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Originally Posted May 21, 2022

by Johanna Zion – Former Dinosaur Adventure Land Resident

My family and I were recruited like so many others and promised an eternal stay at Dinosaur Adventure Land (DAL), if we worked hard and supported DAL without question.

As “good soldiers” we were to not complain at anything asked to do or any inconveniences like no air conditioning or heat. If I wanted to get warm or cool I could go in his bedroom and give him a massage, Kent Hovind said. Many were. He would especially ask married women or very young children.

I was told there would always be a witness and that it would be in The 7th Day rest room. The only restroom I worked at was the men’s room on hands and knees cleaning it. Men mocked me, which Kent Hovind thought very funny when I said they remarked I should live in the toilet.

Anything to break and demean us.

I came to DAL from an prosperous Hawaiian family business, helping people in the community with landscaping and CNA therapy care, as well as teaching sustainability. Right away I realized he needs control and fear of just a few chosen can stay here.

At first, Kent Hovind was very friendly and respectful. About one week into the massage therapy, of which there always was a group of women, I received a shocking phone message from one massage that made it sound, from his strange remarks, like a harem fantasy. Things like, “oh that feels so good”, “grunt”, “rub a little lower”. Nothing un-towards was happening, but that’s NOT what he made it sound like.

I was treated like a whore and shunned. I was often sick to my stomach and the steady camp diet of kool-aid made my teeth problems rapidly deteriorate. Kent Hovind promised, before I gave my money to DAL, that he would pay, always did, for any dental as DAL took good care of all it’s workers.

Just talking about this makes me very ill.

At this point, Kent Hovind tried forcing me to give private massages to friends he had and go with him to their homes. I said no. I also refused two marriages; illegal ones to strangers. He told me to watch how a friend of his, a child molester named Brady, gave him what I thought were very sleazy, inappropriate massages. I said “no, I will not put my head between your legs nor rub anything I think is inappropriate”.

Kent Hovind said it was just cramps he got, and it was a coincidence that that area is called the “love button” to sexually arouse men. He made me watch him have a young child, a little girl, rub his inner thigh there, and he had a noticeable arousal as he was only wearing red trunks. Earlier, after making me lift and twist impossible tasks, he threatened to kick me out. My back was so hurt I could hardly move. He said, “sit in my lap in my hot tub I will rub your back”. I do not think any married man pastor or not should ask a woman or child that.

I am in lots of pain now due to my teeth. He promised to pay for my dental work again, saying friends wanted private massage. I said “no” and had the teeth pulled out with what money I had left.

After Cindi Lincoln left, or rather was forced out, Kent Hovind called me again to his bedroom. He showed me his big bed and said how alone he was. I said if you are lonely listen to the KJV bible on tape or call Cindi and say, “I am sorry, I love you”. Not “I am sorry that I love you”, but “I am sorry” and together you both can pray and work things out. Then you can have a Cindi to make love to you on your bed. I was told about two days after this he went on YouTube giving my number out, saying that I am a street woman, a whore from Pensacola FL.

Two questions:

One. If that’s true, why do I have an Hawaiian number, as one man asked me who he’d given my number to?

Two. What kind of married man pastor or other invites street whores and little children into his bedroom for private massage?


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Update May 22, 2022


It probably should be remembered that, like so many who come and go through Kent’s conpound, Johanna has her issues and she has been known to spin some tales.

However, the testimony is what it is and folks can take it for what it’s worth.

While some details may be suspect, and Kent is welcome to respond with his admissions, denials, corrections, additions, etc., it seems to me that the substance of the testimony is laced with the truth of the matters dealt with.

Update May 29, 2022

Johanna Zion contacted me today via FaceBook Messenger. After sending 3 messages which I acknowledged, she blocked me on FaceBook.

Update May 31, 2022




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