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Originally Posted November 21, 2022

by Robert Baty

How I see it!

Jesse Boyd is a middle class, middle aged, married man (wife Jamie), with 2 children (Josiah – 12 & Bethany – 18 & another minor daughter) and martial arts skills. He likes to travel the world, hike and bike and take others with him. He has an alter-ego, nominee charitable entity under which he operates his globe-trotting hobby (Full Proof Gospel Ministries).

On or about November 12, 2022, while walking on Highway 287 between Ennis and Cameron Montana, with a support vehicle near, Jesse Boyd and was engaged by a local resident. The resulting incident concluded with the arrest of Jesse Boyd and others in his party, Bethany Boyd, Eric Trent and Carter Phillips. Josiah Boyd, being a minor, was placed in the care of Child Protective Services (CPS). The local resident involved was not detained.

The charge(s) against Boyd and those of his party are “aggravated assault”. Bond was set at $50,000.00 each. Jesse Boyd’s father (Paul Boyd) paid the bond fee for all those arrested, $20,000.00 and they were released on bond and required to wear ankle monitors.

The next court date is set for December 13, 2022.

Social media “exploded” with reports from Jesse Boyd and those associated with him declaring the innocence of all those arrested and promoting the notion that Montana government was corrupt.

John Lamb, a well-known, anti-government, anti-CPS, Montana activist, almost immediately became involved in championing the innocence of Jesse Boyd and those of his party and raising money for them to fight for their innocence.

John Lamb teamed up with another Montana activist, Brenda Roskos, who recently began a social media outlet called “Montana1stNews”. The following are links to the reports on the case as they appeared in Montana1st News:


Link to Jesse Boyd FaceBook Page:

Link to Jamie Boyd (Jesse’s Wife) FaceBook Page:

Link to Jesse Boyd Rumble Video Channel:

Link to Eric Trent FaceBook Page:

Link to Carter Phillips (Bethany’s Boyfriend) FaceBook Page:

Link to Bethany Boyd FaceBook Page:

Link to Paul Boyd (Jesse Boyd’s Father) FaceBook Page:

John Lamb FaceBook Pages:

Link to Full Proof Gospel Ministries Page:

Links to Living Word Baptist Church of Creedmoor, NC Pages:

I have been quite UNimpressed with the reporting from Jesse Boyd and those sympathetic to him, John Lamb, and Montana1stNews. There are many details left out and/or unexplained.

It is not making much sense now. Maybe the group is innocent. Maybe not. Maybe this is another example of corrupt government. Maybe not.

Following are screenshots, not exhaustive, I have accumulated since the story caught my attention and I sought to figure out who these people are and what they are up to.

Paul and Theresa Boyd give Jesse and Jamie Boyd a house!

Jesse takes the “long walk” by his house!

Paul and Theresa Boyd’s residence!
Jesse Boyd, et al, celebrating January 6, 2021! Jesse considers the “breachers” heroes! Jesse does not like Mike Pence for failing to do Trump’s bidding!
Bethany Boyd and her boyfriend, Carter Phillips, re-united after posting bond!
Jamie Boyd, Josiah Boyd, and the other minor daughter waiting for release of others after posting bond!

Jesse Boyd explains how much they are enjoying their Yellowstone vacation a few weeks before being arrested in Montana:

Jesse Boyd “preaching” at one of the churches that actually support him!

Eric Trent married Carter Phillips sister. Carter Phillips is Bethany Boyd’s boyfriend.

This woman sounds like she knows, even though she wasn’t there? How did she come to be so confident? I’m thinking she may not know any more than I do, and I am not confident at all that the truth of what happened, in relevant detail, has been revealed.

I posted the following on Casie’s page in her review thread above:

Jesse Boyd just posted the following, with no mention of how things went at the reported meeting with lawyers this morning!

Update November 23, 2022

John Lamb also thought it would be a good idea to support the sovereign citizen, anti-CPS position of C. Clarke and Danielle Holm. He was on the wrong side of that case. The Holms lost their parental rights and Baby Holm was successfully adopted.

Latest news reporting out today at:

My posts to the World FaceBook page post of the above-referenced article!

The Alleged Scene of the Crime!

Update November 23, 2022

Boyd and Lamb appear to have found their new cause!

Sounds like they may have tried to hire Pierce and Roots, the celebrity lawyers of the Pierce law firm which works for the National Constitutional Law Union!

Update November 24, 2022

Link to Jesse Boyd extensive account of what happened on November 12, 2022 near Cameron, MT:

Link to website given in above article for following the “Long Walk”:

Update November 26, 2022

It appears Jesse Boyd has taken notice that he is being watched and has blocked me on FaceBook from the following account:

Update November 27, 2022

My coverage in the articles on this site at the following links:




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