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Originally Posted August 29, 2022

by Robert Baty

Glen Stoll is an elderly career criminal whose specialty was assisting people in opposing government and tax evasion. Kent Hovind is an elderly career criminal who specialized in tax evasion using religion as a cover to make millions.

In addition to other legal problems over the years, they both were determined to owe substantial amounts on their personal income tax accounts, after neglecting to file personal income tax returns for many years.

Following is my summary of their various personal income tax liabilities (as determined by the IRS) based on public records.

With statutory interest, it is estimated that Kent Hovind’s total is around $10,000,000.00 and Glen Stoll’s is a little more than $1,000,000.00.

Neither of the men have been known to have paid any significant portion of the above referenced liabilities. Both have gone to some lengths to protect their assets from seizure via alleged nominee, alter-ego corporate/trust entities.

In recent days, the Department of Justice has taken action via a civil suit in federal court to “reduce to judgment” the liability of Glen Stoll and in order to have his alleged nominee, alter-ego entities declared of no effect so that Glen Stoll’s personal residence might be seized and sold to satisfy a portion of his unpaid, outstanding liability.

I have a stand-alone article on Glen Stoll on this website at:

Much of this website deals with the Kent Hovind story and many articles about him may be found by browsing the chronological list of posted articles at the following link:

A copy of the recently filed federal suit against Glen Stoll can be found at:

Forbes contributor Peter J. Reilly published a recent article on the Glen Stoll case and the possible implications as to the Kent Hovind case which can be found at the following link and is illustrated below:

This article is also reproduced and published at:



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