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(Spoiler: Added April 29, 2020)

Erik & Christina Ahlstrand are supporters of Kent Hovind, have visited Kent’s conpound near Lenox, AL (2018), and have some connections to both the Holm and Stoney child custody cases.

On April 22, 2020, I (Robert Baty) had occasion to have on-line exchanges with Erik & Christina.  This article is intended to memorialize that event.

The exchanges took place via my “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare” FaceBook group which is found at the following link:

Links to earlier threads in that group featuring Christina Ahlstrand:


Links to Erik’s and Christina’s FaceBook pages:


Link to thread in group which initiated the exchanges:

Screenshots below memorialize the exchanges!

The FaceBook Messenger Exchange with Erik Ahlstrand:

Update April 23, 2020

Update April 24, 2020

Update April 26, 2020

The discussion has continued to some great extent and so I have not had time to archived it above.  Added to the discussion of Kent’s legal issues is Christina’s consideration of my Creationism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise which is presented in an article on this site at:

In order to review the latest exchanges between Christina and myself, go to the links to threads on FaceBook as follows:


Update April 23, 2020

Due to the importance of Christina’s place in the history of the Holm and Hovind cases, and that the Holm on-line/FaceBook record is no longer accessible, I am posting this for the record here.  It is Christina’s message to Danielle Holm where she recommends Kent Hovind’s sovcit expert Brady Byrum (apparently not realizing Brady was involved with the Holms from the beginning).


From: Christina Ahlstrand
Date: February 4, 2019
Time: 3:30 PM
Idk if you ever heard of Kent Hovind but he was falsely imprisoned for 9 years and didnt even break any laws.
Actually the people who put him in prison broke many laws to keep him there and the only reason he was released is because some people on the outside, of their own will and not even to Kent’s knowledge, put public pressure on those who were in control of his situation.
Maybe the public can do the same for you guys?
During the 9 years of his imprisonment a man (Brady Byrum) went through all of the information about the case and documented it on a website for the public to see how Kent didnt break any laws, but those who prosecuted him broke many laws.
I found out about Kent’s being in prison while I was watching his creation seminars on YouTube like I mentioned in a comment on another post u made.
After watching those seminars you will see immediately why they locked him up.
I followed along with his case and even made some phone calls to his prison inquiring about his situation, which of course they said they couldn’t give me any information.
I started praying for his release in 2014 and in July 2015 he was finally released on parole.
This past summer we took a cross country family vacation in my minivan (LOL) from CA to MA and back. We stopped in Lenox Alabama to meet Kent Hovind. (He used to live in Pensacola FL where he built Dinosaur Adventure Land, which is now under his sons management, but is currently closed.
That’s a whole other story, but now Kent is building a new Dinosaur Adventure Land in Lenox Alabama.)
If you guys are able you should go there to meet him.
Tell him what happened to you and he might be able to give you some connections to the people who helped him.
He is such a hospitable man.
When we were on our way to FL we emailed him that we would like to visit and we planned on staying in a tent.
Instead he let us stay in his personal RV during the week that we visited, and we never even knew the man before.
We offered to help around the camp in exchange.
We loved it so much there, and we hope to be able to go back one day.
Since you are already over there you should totally check it out!
If you want to know more about Kent Hovind before you make that decision he has a YouTube that posts new videos every day, and the website with all the info on his case is .
Maybe you guys can make a similar website with all the information on your case made public?
And put numbers for people to call and put pressure inquiring about your case.
I would totally call and make a stink for you guys!

End Text


Christina’s “Friends” List Includes:

Manon Urena
Freddy Urena
Rhonda Autrey
Richard Vandenbergh
Mark Stoney
Kent Hovind
David Jose
Lynn Abruzzise



Update April 25, 2020

This business venture may not have worked out all that well for Christina.  It does not appear there has been any activity on the FaceBook page for several years.

I will also post the following.  Looks like Christina’s Erik and relates to some domestic violence incident that occurred in 2016.  Looks like they got things resolved and have moved on together with what are now 4 children.


Update April 28, 2020

Can Christina Ahlstrand handle the truth regarding Kent Hovind?  Maybe!  Maybe not!  After considerable discussion on many related issues, she posts this:

My response to Christina

Another Round

And another!

Kent Hovind Says:

“Structuring” requires 2 or more transactions
of $10,000.00 or less,
on the same day,
that total more than $10,000.00.
– Kent Hovind: Affirms

The Code of Federal Regulations 31.103.11(gg) Says:

More in the exchange:


Update April 29, 2020

So, it continues!

The above-referenced article is behind a paywall.  Here is a link to a related free article:


Update May 2, 2020

I have posted an update to my “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare” FaceBook group giving my latest analysis of Christina Ahlstrand’s failure to simply complete the Creationism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise.  This is the link to that presentation:

Update June 25, 2021

In light of recent revelations, Christina and her husband appear to be re-evaluating their support for Kent Hovind.  Her husband, Erik, has joined my recently formed FaceBook private group to engage the matters, and Christina has been active on Mark Stoney’s personal FaceBook page discussing the matter.
Link to Mark Stoney thread where Christina has been active:

Link to my private FaceBook group:

Excerpts from the Mark Stoney FaceBook thread:



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