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Originally Posted December 21, 2019
by Robert Baty

Kathlee(n) Arthur has emerged in recent years as a leader amongst the anti-government, anti-CPS movement and is associated with such other activists as Connie Reguli, Terri LaPoint, Frances Amato, Jamie Johnson, Robert Slaven, David Jose, Joyce Farrell Catalano, and Shara/Sharon Cronkite Michelle Wolf Donato Austin Lentin.

In recent weeks Kathlee(n) has been circulating a short video of a segment of oral arguments before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that took place 3 years ago; in a case that, reportedly, resulted in no million dollar (or other amount) payoff to the plaintiff who was whining about the treatment she got at the hands of State workers.

The crux of the issue between Kathlee(n) and me regarding her YouTube promotion is as follows:


The caption to the video falsely reflects what the video deals with and the issue the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals resolved before sending the case back to the lower Court for final disposition.

Robert Baty: Affirm

Kathlee(n) Arthur: Deny

Kathlee(n)’s Promotional Video

YouTube Link to Above Video

Link to Complete 9th Circuit Video of Proceeding

File Containing 9th Circuit Decision in Above Case

Preslie Hardwick 9th Circuit Decision

Pages 1, 2, & 20 From Above Decision for Ready Reference


Kathlee(n)’s FaceBook Address

Link to FaceBook Thread Where Following Exchange Took Place

The Exchange


Here is a photo from Kathlee(n)’s FaceBook page where she is shown with a few of the others who took part it what might have been one of the biggest false promotions put forth by the anti-government, anti-CPS movement of which Kathlee(n) is a part.  Is was arranged by Frances Amato.

Update December 22, 2019

Related photo from Frances Amato’s page at:

Here’s another one from the Frances Amato page:

And then Kathlee(n) and I had another exchange on Shara’s page as shown below:

After a couple of hours and no further response, I added the following to that exchange:


Update December 23, 2019

I just noticed that those promoting the False Baby Sofia Narrative have picked up on and are promoting Kathlee(n)’s fake/false report about Judge Trott of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Shame on Kathlee(n) and those promoting this foolishness.

So, I have created the following 2 graphics to illustrate the “fake news” from Kathlee(n) Arthur to the truth of the matter; from my perspective.

Link to 9th Circuit Video Referenced Below:


Update December 24, 2019


Update January 22, 2020




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