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Originally Posted January 15, 2023

by Robert Baty

On January 15, 2023, John Lamb posted to one of his FaceBook pages claims regarding the Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd, Eric Trent and Carter Phillips cases and an incident that took place on November 12, 2022 near Cameron, MT.

I have reproduced John Lamb’s post below and attached an appropriate warning. I do not presently have the time and motivation to detail all of the problems with John Lamb’s account of that incident or other matters covered in the post.

John Lamb, Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd, Eric Trent & Carter Phillips have all indicated no interest in discussing disputed matters with me, including facts and law.

Link to John Lamb’s post illustrated below:


(See Warning Above!)


January 15, 2023

By John Lamb

On November 12th of 2022, five Christian missionaries were walking down highway 287, traveling north from West Yellowstone toward Ennis Montana, a few miles south of Cameron Montana. Their support vehicle pulled onto a side road, parking on the highway easement, facing outward towards the highway. The two individuals driving the vehicle were 20 year old Carter Phillips and 18 year old Bethany Boyd, the daughter of one of the walking missionaries, Jesse Boyd. Bethany and Carter parked safely out of the way as they had been doing for the last 5,543 miles, to wait for Bethany’s father, 46 year old Jesse Boyd, her brother 12 year old Josiah Boyd and 24 year old Eric Trent who were walking to catch up.

A local business owner who has a fly shop and hotel pulled up beside them and immediately began being belligerent and confrontational, yelling profanities and that they were blocking access to his business. About the same time Jesse, Eric and 12 year old Josiah came walking up carrying a cross and an upside down American flag which they have been carrying for the last year and half across the country. Upon hearing this man yelling at his daughter, Jesse told the individual who he had never met before that they were leaving, but this still wasn’t good enough for this business owner. He continued yelling profanities. At this point Jesse told him “there are children present, there is no need for profanity”.

We now know from court records, bodycam footage, 911 calls, and witnesses that the business owner was Brad Terrell.

Angrily and abruptly Brad exited his truck charging at Jesse Boyd…..Jesse fearing for his life and for the lives of his children pulled a weapon, which stopped Mr. Terrell in his tracks. Jesse felt the situation was over and he had the gun put away, but Mr. Terrell wasn’t done, he immediately started verbally attacking again and got in Jesse’s face yelling profanities, from what the missionaries say was for several minutes, pinning Jesse against the back of his car, chest bumping him and punching Jesse in the face breaking Jesse’s glasses. (broken glasses defense exhibit)

Jesse, with no choice but to defend himself and his children, fought back, ending up on the ground with Mr. Terrell on top of him. In fear for Jesse’s life, the others attempted to get Mr. Terrell off of Jesse.  Mr. Terrell was pulled off of Jesse and he was politely asked if he was done. The assault on the missionaries seemed to be over.

About that time others showed up and threatened to kill them if they didn’t “get your Jesus A***S out of here.”

Mr. Terrell called 911. Jesse Boyd also called 911. Two separate dispatchers took their calls. Their civil rights and constitutional rights were ignored and violated by Madison county sheriff’s deputies. The dispatcher gave biased information to responding deputies and the deputies conducted what is known as a “felony stop”.  Multiple officers surrounded their parked vehicle in such a way as to impede traffic from both directions of the highway, at gun point. Officers ordered each missionary, one at a time, to exit their vehicle. 12 year Josiah was first, handcuffed and detained. With no investigation and a total disregard to the missionaries, they were all arrested; Jesse, Eric, Carter and Bethany all  charged with “Felony, Aggravated Assault.” They were eventually all transported to surrounding county jails.

Sheriff Deputy Dan Wyatt says, “If you can walk across America together, you can go to jail together.”

Disturbingly, 12 year old Josiah Boyd was first taken back to Mr. Terrell’s business, (the same man who had just violently attacked his dad) by Sheriff Deputy Tim Jurgonski, and left unattended in the back seat of a Sheriff’s vehicle while Deputy Jurgonski went in to talk to Mr. Terrell.

