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Originally posted January 18, 2023

by Robert Baty

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Based on available information published since November 12, 2022, the date of the crime occurring in Madison County, MT near Cameron, MT and involving Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd, Carter Phillips, Eric Trent (current defendants), Josiah Boyd, and Brad Terrell (local resident), I have prepared the following image of the crime scene which shows the Boyd vehicle illegally parked and blocking (in part) the Cameron Drive entrance and exit.

It’s been over 2 months and Jesse Boyd has been quite active in promoting his false narrative on social media and on a few media outlets. Jesse has refused to face me and publicly discuss his problems and the merits of the criminal cases now pending against him and his fellow trekkers.

Jesse has cleverly avoided discussing and including in his false narrative the matter of his vehicle being illegally parked, without regard to the “blocking” issue. Jesse’s position on the “blocking” issue is reflected in his post to FaceBook illustrated below and at the following link:

(Curious it is that the post is no longer publicly viewable!)

Jesse Boyd, you have had over 2 months to publish that picture so the public can decide what it shows and how its evaluation compares to your own.

Jesse, we are waiting!


8:10 PM MT – I now have a link to the 10 minute recording of Jesse Boyd’s 911 call on November 12, 2022:

8:35 PM MT – I now have a link to an Motion to Dismiss that has been or will be filed in the 4 cases, by Alexander Roots with John Pierce waiting for pro hac vice approval:

Footnote #2 in the Motion to Dismiss document clearly indicates that the lawyers and Jesse Boyd know that the vehicle was obstructing access to and from Cameron Drive as shown in the above graphic illustration of the crime scene. Also, they make no effort to address the fact that the vehicle was otherwise illegally parked.


9:40 PM MT – This additional excerpt from the alleged Motion to Dismiss indicates Jesse and his lawyers are determined to misrepresent the crime scene and have yet to recognize that the car was NOT, NOT, NOT legally parked.

Update January 19, 2023

I received, privately, an unsolicited copy of the filed Motion to Dismiss.

Link to full document:

Update January 20, 2023

Evidence that Jesse Boyd is playing games with the evidence; releasing this image but leaving so much to be kept secret by him.

Update January 21, 2023

Another perspective showing that Jesse Boyd’s vehicle as illegally parked AND blocking access AND obstructing the normal course of travel by Brad Terrell and other residents.

Update January 22, 2023

The snow evidence tending to prove Jesse Boyd has been lying about the parking at the crime scene and his exit therefrom. No good reason to believe he would have driven through a snow-filled bar ditch in order to return to Highway 287, as he has been indicating.

News Video Link:

Link to my FaceBook post providing more commentary/images:

Update January 23, 2023

The hearing!

I was able to listen in via telephone. I was not able to make the ZOOM connection.

John Pierce showed up for the defendants and actually handled all the substantive matters discussed and dealt with. Alexander Roots was kinda in the background. Pierce’s pro hac vice request had not been properly filed, but the judge let him participate anyone and the procedural issue will be fixed and pro hac vice status allowed.

They all pled “not guilty”.

The judge told them that such things as character references and self-defense claims were issues for another time.

The State had no objection to the ankle monitors being removed and that might be done as early as today. The judge told them that the bond amount issue was moot because they had made bond. Jesse testified that the bond was made via a credit card of a “relative”. The judge told them that if there was any issue there, that would be between them and the bondsman.

Judge told them conditions of release include no firearms or dangerous weapons. This could raise concerns about all those knives Jesse and others are fond of. Eric Trent just bought a new dangerous weapon (knife) and bragged about it with Brandon Gwaltney who also bought himself one.

Pierce will provide the Court with addresses for all dependents, under seal to protect their privacy.

Judge mentioned that motions had been filed and were being briefed and so would not be addressed today.

Pierce advised the Court that an issue that will come up later if the case proceeds to trial will be his request that the State be prohibited from describing Brad Terrell as the “victim”.

Pierce wanted a hearing to “test” probable cause for the charges. The judge told Pierce to do some homework on that regarding Montana law; suggesting to me that the judge didn’t think Pierce knew what he was talking about. The judge also indicated that in an unrelated case he was going to be making a related ruling in a couple of weeks on that issue that might be helpful to Pierce.

The judge explained the defendants’ rights to “conflict-free” counsel and indicated that they need to sign waivers of that right if they all wanted to stick with one lawyer or legal dream team.

The judge spent some time talking about the options for settlement of the cases (i.e., plea deals).

Montana1stNews Report on Hearing:

http://Jesse Boyd v. Montana – Montana1stNews on Hearing See:

By the end of the hearing, I am thinking the Boyd cult was not so happy as before:

Update March 15, 2023

Link to State’s Motion to Compel


COMES NOW the State of Montana, by and through Assistant Attorney
General Thorin A. Geist and Madison County Attorney David Buehler, and
hereby move the District Court for an Order to Compel:

2. Requiring the immediate production of all papers, documents,
photographs, and all other tangible objects that the Defendants may
use at trial.

Update March 17, 2023

The Court has now issued an ORDER requiring the production of the claimed photographic evidence.


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