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Originally Posted April 18, 2020
by Robert Baty


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Mark Stoney appears to have deleted the above thread!

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Mark Stoney’s Opening Post

The following comments followed Mark’s opening post.  While numerous individuals contributed to the thread, I believe the substance of the matter can be determined based on the exchanges between Mark and myself and so, for the sake of expediency, I will provide what I consider the essence of the discussion; all of which took place on the afternoon and evening of April 18, 2020.

From Robert Baty

Interesting, Mark Stoney, that you don’t really give any meaningful details.

There’s maybe a dozen cars there, and for all I know, those are the cars belonging to the “residents” at the conpound.

Has Kent told you not to post pictures of actual visitors and identify them and let them say what they think about the place?

No activity is actually shown.

I’d like to see all the swimmers without life vests on.
I’d like to see all the 4-wheelers without helmets on.

From Robert Baty

Mark Stoney

It’s all about perspective.

From my perspective, I would say that, were it not for my ministry, you would have been able to post a picture of hundreds of cars at the conpound.

So, thanks for providing some indication as to the success of my ministry.

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty “ministry” you are a joke dude.

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty no quibble necessary. You have no ministry. Only a pathetic band of haters. You have a few hundred groupies on a Facebook page, most of which are not even active. And you think you have made an impact lol you’re nothing but a pathetic old man desperate to remain relevant in a world that doesn’t need or want you anymore.

From Robert Baty

There you go again, Mark Stoney, running off into the weeds to keep from engaging in a meaningful discussion and developing a perspective on what might have been going on at Kent’s conpound today.

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty dishonest? How so? I only took a photo of the parking lot and not faces so you wouldn’t have the opportunity to harass our guests. And there were many of them. These cars didn’t drive themselves.

From Robert Baty – Image Omitted

Come on, Mark Stoney, don’t run off.

Here’s an earlier view of that location you posted, best I can tell, from Kent himself, and it shows lots and lots of people out for the “loaves and fishes”.

So, Mark, post some more pictures that might really show us what was going on at the trough today.

Was Ernie there cooking up his favorite; Boston Butts?

Really, Mark, show us something meaningful.
Tell us something meaningful.
Or not.

From Robert Baty- Image Omitted

If that’s not the location featured in Mark’s opening post, then this would seem to be the location featured in Mark’s photo in the opening post.

From Mark Stoney

Ernie wasn’t here (why would that even matter?) and there was no event scheduled. Just folks from town coming to have a relaxing day at DAL.

From Robert Baty

Mark Stoney

Was there anything substantive you wanted to talk about regarding what went on today at Kent’s place?

You, typically, and, yes, dishonestly, are all over the place and offering nothing meaningful about what might have gone on today.

Until then, I can play with you a bit.

For instance, you wrote, in part:

– “You have a few hundred groupies
– on a Facebook page, most of which
– are not even active.”

— Mark Stoney
— April 18, 2020
— 3:35 PM MT

Kent boasts of over 160,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, most (90%+) of which don’t watch his performances.

Regarding the folks allegedly driving those cars to Kent’s place today, you wrote:

– “Just folks from town coming to
– have a relaxing day at DAL.”

— Mark Stoney
— April 18, 2020
— 6:42 PM MT

And then you, Mark Stoney, continue your dishonest course by offering no evidence as to where those cars came from and, typically and dishonestly, hide behind the accusation that the visitors, be there any, could not handle being publicly associated with having visited the place.

Mark, yes, you are being dishonest in offering a photograph that cannot be reasonably interpreted and with no further evidence of your bold claims.

Yes, dishonest!

Now, Mark, is there anything of substance you wanted to openly and honestly have considered here?

I didn’t think so!

“Change my mind!”

From Robert Baty

I might add, Mark Stoney, that the issue you raised as to where those cars might have come from came up on James Allen Schonefeld‘s page and the following exchange took place.

From Robert Baty

I think this reference is another bit of circumstantial evidence pointing to Mark Stoney‘s dishonesty in coming here with his cryptic picture and trying to make all sorts of claims he cannot substantiate, or will not, and otherwise just whine about “us”.

In this particular case, I think the way Kent indicates he operates his conpound regarding pictures helps explain why we haven’t seen more pictures/videos of his operations in the last 4 years.

