Sovereign Citizen Leader Arrested in Polk County

November 22, 2016

Pasco County deputies have arrested a suspect who identifies himself as a leader of a sovereign citizen group.

Ronnie Davis, 48, was arrested on a Polk County warrant on charges of armed kidnapping and armed false imprisonment.

Deputies spotted his vehicle and he was stopped in the parking lot of the Citgo gas station on the southeast corner of State Road 54 and Livingston Road.

Davis is a leader of a sovereign Ccitizen group from Polk County called “The Bears Law and Forensics Team.” Sovereign citizen groups claim not to be subject to U.S. laws.

All of the members of the group were at the scene wearing the same black T-shirt with the group’s name on it. The group began quoting sections of U.S. Code Title 18, which is commonly used by members of sovereign citizen groups.

Once Davis was taken from the scene, however the members of the group departed without further incident.

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Ronnie Davis’ people pull a Rudy Davis and post a YouTube Video as quick as possible (from earlier today):

UPDATE November 24, 2016



In July, a Texas woman came to his house, and base of operations, in Polk City, to study under him. She told investigators that he held her hostage at gunpoint. When she finally was able to leave last month, she told law enforcement that Davis frequently told the two dozen people who live with him that the only way to leave would be “in a body bag or on crutches.”

A member of his group, who would only talk to us by phone, said that never happened.

Davis and his followers have had numerous run-ins with law enforcement. They believe that many judges are misapplying the law and that the Department of Children and Families does not have the right to remove children from their parents.

The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

It says sovereign groups harass government officials by filing false liens and frivolous lawsuits, and they clog up the courts with complex legal-sounding arguments that are rejected every time.



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