been removed from YouTube! HMM?????)

Bill at The Butcher Shop has gone rogue and added this to his coverage of this important, public story:

Some of what Jay Bundy had to say as he began his preparations for that thing with Kent Hovind, from:

Update September 8, 2022

Bill over at The Butcher Shop has this further coverage today:

Hypocrite Jay Bundy justifies my course in dealing with Jay’s problem with Robert T. Pennock, and other matters.


What a maroon, huh?

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Update September 9, 2022

Tonight’s ran by Jay Bundy against me, his threats and false accusations, followed by a screenshot of my email to the 3 university scholars Jay Bundy has brought into this matter and to whom I previously wrote and never got a response:

As shown below, Jay Bundy had some late night lying about these things to add to his performance.

Update September 10, 2022

Looks like Jay Bundy has been tampering with evidence again!

Update September 12, 2022

Link to video from which comments in 2 graphics below were taken:

Jay Bundy explains his scam and clearly implicates Robert T. Pennock and Michigan State University and University of Minnesota!

Update September 13, 2022

Update September 15, 2022

Does he, or does he not???

Update September 16, 2022

Update September 16, 2022

Update September 17, 2022

Jay Bundy still can’t stand to name “us”, though he feels compelled to talk about us while refusing to face “us”.


Update October 6, 2022


Update October 7, 2022

If Jay says anything about me in his above-referenced video today, I’ll have to find it later or someone will have to give me some time marks.

Time marked link:

Well, Robert T. Pennock’s classroom clown, Jay Nyerere Bundy, just proved, as expected, that he’s the coward that can’t handle the truth. I ran out of space again, but I got this much, which may suffice.

Jay or one of his similarly situated cowardly supporters already showed up on my Twitter feed where the above was posted.

Update October 9, 2022

More evidence as to why Jay Bundy is a clown and considered a hypocrite!

Update October 12, 2022

Update October 14, 2022

More about Jay’s mom!

Update October 15, 2022

Jay Bundy on Robert Baty Today! (1:27:20 Time Mark)

Looks like Jay has been carrying around that “security blanket” for a long, long time!

Update October 17, 2022

More images of Jay’s grandparents which he says are no longer his people and he has no interest in:

Update October 22, 2022

Update October 31, 2022

Jay Bundy’s “Uncle Bobby” makes his debut on Paulogia’s YouTube channel. Some from Jay’s fan club also showed up in the comments under the video. Maybe Jay will also be showing up soon.

Jay Bundy had these thoughts on the above:

Update November 1, 2022

Jay Bundy desperate for some attention!

Update November 10, 2022

Jay Bundy caught flat out lying again!



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