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Originally Posted September 22, 2016
by Robert Baty


Some time ago I heard the rumor about Kent having been tutored in his early days of preaching by “Pete” Uppole, formally known as Ronald W. Uppole.

That was back during the time when other aspects of Kent’s life, according to rumor, were also going on; Kent’s neglect of Andrew, his son, Kent being fired from a preaching job for discipline of a child, and a mysterious house fire after which Kent collected the insurance money and was able to “leave town”.

Like all of such stories, Kent has yet to come out and publicly, convincingly address such aspects of his biography, though he and his people have been promoting their version of his history.

Ronald W. “Pete” Uppole, killed his wife in 1978.  According to reports it was a rather gruesome killing and he involved one of his children, his daughter, in the event.  He also had two sons.

There was quite a bit of litigation over the matter and the issue of Ronald’s sanity.  He appears to have been in and out of mental and penal institutions over the years.

Curiously, in a September 21, 2016 broadcast on YouTube, Kent introduces us to someone named Stephen Scott Uppole who he claims was his ring-bearer when he married Jo and that Stephen was on his way to Illinois to visit his father.  That seems to me to be enough to tie down the connection between Kent and Ronald, though more specific details are yet to be made known.

Here are some references in support of this article and the relevance of the issue as to how influential Ronald W. Uppole might have been on the developing Kent Hovind.

Illinois Appellate Court Case Involving Ronald W. Uppole

Newspaper Link Where Ronald W. Uppole Story Is Reported:

Another Legal Reference To The Ronald W. Uppole Case:

Another Legal Reference To Ronald W. Uppole (Mental Issues/SSDI):

Stephen Scott Uppole’s FaceBook Addresses:




Kent Hovind Video Link With Stephen Appearing About 1:00 Mark:

Still of Stephen Scott Uppole From Video September 21, 2016:

On-Line Family Tree of Ronald W. Uppole:

Why didn’t Kent Hovind allow Stephen Scott Uppole to stay longer at his compound on Pearl Lane in Conecuh County, AL?

Recently Stephen recently posted the following comments to one of his FaceBook pages:

“The day before ever thing started to become unraveled I had a Wonderful date with this Beautiful young Lady, but She has to go back across seas and I am now off to help create a Creation Science theme park. Thank You Lord for giving My heart the comfort I need. God Bless and LoveYa Lil1s.”
– Stephen Scott Uppole

“Well, I LoveYa San Diego. Try to be back in a couple of months. I’m on a bus heading East for two days.”
– Stephen Scott Uppole



Around the 17:10 mark and following in a broadcast September 24, 2016, Kent Hovind again confirms his connections to Ronald W. Uppole in the context of trying to justify his marriage to Mary Tocco.

Kent does not admit to the influence on him by Ronald W. Uppole, but indicates they were involved with the same church and that Ronald’s wife’s sister is the one who got him involved with the Baptists.

That discussion starts about the 17:10 mark as indicated by the following time marked link:

(Above referenced video appears to have been removed from public view!)




Update July 16, 2021

Added following information for reference!





Kent Hovind and His (Alleged) Tutor Ronald W. Uppole — 3 Comments

  1. Do you know the date of Kent’s wedding? That might help tie things together. To be ring bearer the kid had to be pretty young. I wanted to compare this time with when the wife was killed.

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