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Originally Posted January 31, 2023

by Robert Baty

(Tim Brown/Bradlee Dean Present as Cowards!)

On January 30, 2023, Bradlee Dean broadcast an interview Tim Brown had with Jesse Boyd, Carter Phillips, and Bethany Boyd via his Sons of Liberty media platform.…-in-america.html

This article is intended to archive the exchange I had in the comments section under that posted video above, via the Rumble platform.

They know they are guilty. They have known since the beginning. That is one reason why, since the beginning, they have been attacking everything and everyone involved in the arrest, charging, prosecution and trial (if there is one).

Update February 1, 2023

Looks like Momma Boyd is on the warpath!

They should come out of hiding.

We can talk.

We have a lot to talk about.

Momma is rumored to be the real ring-leader as far as the Boyd Cult is concerned. Now she strikes!

Based on the following references, including a Montana Supreme Court discussion, it can be reasonably proposed that it was Brad Terrell, NOT, NOT, NOT Jesse Boyd, who was doing his duty, a public service, in trying to get Jesse Boyd and his people “outta there”. In addition to the car being illegally parked, the vehicle was in the middle of an often used traffic pattern, pedestrians were loitering in that traffic pattern, and there was child endangerment.

I think they are stalking me!


Momma Meets The Butcher!

Tim Brown and I on his Twitter feed:

Update February 2, 2023

The Butcher Shop on the parking and related issues:

Jesse Boyd performed live today at:

Is Jesse Boyd a SovCit???

Does he believe vehicle rules don’t apply to him?


We will see!

Update February 3, 2023

Jesse and his legal dream team need to “repent”, beg forgiveness from the Court, and ask the Court to correct the fraud.


Just found out (see below) that Jesse’s legal dream team realized they botched the Motion to Dismiss and filed an amended motion/brief the other day.

Watch to see how they treat the parking issue in the amended documents. So far, it seems Jesse and his legal dream team are keeping their secrets.

Update February 4, 2023

I guess the “Montana 4” were not members. The USCCA tried to warn them!

Update February 5, 2023

I just ran across this. It appears to reflect a recent, secret message sent from Jesse Boyd to his cult member and containing a message clearly violating his terms and conditions of release. Jesse ought to be back in jail over this. What else are Jesse and his people up to in violation of his terms and conditions of release?

Update May 24, 2023

Jesse Boyd managed another interview on May 22, 2023 which has been broadcast at:


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