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Article Began March 20, 2022

Published July 1, 2022 (prompted by Johnny L – The Plot Hole)

by Robert Baty

Jillian Jo Overby is an ex-wife of Clifford Albert Overby, II (aka Schrodinger’s Cat) and mother of his minor child. Clifford unexpectedly died on January 23, 2022. The manner and cause of death remain a mystery. On January 31, 2022 I posted a message to Jillian’s FaceBook page where she had posted comments about Clifford’s death. She did not respond for more than 40 days, after which she deleted my post and her response. She also sent me a message via FaceBook Messenger which generated a discussion over a few days.

Because of the ultimate accusations and threats made against me by Jillian and her other son Gabriel (not Clifford’s son), or others using those accounts, I thought it necessary and appropriate to publish this article and archive the history of the discussion that took place in order to provide myself with some level of protection since I have no idea what Jillian and her people might be apt to do.

The following image was attached to the above message.

Below image was attached to above post:

Image below was attached to the above message!

My last message to Jillian and her reply is below, followed by confirmation of my blocking her.

Following is the exchange with Gabriel. It should be self-explanatory. My blocking of him is also confirmed below.

“Samuel”, mentioned a number of times in the above exchange, may be Samuel London, possibly Jillian’s previous husband and father of her child Gabriel. I never got an answer after his name came up as indicated in the above exchange. I never got answers to a number of questions.

It’s confusing. Harmony Muriel is Samuel’s wife of 25+ years, it seems. Never did get the story how Gabriel (see above) figures into Jillian, Samuel and Harmony.

Jillian appears to have had some legal problems a few years ago, which might explain a gap in her resume. We did not get far enough for me to ask about that and she did not volunteer any information. It appears to have involved some of her mother’s property. She appears to have successfully completed a “diversion” program.

Cliff’s YouTube channel had 137,000 subscribers. The above referenced video has almost 60,000 views. The above referenced video has about 1,000 comments added. Many of those comments ask about the manner and cause of death. The above exchange, under that video, in the comments section, appears to have been deleted.

Update March 29, 2022

Update March 30, 2022

Update April 5, 2022

This just appeared to the public on Jillian’s page!


Update April 6, 2022

Update April 9, 2022

Update July 1, 2022

This is what prompted the publishing of this record at this time:



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