Kent/Mark are not concerned about visitors being harassed by any of “us”. They are concerned about protecting Kent and controlling the public representations of his operations.

From Robert Baty

That brings to mind this representation of a live FaceBook video posted by Margaret Alexander the morning after her late night arrival at Kent’s conpound and the morning before the afternoon during which her son, Steven Michael Alexander, drowned at Kent’s conpound.

What did Kent and his people have to do with that video being removed?

Maybe nothing.
Maybe something.

Did she have permission from Kent and/or his people to broadcast it in the first place?

We likely will never know the story behind that; well, we might know stories about that, but we may never be able to reasonably determine the truth of the matter.

From Robert Baty

James Mason

In the normal course of human affairs, James, simple, credible, testimony might suffice; at least in order to advance the consideration of whatever matter is being brought forward for consideration.

Considering Mark Stoney‘s antics, however, since posting his opening post, we might legitimately stop the presses and ask him to provide some corroboration that his image is even from something that happened today at Kent’s place.

Mark wrote in captioning his photo:

– “Despite Robert Baty’s best efforts,
– DAL is gaining popularity with the
– locals. Dozens of people came today
– and enjoyed.”

For sake of discussion, I would grant Mark the benefit of the doubt and accept his representation that the photo is from Kent’s place today.

That dozens of people came out from the local community is not established by the photo and Mark as much as admits he can’t back that statement up with anything more than his “say so” which isn’t worth much.

More importantly, however, I think the key to the issue is that Mark is claiming they showed up despite my ministry, and I have, alternatively, claimed that were it not for my ministry Kent might have enjoyed 100’s of visitors today.

Mark either doesn’t know or is just lying about my influence on Kent and his operations and popularity.

Mark is welcome to his opinions about that.
I have mine.

Kent and I know the truth about that matter.

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty so your ministry is to prevent people from hearing the gospel? So you’re basically Satan. Got it.

From Robert Baty

Mark Stoney

Your evasions/deflections are again evident.

Is there something of substance you want to openly, honestly discuss, Mark?

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty the substance is that you’re a failure. DAL is still open and gaining momentum. Your efforts are in vain.

From Robert Baty

So, Mark Stoney, you are, effectively, pleading guilty to the charges that you came here, dishonestly, and presented your alleged photograph to gain a footing to whine about your opposition here.

You have, quite dishonestly, evaded the substantive issues I have brought to your attention about what might be going on with you, Kent and whatever might have happened on the property today.

You think my work has failed.
I don’t.

I get it.

You claim DAL is gaining momemtum.
Maybe so, but to what end?
Time will tell.

You claim my efforts are in vain.
I don’t.

Now, really, Mark, is there anything of substance you want to discuss; particularly as to you providing evidence beyond your ipse dixit as to what might have happened on the property today?


I get it.
“Change my mind!”
Or not.

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty I’ve said nothing dishonest. You’re just mad that you can’t keep people away from hearing the gospel. Get over it. Why don’t you go do something useful instead of spinning your wheels with your failing hate on Hovind bandwagon?

From Robert Baty

Mark Stoney, your dishonesty is ever more evident in your latest post above.

I’m not mad at all, and it is presumptious of you to claim that Kent is preaching the gospel.

You, Mark, are the one with a lot to get over.

My wheels have great traction.

You dare not challenge me on anything of substance.

You dare not even deal with the issue(s) you brought up in your opening post in this thread.

You have proved over and over again ever since I have known you, Mark, that you have yet to be open and honest and willing to deal with matters of substance when it comes to these things.

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty first, you don’t know me. Second, you can’t stop this. You’re just an annoying little gnat that won’t go away. Nobody cares about your issues. And as a matter of fact, your antics only make us more confident in what we are building and doing here. Thanks for that. You’re still a loser.

From Robert Baty

Blah, blah, blah, Mark Stoney!

More evidence to support the claim that you are simply not a worthy correspondent; you are simply dishonest and not capable of demonstrating any ability to engage in an open, honest discussion of any subject of mutual interest which may be disputed.

You couldn’t handle a simple, critical thinking exercise, and now you are adding to that demonstration by offering further proof that you are a man of the lowest character who simply refuses to be open and honest in dealing with issues that might otherwise have been subject to ready resolution by now.

