(UPDATE December 12, 2016 7:30 PM MT – It appears Nydia Rivera has now deleted her pictures with weapons on Kent Hovind’s compound in Conecuh County, AL; perhaps indicative of a “consciousness of guilt”.)

Consistent with what we often observe regarding anti-government, sovcit, religious cults, it appears Kent Hovind has begun amassing an arsenal; perhaps under the guise of an alleged, legitimate, security force designed to oversee his 145 acre compound in Conecuh County, AL.

Maybe that is allowable given his convicted felon on Supervised Release status.

Maybe not!

I’ve asked.

Maybe I will get a legitimate answer.

Maybe I won’t.

Link to Clear Copy of Image:



Other related images “shared” per FaceBook permission:




I don’t know if there are other stipulations regarding such things, but I got this from the sentencing transcript:


“You (Kent Hovind) shall not own or possess, either directly or constructively, any firearm, any dangerous weapon or any type of destructive device, and that also includes ammunition and would pertain to hunting weapons as well.”

– Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers

Link to Clear Copy of Followup Exchange:





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