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Meko Haze is the owner/operator of The Daily Haze which has been one of the main “media” outlets promoting the marijuana cause in the context of the Raymond and Amelia Schwab custody case out of Kansas.


Meko made his appearance on my personal FaceBook page yesterday and a discussion ensued regarding the Schwab case, from which I have set up a debate regarding the basis the State of Kansas might have used to justify the taking of the Schwab children.


The following is my set up for the debate should Meko Haze decide to advance that important public discussion.  It has been posted to my personal FaceBook and in the FaceBook group named “Understanding The Baby Holm Case”.



Meko Haze v. Robert Baty

Subject: The Taking of the Schwab Children

Proposition for DIscussion

If B.C. Fields is reported to have said that the

Schwab children were taken “because of

marijuana use”, then the children were taken

because of marijuana use without regard to

any related or unrelated behavior or



– Meko Haze: Affirm

– Robert Baty: Deny


Based on my previous discussions with Meko Haze on June 20 and 21, 2017, the discussion should be ready for the presentation from Meko Haze of his first affirmative in support of his proposition.

If Meko Haze ever chooses to get serious about publicly addressing the basis for the taking of the Schwab children by the State of Kansas, I am ready to begin that discussion and we can negotiate any other appropriate logistical details in order to produce the desired exchange.

My previous exchange with Meko Haze is archived, currently, in the thread at the link below:


This thread is for the exclusive use of Meko Haze and the advancement of the above proposed discussion.

Posts from others are subject to deletion as will be posts from Meko Haze that don’t advance that discussion (i.e., something other than his first affirmative presentation or legitimate effort to negotiate appropriate details to advance such discussion).


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