Josiah not knowing what was happening, was crying uncontrollably and at times very distraught, not knowing what had happened to his family or even where he was being taken. He was soon after transported and handed over to a CPS agent in a parking lot, then taken another hour away to be put in a foster home.

For those of you who have been following this story, this is where I found out about the case. I had started receiving calls from concerned Christian brothers from around the country telling me about some missionaries who had been arrested. But little was known, no one knew the charges or even where some of them were.

One caller, a police captain from North Carolina called Madison county, attempting to find out where the missionaries were and if they were okay, was told by an unidentified woman answering the phone  “Don’t worry about them, they all have a warm place to sleep tonight.” (As if they didn’t already have a warm place to stay of their own.)

On November 15th, four days after their arrest, I attended the first court hearing which was their arraignment on the charges. The only missionary present in court was Eric Trent. He was shackled with handcuffs, and wearing an orange jail jumpsuit. He plead not guilty, was informed by the judge that he had a $50,000 bond and told that if he was able to bail out he would have to wear a GPS ankle monitor. The other 3 had all their hearings by zoom from the jails where they were being detained. They were told since they were homeless / transients they would all be required to post $50,000 bonds and also must wear GPS ankle monitors.

This rumor of being transients had been started by a Game Warden, Robby, who was recorded on a bodycam footage with the dispatcher, saying….  “I’ve been seeing them multiple times walking the highway down in Idaho the past 10 days, so they are definitely” …quote end quote.. “transients.” “They believe us Montanan’s are a bunch of p***y baby killers”.

After the court hearing I drove to Boulder Montana where Eric Trent was being held. I requested to visit Eric and was allowed a visit with him. We prayed together, and I left and immediately started working on the process to help bail them out. After multiple calls to different bail bond companies I finally found one who had enough bonding certificates, totaling $200,000 bond for all four.  Eric was out that same night. I took a total stranger, a brother in Christ, back to my home that night.

The next day Eric and I drove to Bozeman and spent most of the day working out details on getting the other 3 bailed out and having the GPS ankle monitors installed. Gallatin county jail wouldn’t release them until the ankle monitors were attached. One GPS monitoring company said they didn’t have enough monitors on hand and would have to order them in and it would take a day or two. But finally we were blessed to find another company who had four monitors.

The financial cost to these missionaries has been enormous, bail, ankle monitors, getting their vehicle out of impound, airplane tickets, lawyers and much more, and it’s still not over.

Since then, court dates have been set, canceled, reset, felony charges dropped against Eric and then recharged with a “Misdemeanor Assault” to be dropped again and recharged, again, with a “Felony, Aggravated Assault, by Association”.

All four are again awaiting for a new arraignment, which is at the moment scheduled for January 23rd at 9 AM on charges of “Aggravated Assault With A Weapon”, or “Association”.

The Madison county prosecutor, David Buchler, has requested the assistance of the Montana attorney general’s office. The assistant attorney general, Thorin Geist, has been appointed and has come out fighting hard against the missionaries.

The lawyers representing the missionaries have just this week filed two huge motions in defense of the missionaries, Motion To Dismiss and Motion To Modify Conditions Of Release As Unconstitutionaly Imposed. Both motions are now pending before the court.

This whole case is about the right of religious freedom in America without being attacked along the highway while exercising their 1st amendment rights.

(This was a hate crime against freedom of religion).

This case is about self defense, the 2nd amendment, the right to defend one’s self and others against an attacker who exited his vehicle attacking innocent people walking down the road carrying a cross and a upside down American flag, a message that this country is in distress and needs Christ.  

These missionaries need your help and support;

Please call or write to attorney general Austin Knudsen, and request politely that these unjust charges be totally dismissed.

Montana Attorney General – 406-444-2026

Austin Knudsen

215 N Sanders, Third Floor

PO Box 201401

Helena, MT 59620-1401

And if you can please support financially through their ministry website;


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Update January 16, 2023

Jesse Boyd has now sent out a lengthy email message promoting his false narrative and asking for money. For some reason, the article has not yet shown up on his website yet. You may or may not be able to read the image below (I got it all on one page, but the print is kinda small and I left out the graphics). The date on the article is August 16, 2023, but it should be January 16, 2023.



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