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Originally Posted November 23, 2023

by Robert Baty

For decades now it seems like the Ervin Paugh enterprises have been involved in anti-government activism, ultimately including hiding behind a religious facade. Ervin’s wife, Marsha, appears to have been an equal partner in the operations for over 50 years now. One of their sons, Patrick, has more recently become involved.

On November 13, 2023, Ervin broadcast an interview with Jesse Boyd, leader of The Montana 4 (TM4 = Jesse Boyd, Carter Phillips, Eric Trent, Bethany Boyd) and in promotion of Jesse Boyd’s extensive false narrative regarding TM4’s criminal activities in Montana.

Link to Paugh-Boyd Interview:

This article is intended to archive my dealings with the Paugh people regarding their unfortunate promotion of the false TM4/Boyd narrative. The Paughs have been actively involved in evidence tampering. As a result, some of the information here may no longer be available on their sites on-line.

Links to Ervin Paugh’s FaceBook Business Page & Website:

Business Headquarters:

Link to Marsha Jean Dotson Paugh FaceBook Page:

Link to Patrick Paugh FaceBook Page:

Links to Patrick Paugh Employer FaceBook Page & Website:

Jesse Boyd posted the following to his FaceBook page regarding his interview with Ervin Paugh:

In response, I posted the following to Ervin’s business FaceBook page:

Ervin decided he would also refuse to face me to discuss his Boyd problems, but I did finally get a singular email response from him as shown below:

I also wrote to Marsha, Ervin’s business partner, and had this exchange with her:

After that, Ervin’s and Marsha’s junior partner, Patrick Paugh, decided to get involved and play the tough guy, attempting some bullying and threatening, as shown below:

Following is a screenshot of what Patrick Paugh put up on his personal FaceBook page:

I posted the following on Patrick’s FaceBook page in response to his post there:

After that, Marsha and Patrick would block me from their pages and the posts to their pages would be deleted.

Patrick then showed up on my dedicated “Jesse Boyd & The Montana 4” FaceBook page at the following link. Patrick would try to deny he was being threatening and then, after a very short stay, blocked me. The screenshot below reflects some of posts there.

That seems to have brought to an end the Paugh chapter in The Montana 4 / Jesse Boyd story. Jesse keeps promoting his false narrative through his echo chambers, like the Paugh radio program, and my challenge remains unanswered. Jesse and his people have been hiding out for a year or so. No indication they are any closer to coming out, coming clean, and actually being held accountable for their criminal actions in Montana.


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