Here’s a little background that might not be so easily discernable from a quick Google on the subject, but I thought it worth archiving a reference to the case and this brief background, for the record.

I guess it was early in 2014 that Kent Hovind, while still in prison, started bragging about a “big deal” he had in the works but was keeping secret for the time being.

It just so happens that I was able to figure out that Kent had filed a federal lawsuit against RationalWiki because he was allegedly upset that its article on him made reference to him as a “tax fraudster”.

I was able to tip RationalWiki off to the suit and they were able to take pre-emptive action in the event that the case was advanced and RationalWiki was able to exploit the filing for their purposes while Kent was left reeling.

I guess it really ticked Kent off that the filing of the suit was leaked.

As is so typical of Kent, he never got around to actually affecting “service” against RationalWiki and the case never went anywhere.  It was dismissed for Kent’s “failure to prosecute”………another frivolous filing in fine sovcit style.

This is another subject that Kent apparently does not like to talk about!



Kent Hovind v. RationalWiki — 1 Comment

  1. I used Dave Foda, originally, to tip off RationalWiki. He has been a RationalWiki contributor and we had crossed paths on the Internet some time earlier regarding other matters.

    Here’s what he posted to his FaceBook page in one thread, and there are some interesting comments following the opening post:


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