Originally Posted January 3, 2023

by Robert Baty

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Jesse Boyd, a Confederate sympathizer/apologist from North Carolina, and his fellow trekkers Bethany Boyd, Eric Trent, and Carter Phillips beat up a resident of Montana on the side of the road near Cameron, MT, in Madison County, on November 12, 2022. Those 4 were arrested and charged with assault. They paid the $20,000 in bond fees (for bail totaling $200,000) with the help of Jesse’s daddy and returned to their homes to await further proceedings. Rather than shut up and let the legal process play out, Jesse Boyd has mounted a social media, public relations campaign to promote a false narrative in support of his self-defense claim.

Part of Jesse’s campaign has involved encouraging people to write authorities in Montana to support his claims and ask that the charges be dismissed. So, representing an opposing view, I have written to the Governor of Montana and the Attorney General of Montana (whose office was recently reported as intending to assist Madison County in the handling of the cases).



In recent posts Jesse Boyd has seemed to become increasingly deluded, suggested some mental health issues might be present, and equating himself to Jesus. Some of his people have joined with Jesse in proposing that the victim of the beating, Brad Terrell, should thank God that Jesse and his fellow trekkers didn’t kill or more seriously injure Brad.

Link to Jesse Boyd FaceBook page where posts below are found:


Update January 5, 2023


I was recently advised that the of record lawyer representing all 4 defendants is Alexander Louis Roots of Bozeman, MT. I don’t know if Pierce got fired or what games are being played between the lawyers John Pierce, Roger Roots (neither licensed to practice in Montana) and Alexander Louis Roots (who is licensed to practice in Montana).




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