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Originally posted February 7, 2023

by Robert Baty

A criminal case of this type involves a lot of paper shuffling and filings with the Court as the case might proceed and ultimately reach the trial stage. One of the things I have noticed is that Jesse Boyd and his people have refused to make public the details of what is going on; while continuing to whine as if they do not know what is going on.

In this article, I will try to archive some of the substantive material filed with the Court.

The most recently filed document, and most important in my opinion, is the State’s response to Jesse’s amended motion to dismiss. The amended motion and the State’s reply can be found at the following links:

Amended Motion to Dismiss

State Response to Amended Motion to Dismiss

Jesse Boyd’s position as often stated via social media, is reflected in his following recently posted photograph below. We will continue to watch to see how that position holds up for him and, more importantly, for the 3 co-defendants; Eric Trent, Carter Phillips, and Bethany Boyd.

The State’s First Motion in Limine can be found at:

The State’s Second Motion in Limine can be found at:

The State’s Third Motion in Limine can be found at:

The State filed notice that John Lamb might be called as a witness. John Lamb boasted of the notice and bragged about his value as a witness in this and other cases. As far as I know, however, the actual State notice was never broadcast. The notice includes a warning that Lamb and Boyd should not be fraternizing lest Boyd be thrown back in jail.

Link to State Notice Illustrated below:

Update February 12, 2023

The Montana 4 get more time to respond to the State’s motions in limine!

Update February 15, 2023

All 4 of The Montana 4 waive their right to “conflict-free counsel”!

The Butcher Shop coverage of the waivers is at:

Looks like Jesse Boyd has scrubbed his FaceBook page again!

Update February 17, 2023

Jesse Boyd gets another YouTube gig!


The Montana 1st (Fake) News is promoting that interview!

Update February 18, 2023

Images Used In Above Article

Update February 19, 2023

John M. Pierce has gone to grifting (lying for Jesus & Jesse) in an effort to raise money to pay himself to represent The Montana 4. Shame on him.

The Butcher Shop covers the John M. Pierce “Lying for Jesus & Jesse” angle to the story at:

Update February 20, 2023

Update February 21, 2023

This morning The Butcher Shop offers its own, independent, objective analysis of The Montana 4 story at:

Update November 26, 2023

Links to 2022 law article on the issue of “initial aggressor”, which could come in to play in the prosecution/defense of The Montana 4:


Links to related articles on this website:



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