Beginning about the 16:20 mark as indicated by the time marked link below, the following exchange took place in tonight’s performance by Kent Hovind.

From The Audience

And, I may not mention his name. But there’s a man by the name of, his initials are RB.  And he tries to, he tries to persecute you.  Yet still.  And so do you rejoice when he does so?

Kent Hovind Replies

The guy is an absolute idiot.  OK!  I.Q. just above plant life.

And he writes nasty things about me on the Internet, you know, and stuff like that.  And I just think it’s hilarious.  You know, I read what he wrote and this guy can’t really believe that stuff.

He had 3 followers on his website until he started picking on me.

So, I am not going to give him the privilege of even mentioning his name.

But, yeah, I read some of his stuff.

Now that he picks on Hovind he is famous.

OK, well enjoy yourself.

Link to related story (Hovind attacks on Baty) on this website:



Kowardly Kent Hovind on Robert Baty – October 25, 2016 — No Comments

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