Today, December 9, 2016, one of Kent’s biggest fans, Alyssa Carone, is again asking that question.

It’s found around the 11:35 mark in her video that was broadcast today, December 9, 2016.


(Begin transcription.)

“The question that comes to my mind is,

why hasn’t Kent Hovind filed for a restraining order against this guy?”

– Alyssa Carone – December 9, 2016

(End transcription.)

UPDATE December 9, 2016

Related article on this website with transcription of Alyssa’s earlier comments about me:

I just noticed that the original video Alyssa posted attacking me, from a few days ago, has been removed.  The link is in the article referenced above.


Alyssa’s hypocrisy in her latest video also seems quite self-evident to me.



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