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Originally Posted September 27, 2022

by Robert Baty

Link to YouTube broadcast to be aired October 1, 2022:

Some of the channel’s previous guests:

Jay Bundy (aka Jason Nyerere Bundy)

P.Z. Myers

Maddie from Science Side Up

Jordan from Reason2Doubt

Jackson Wheat

Atheist Jr.

David P. Neff

Dapper Dino

Erika (Gutsick Gibbon)

R.J. Downard

Scientist Mel

Godless Engineer

Eric Vierthaler

Bill Ludlow

Bent Hovind

Viced Rhino

Link to Vandalia1998 FaceBook Page:

Link to Lamont Stewart FaceBook Page:

Link to Vandalia1998 Twitter Page:

Link to “public” Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare FaceBook group:

Link to “private” Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare FaceBook group:

Link to Kent Hovind OFFICIAL YouTube channel:

Link to Kent Hovind website:

Some links to other related Hovind videos on Vandalia1998 channel:

Update October 2, 2022

The broadcast did not happen. My host, reportedly, had some health issues and took some Nyquil and slept for several hours including the time the broadcast was scheduled. I have not heard anything from him regarding a reschedule.

Update October 3, 2022

Lamont has returned to posting in social media, but I have seen no effort from him to contact me and consider what, if anything, he intends to do about our broadcast that was scheduled for October 1, 2022 and for which he never showed up and offered a medical infirmity as an excuse.

Update October 17, 2022

It now appears clear that Lamont Stewart (aka Vandalia1998) allowed Jay Bundy to bully him into cancelling my appearance on Lamont’s channel. Oh well, that’s on Lamont and Jay.

Update October 23, 2022

On October 21, 2022, Cindi Lincoln filed another Complaint against Kent Hovind, alleging violations of the protective order.

Update October 28, 2022

Cindi Lincoln loses in her bid to haul Kent Hovind back into court over alleged violations of the protective order.

Update November 17, 2022

Not quite over yet!

Update November 21, 2022

Kent Hovind’s latest “Get Cindi” performance:

Update December 2, 2022



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