It has been reported that mental health issues are present in the Baby Holm case as it relates to the mental health of one or both of the parents.
It is not hard to reasonably conclude there may be some merit to that reported concern in observing the antics of the parents over the last few months.
Perhaps today’s revelations that the parents are now planning, instead of working with DHS to justify the return of the child, to file war crimes charges.
So many people have been enabling the parents in their misguided efforts to do all they can to keep from getting the child returned, perhaps starting with Kent Hovind’s sovereign citizen promoter Brady Byrum.
If the parents are intent on having the child returned any time soon, I plead with them and their enablers to please, please, please get some real help and get busy on a real plan that has as its goal the return of the child.
See images below in support of this message!