Whine, whine, whine!
I get it, Mark.
That’s the best you got.
“Change my mind!”

Or not!

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty on the contrary, what I’m doing is gloating. You’re the one whining like the sore loser you are. I have zero interest in changing your mind. I actually enjoy watching you waste what life you have left whining and crying about Kent Hovind. The man lives in your head rent free 24/7 and doesn’t even know it .

From Robert Baty


You are the loser, Mark Stoney, who, from all indications has resigned himself to dragging his daughter to live in a commercial construction site at considerable risk and amongst some of the creepier sorts of characters.

Maybe that will work out for you.
Maybe not.
Many of your sort have come and gone.
Have you got your exit strategy planned yet?

You are welcome to gloat in front of me and the rest of the world and we will form our own opinions about that.

Even Kent doesn’t propose to change his opponents minds, and I don’t propose to change yours or Kent’s either.

However, if you or Kent ever dare to face me on matters of substance, the world will see just how wrong and dishonest you are and have been.

Kent won’t face me because he knows I am right and he is wrong.

You won’t face me for the same reason.

So, like Kent, your new daddy, you whine, whine, whine.

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty dude you live in a fantasy world.

From Robert Baty

Mark Stoney, the fantasy world is where you apparently reside at 488 Pearl Lane outside of Lenox, AL.

From Mark Stoney

Robert Baty you know the place. You want to face me or Kent, this is where we’ll be. But you won’t do that because you wouldn’t have your troll army to constantly feed you validation.

From Robert Baty


Typical, dishonest, and quite disingenuous, Mark Stoney.

Kent and I can go one-on-one here.

Or, we can agree on some other mutually agreeable venue where we can have a reasoned and reasonable debate about “structuring” and his claim about that and/or some other mutually agreeable issue.

You, Mark, have been quite convincing, or at least evasive, in claiming you have no interest or necessary knowledge of the substantive matters as to Kent and me.

No lame excuses about how he’s a slow typist. He types just fine and it’s lying for him to use that as an excuse to not have a public, written debate such as I have been proposing.

And you are being dishonest again, Mark, in lamely proposing the reason you and Kent won’t face me in a written debate is because of “trolls”. There are plenty of ways to guarantee a one-on-one here or some other mutually agreeable venue.

You, Mark, have shown your dishonesty and cowardice and in the context of being a representative for Kent Hovind, though I understand you may try to deny it.

As I said, Mark, you are simply an unworthy correspondent exploiting my good nature and long-suffering, but you provide a good demonstration as to what people have to deal with in dealing with Kent and those who try to run interference for him.

Kent Hovind, I’m waiting.
We can talk.
Come out, come out.
Or not.

From Mark Stoney

You actually think I’m running interference for Kent? Wow. As much as I would enjoy seeing you two debate, I would still rather watch you whine and cry about not being able to get it done on your own.

From Mark Stoney

You wish, Mark Stoney!
You wish that were what was going on here.

It’s not about me or anyone else getting it done.
It’s up to Kent to get it done, or not.

It’s just another incident where Kent is shown up for the coward he is and that made all the more clear by one of his minions, you, Mark Stoney, trying to run interference for him.

Kent Hovind, come out, come out.
I’m waiting.
We can talk.
We can get it (debate) done.
Or not.

Isn’t it time you put your boy, Mark, to bed, Kent?

I’m longsuffering, but if you don’t shut him up, Kent, I may have to. He has proved he has nothing of substance to offer to these important public discussions; apart from what he has already offered (proof that he is dishonest and cowardly and an unworthy correspondent).

Additional Comments

I did not capture copies of my closing comments to Mark.  Therein I advised him he needed to go to bed and that, as a result, I was muting him for 24 hours.  If he returns and again refuses to deal with substantive matters, I will not be so longsuffering before silencing his lying, dishonest antics.  Upon being muted, Mark deleted his opening post and, as a consequence thereof, comments made following his opening post were also deleted.


Update April 19, 2020

Looks like Mark could not handle a little discipline and has removed himself as a member of the “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare” FaceBook group where the above exchange took place.

It must really chafe Mark to have to live and work under the thumb of Kent Hovind.

Update July 3, 2021

Mark left the conpound in January 2021 and moved to Walla Walla, WA.  He now seems to be realizing that “our” warnings about Kent and his conpound were justified.




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