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Originally Posted August 10, 2021
by Robert Baty

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A.J. had me with “Boomer”!

Since it’s not the first time A.J. has used that reference as to me, I thought I would return the favor with this memorialization of his continuing, unresolved, fundamental problems regarding me.

It is my opinion that A.J.’s issues with me are not, fundamentally, related to his quibbling about who he is and his alleged desire to remain anonymous on-line or who gets credit for what and when information on the Kent Hovind story might have been published/broadcast.


It is my opinion that A.J. is bothered by the facts regarding his blundering over his attempted challenges to me regarding my Atheism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise.  See the link above for my archive of that matter.

The following screenshots of Twitter tweets reflect A.J.’s latest attempt to make a mountain out of a mole hill as if he might be the one, after all these years, to “Get Baty”.

Link to tweet below:

Link to Hemant Mehta’s (The Friendly Atheist) coverage indicated in above tweet:

Link to tweet below:

Link to tweet below:

Link to tweet below:

Link to tweet below:

Link to tweet below:

Link to tweet below:

Link to tweet below:

Link to tweet below:

Link to website referenced below:

A.J. Patterson FaceBook Page

A.J.’s YouTube Channel

Update August 11, 2021

The A.J. – Hemant Interview!

Not unexpectedly, in the above interview, Hemant provides the justification for the attention I have paid to A.J. which, as Hemant notes, sometimes brings some unwarranted criticism.
Time marked link to Hemant’s comments illustrated below:

Update January 2, 2024

A.J.’s Memories



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