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Originally Posted August 2, 2022

by Robert Baty

In July of 2022 Christian Pike visited Kent Hovind on his 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL and posted images of his visit on FaceBook. I (Robert Baty) questioned the propriety of his promotion of Kent Hovind in posts to a couple of his FaceBook pages. Those posts were deleted, but Christian Pike did contact me privately for a discussion. This article is intended to archive that private discussion.

Christian Pike Ministry FaceBook Page

Highways of Home YouTube Channel

Regarding Christian Pike’s Grandfather

Link to article about George Leon Pike’s failed utopian community, Little Bethlehem. Looks like lots of analogies might be made to what Kent Hovind is up to near Lenox, AL.

Link to 1993 video news report on Little Bethlehem broadcast in 2018 via YouTube. C. Pike has a couple of comments under the video that he posted a couple of years ago.

Link to 2021 broadcast regarding the Pike compound near Monroe, GA.

From Christian Pike’s Personal FaceBook Page

The FaceBook Messenger Exchange

Update August 2, 2022

Since he mentioned it, following is the singular post I made to his FaceBook page on the thread featuring Kent Hovind. I did not screenshot the other singular post I made to his business page and questioned the value to his business of being associated with Kent Hovind.

My following post via Messenger may be the last message in our private exchange.

Update August 3, 2022

I posted a link and message about this article to FaceBook and C. Pike responded rather quickly. It’s almost as if he’s been stalking me or has informants advising him of my every step.

This is what it looks like where C. Pike posted on his own page and restricted responses.

And C. Pike accuses me of spamming his pages!!!!!!!!!!

This is from my Creationism FaceBook page.

The Tammy Pike Issue!

C. Pike returned to bantering via FaceBook Messenger this afternoon, August 3, 2022. The following screenshots reflect that extended exchange.

The version C. Pike posted to his personal page thread:

Update August 4, 2022

C. Pike on being chosen by God:

Update August 5, 2022

What does a pro-Kent Hovind/Dinosaur Adventure Land advertisement look like?

In the following clip from above, C. Ryan Pike refers to his secret campaign to “Get Baty”.

One of the places he took his campaign was to the comments section under an interview I did with A.J. Patterson (aka Atheist Jr.), which is found at the following link:

I posted the following response:

Following is the link to and screenshots from the Peter DeTukker video site. It looks like someone called “Zanazaz” called DeTukker out on his foolishness and lying and DeTukker couldn’t handle it (i.e., the “Zanazaz” posts do not appear publicly viewable).

Link to DeTukker tweet on the matter as illustrated below:

DeTukker must keeping close tabs on me; maybe he has his henchmen watching my every move. In any case, HE is the one with the problem regarding threats. I think he is projecting again; coward that he is. He is just getting in deeper.

Pike is probably having a good laugh at him.

Below is a graphic from last year when I had a run-in with Peter DeTukker. It shows that he is the cowardly sort who has a problem with threatening people. He is just getting deeper and deeper in that hole of his.


Update August 6, 2022

I had wondered if any of Pike’s people would show up to support his antics regarding Kent Hovind. One of them showed up today.

(Go to above link for further details.)

Update August 7, 2022

Following is the fuller context of Howard EJ Johnson’s appearance on behalf of C. Ryan Pike on my Creationism 101 Critical Thinking FaceBook page at the above-referenced link.

Following is a recent FaceBook post from Howard EJ Johnson from one of his FaceBook pages and a pdf link to the court case he mentions that his wife/girlfriend filed in her continuing effort to get out of prison.

Link to Karen Kelley’s Mississippi Supreme Court Petition:

Links to Karen Kelley’s FaceBook pages:

Updated the Graphic!

Update August 8, 2022

C. Ryan Pike and his hero William Marrion Branham!

For the significance of the above image, see the Wikipedia entry for Branham at:

Update August 9, 2022

C. Ryan Pike initiated contact with me via FaceBook Messenger, apparently for the purpose of taking some parting cheapshots, and so he did, and then he blocked me!

Well, well, well!

Looks like C. Ryan Pike has found Scott Anoskey!

Link to my article on Scott Anoskey:

C. Ryan Pike’s big announcement on his personal page:

Update August 10, 2022

Update August 11, 2022

Link to Pike’s late night post illustrated below:

Looks like Pike hit up A.J. again as well!

Update August 22, 2022

Business seems to be doing well for Pike as he seems to follow the Hovind business model. That is, he set up his 501(c)(3) and can start building his estate tax free; so it seems.

Sure looks like his daddy’s place that his daddy indicated he wanted to subdivide and sell at inflated prices. Maybe the prices were inflated because he wanted a big write off for the lot he was going to give C. Ryan. I don’t know.

More evidence that C. Ryan Pike is setting up his shop on his daddy’s land:

Bwahahahaha! Why didn’t he just come out and say that his daddy gave him some land and is helping him build his personal residence; which he will hide in his 501(c)(3) and claim the personal residence is income tax free ministerial housing?

Update August 26, 2022

Update April 10, 2023

Progress on Pike’s new house and office!



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