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Originally Posted January 23, 2023

by Robert Baty

On January 23, 2023 a virtual hearing/arraignment was held with Judge Luke Berger from Madison County, MT regarding criminal assault charges against Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd, Eric Trent and Carter Phillips (“Montana 4”).

It’s my opinion that those happy faces changed to much sadder faces by the time the hearing ended. The published report by Montana1stNews, an apologist alternative media outlet specializing in pro-“Montana 4” reports, provided little substantive information about the proceedings today.

That the judge allowed removal of the ankle monitors may have been the only good news to come out of the hearing/arraignment today. I think Montana1stNews deliberately did not report other substantive developments.

I was not able to attend the visual ZOOM hearing/arraignment, but I was able to listen in by phone. This article is intended to reflect my impressions as to certain aspects of the proceedings. A clearer picture may become available if a recording of the event is eventually posted on-line. Links to my earlier coverage of the case follows this article.

My Impressions!

John Pierce and Alexander Roots appeared on behalf of the defendants. John Pierce did the talking for the defendants. He fouled up his pro hac vice request and it did not get approved, but the judge proceeded to allow John Pierce to perform pro hac vice, with the understanding the procedure problems would be corrected and he could sign the appropriate ORDER.

The judge went to the normal lengths to insure the defendants understood their rights and were making informed decisions. After explaining the charges, it was time to enter pleas. For some reason, the defendants had a little trouble simply saying “not guilty”. They, except for maybe just 1, said something else which could be interpreted as “not guilty”. On at least one occasion, John Pierce interceded and told the judge the defendant meant “not guilty”. Otherwise, the judge said that he would take that as “not guilty” and entered their plea as “not guilty”.

As I had previously discussed at some length, the judge made it clear that the defendants had a right to “conflict-free counsel” and if they wanted to waive that right and keep the current “NOT conflict-free counsel”, they needed to do so within 21 days.

All defendants indicated they had discussed the legal process with their counsel and understood the options such as “plea agreements”.

The judge ordered that ankle monitors could be removed and that the defendants should work with the monitor contractor as to the details of accomplishing that. (Later, it was reported they were told to cut them off and mail them in; so they did.)

Since the defendants made bail, bonded out of jail, long ago, the judge advised them that there was no issue for him regarding the amount of bail. Seems if they wanted to argue the bail amount they should have done so before paying it. If the judge wanted to increase bail, they could argue that with him, but not the bail they already paid. The judge advised them to consider their contract with the bondsman and fuss with the bondsman if there is any prospect for a refund. Jesse Boyd, cleverly, mentioned after the subject was brought up that a “relative” had paid the bond fees via credit card. Earlier it was commonly reported that Jesse’s daddy had put it on his credit card. John Pierce made some reference to Jesse’s daddy and something about mortgaging a residence to finance the bond payment, but that was not further considered.

John Pierce also advised the judge that, if the case proceeds to trial, Pierce will ask that the State be prohibited from referring to Brad Terrell as the “victim”. More showmanship from Pierce, seems to me. Nothing for the judge to do with that at this time.

Regarding the conditions of release, the judge noted that it included “no firearms” and “no dangerous weapons”. That might put a kink in their affections for knives as well as firearms. Eric Trent was recently featured showing off his new knife.

John Pierce will be providing the Court with current addresses for all defendants, under seal to protect their privacy.

The judge mentioned that motions had been filed and were being brief. Therefore, no action on motions at this time. (Well, the motion to remove the monitors was allowed and was not contested by the State.)

Perhaps the most interesting event was when John Pierce asked the judge for a hearing to allow him to “test” the probable cause for the arrests/charges. Pierce claims there was no probable cause. The judge advised Pierce, who is not licensed to practice in Montana, to do his homework before he attempts to challenge the probable cause involved in the case. The judge also mentioned that he just happens to be on the verge of making a related ruling in an unrelated case and that might be out in a couple of weeks, if Pierce wants to add it to his homework assignment.

Montana1stNews has now published a second article on today’s hearing/arraignment, designed to promote the Boyd False Narrative. Bwahahahahaha! Have fun with it and compare it to my reporting above.

Next Court Date Said To Be: March 22, 2023

It appears to me that the defendants have already, publicly, violated their conditions of release with indications they will continue to do so. That is, the judge told them not to communicate amongst themselves regarding the case despite having one case and, for now, one group of lawyers representing them. In this video it seems clearly indicating that they have and will continue to discuss the case between themselves as they publicize their legal strategy.

ZOOM hearing/arraignment images:

Update January 25, 2023

“World” is a notch above “Montana1stNews”, but not very much. It has a new article reporting on the hearing/arraignment on January 23, 2023 at:

Jesse Boyd and his family did an interview with Lisa Metzger, anti-abortion activist, that was broadcast today. It reflects, in my opinion, another violation of the conditions of release. That is, the defendants were told not to discuss the case amongst themselves. In the Metzger broadcast, we have Jesse Boyd and Bethany Boyd, 2 of the defendants, talking about the case, promoting their false narrative and declaring their innocence and that they will never make a plea deal.

Looks like Jesse Boyd and Bethany Boyd have again been violating the terms and conditions of their release on bond. Maybe the State will care. Maybe not. Not the first time. That is, it was made clear to them that the defendants were not to discuss the case amongst themselves. Seems like they have been doing a lot of just that; though the bigger part may have been kept from public view.

Update January 26, 2023

I earlier posted the statute demonstrating that the Boyd vehicle was illegally parked, facing traffic and obstructing the normal course of traffic exiting Highway 287 onto Cameron Dr. The following is added to show that it also possibly the case that Jesse, as a pedestrian, did not have a “right” to be where he was when the incident started. That could impact any effort he might continue to make regarding his right to “stand his ground”.

Update January 27, 2023

Jesse Boyd v. Montana – The Boyd Cult Testimonial

John Lamb, the “Montana 4” mouthpiece Montana plans “jury nullification” campaign if the “Montana 4” go to trial by jury.

Update January 28, 2023

Secrets, the “Montana 4” keeping their secrets and drip, drip, dripping teasers along the way. Maybe they will be “raked over the coals” come Monday for their misbehavior. Stay tuned! Maybe we’ll find out. Maybe not.

From the article above:

The statutory reference in the above document:

That was followed by this:


Update January 29, 2023

Link to Montana1st(FAKE)News article below:

Link to over 10 year old article referenced by Montana1st(FAKE)News:

One of Jesse Boyd’s followers posted a link to an “unlisted” video that is over 15 minutes long and shows Josiah Boyd’s travel in a sheriff’s vehicle. It also happens to provide a view of the crime scene on the day of the event. I have captured 3 images of the entrance to Cameron Drive, the crime scene, and 2 as they left Cameron Drive after stopping at Brad’s place.

Update January 30, 2023


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