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Originally Posted January 16, 2023

by Robert Baty

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Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd, Carter Phillips (Bethany’s boyfriend), and Eric Trent are facing criminal, felony assault charges out of Madison County, MT as a result of an incident on November 12, 2022 regarding Brad Terrell, a local resident whom the 4 of them beat up.

Jesse Boyd is the leader of the group and has taken to social media in order to cleverly craft a false and misleading narrative in defense of the beating they gave Brad Terrell and to garner public support and hoping to make the cases a celebrity cause nationwide, worldwide.

One of the tactics used by Jesse Boyd has been to make Brad Terrell out to be a man of low character, accusing him of many things and providing no documentary support for such claims.

One specific claim which Jesse and his people have pushed over the last few weeks has been that Brad Terrell is being sued by a contractor for lots of money and that Brad was due in court on January 9, 2023.

I have challenged this claim numerous times and Jesse Boyd and his people have steadfastly refused to provide any supporting documentation or explain just how Jesse Boyd came to make that claim, repeatedly make that claim.

Because the details of the claim are relatively inconsequential and irrelevant to the criminal cases involving Jesse Boyd and his people, the claim provides an excellent vehicle for testing just what kind of person Jesse Boyd is and what kind of people his promoters are.

Following is just one specific, published claim made by Jesse Boyd regarding the matter:


Brad Terrell was/is being sued by a contractor for several hundred thousand dollars and was due in court on January 9, 2023 for a hearing on the matter.

Jesse Boyd: Affirms

Robert Baty: Denies

It is not enough that Jesse Boyd and his people might try to secretly admit they were flat out wrong and move along.

The public is testing Jesse Boyd’s credibility and fact-finding skills which will have a lot to do with how the public judges the claims Jesse Boyd has been making regarding the more important November 12, 2022 incident and his attempts at a legal defense against the criminal charges.

Some simple questions come to mind!

Exactly how did Jesse Boyd arrive at his factual claims?

If someone else told him, who?

If someone else told him, why did Jesse believe the report?

If someone else told him, did Jesse make any effort to confirm the claims?

If so, how did Jesse confirm the claims, if he thought they were confirmed?

Jesse Boyd needs to come out and come clean about these simple matters so that truth-seekers will have a better understanding of how Jesse operates and deals with such things so that they will have a perspective on how to judge other unsubstantiated claims Jesse makes as to “weightier matters”.

Jesse Boyd and his people have already flunked this simple test. They need to repent and bring forth works meet for such repentance.

Maybe they will.

Maybe they will not.

Update January 17, 2023

The Butcher Shop has picked up on the above article and done some editing of its own as shown at the following link:

Why you should not fly the American flag upside down:


What the US Flag Code Says About Upside-Down Flags

According to the U.S. Flag Code, the American flag should never be flown or otherwise displayed upside down. Flying the American flag upside down is a sign of disrespect. The proper way to fly it, of course, is to raise the American flag to the top of the flagpole. Assuming there’s no Presidential proclamation –and it’s not Memorial Day — the American flag should be flown at the top of the flagpole right side up.

The only exception in which it’s accessible to fly the American flag upside down, as per the U.S. Flag Code, is to signal danger or distress. The U.S. Flag Code says that flying the American flag upside down signals dangers or distress. When flown upside down, the American flag is recognized as a signal of danger or distress. But reports of people using an upside-down American flag to get rescued are few and far between.

Jesse Boyd knows the above, and insists on showing his disrespect (having a preference for the Confederate flag) as part of his schtick as he travels around trying to stir up trouble; sometimes with success.

According to Jesse Boyd’s description of the crime scene, it appears his vehicle, Jesse Boyd’s vehicle, was parked illegally independent of whether or not and how much it might have been obstructing the entrance to Cameron Drive.



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