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Originally Posted August 13, 2018
by Robert Baty


* More formally known as James Alan Springer

I ran across James on the Internet not so long ago.  He is one of those would-be activists of sorts who has made himself into a pubic nuisance by shoving his camera in peoples faces and filming his exploits with law enforcement officials and others.



Link to James’ FaceBook Pages:


Links to James’ Wife’s FaceBook Page (she participates in his performances):


Link to James’ YouTube Videos:


James is kinda proud of his confrontations with law enforcement and his various arrests and charges, but in recent months it appears he has upped his game a little by garnering the attention of the federal courts by, allegedly, illegally filming Fort Huachuca in Arizona.  There he was arrested and charged and is awaiting a trial before a magistrate judge, without a jury.  He is free, by agreement, pending disposition of the charges.


Link to Wikipedia article on Fort Huachuca:


Link to James’ video record of the Fort Huachuca event:


Link to file containing charges against James:

James Springer Freeman Information


18 U.S.C. 795 (Count I)


Photographing and sketching defense installations


(a) Whenever, in the interests of national defense, the President defines certain vital military and naval installations or equipment as requiring protection against the general dissemination of information relative thereto, it shall be unlawful to make any photograph, sketch, picture, drawing, map, or graphical representation of such vital military and naval installations or equipment without first obtaining permission of the commanding officer of the military or naval post, camp, or station, or naval vessels, military and naval aircraft, and any separate military or naval command concerned, or higher authority, and promptly submitting the product obtained to such commanding officer or higher authority for censorship or such other action as he may deem necessary.


(b) Whoever violates this section shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.


18 U.S.C. 1382 (Count II)


Entering military, naval, or Coast Guard property


Whoever, within the jurisdiction of the United States, goes upon any military, naval, or Coast Guard reservation, post, fort, arsenal, yard, station, or installation, for any purpose prohibited by law or lawful regulation; or


Whoever reenters or is found within any such reservation, post, fort, arsenal, yard, station, or installation, after having been removed therefrom or ordered not to reenter by any officer or person in command or charge thereof—


Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.


Link to file containing James’ conditions of release:

James Springer revised release conditions 08102018


Link to file containing James’ waivers (of jury and trial before district judge):

James Springer waivers 08102018 (1)


News Report of Incident


Man filming Fort Huachuca gate arrested, charged


FORT HUACHUCA — Fort Huachuca police arrested a man on several charges Tuesday afternoon after he refused to stop filming at the Buffalo Soldier Gate.


James Springer, also known as James Freeman, was on fort property across the street from the gate, recording with a video camera, according to a press release.


He was charged with unlawful photography of a military installation, entering a military installation for any purpose prohibited by law or lawful regulation, and failure to identify. He was also issued a letter denying him access to the post, the press release said.


Springer was released on his own recognizance after being questioned and charged.


A Fort Huachuca officer approached Springer at approximately 4:45 p.m. and asked him to identify himself and to stop filming. Springer repeatedly refused the officer’s requests or responded with silence.


After 10 minutes, two officers placed Springer into custody.


The incident has been widely viewed in numerous YouTube videos, including one that had received more than 35,000 views as of Thursday afternoon.


The case will be adjudicated through the federal judicial system.




Update August 16, 2018


Document #28 in the case of James Alan Springer, text only entry entered 08/11/2018.  PTS = Pre Trial Services  PTSO = Pre Trial Services Officer


Begin Text


Full docket text for document 28:

MINUTE ENTRY for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Bruce G Macdonald:


Status Conference as to James Alan Springer held on 8/10/2018 at the request of PTS.


Defendant not prepared for PTS interview; returned to speak with the Court.


The Court hears from Mike Himelic, PTSO and confirms that the first home visit can be by appointment with defendant.


The defendant confirms thereafter, he must abide by PTS conditions of release, or the Court will have no other option then to take him into custody.


Defendant states he will comply and wishes to return to PTS office to complete the interview.


Further, PTS will contact Texas PTS offices where the defendant lives and will be supervised to find out what they want to do about future home visits.
Appearances: AUSA Rui Wang for the Government, retained attorney Tom Higgins for defendant. Defendant is present and released.


(Recorded by COURTSMART.)


Hearing held 4:00 pm to 4:10 pm.


This is a TEXT ENTRY ONLY. There is no PDF document associated with this entry. (BHA)


End Text


Update August 18, 2018


I am thinking all the checkpoint guys know James and his freaky friends by now and it all just depends on how much time they have on their hands as far as giving them a hard time and letting them stop long enough for a video.

Link to video:


Update August 20, 2018

James Springer (aka Freeman) outside the Tarrant County, Tx Courthouse live streaming while the trial proceedings of Bao Nguyen, his fellow public nuisance, takes place.


Update August 21, 2018


Bao found guilty, and was sentenced to 180 days (he’ll probably serve a lot less) and a $2,000.00 fine.  See following video for discussion from his promoters.



Update August 30, 2018


Link to Government motion in James Springer (aka Freeman) case; filed 08/22/2018:


James Springer Govt Motion 08222018


Update October 5, 2018


In substance, the Government’s motion that the Court take judicial notice of certain matters was Granted while the defendant was told he could not make certain defenses.


The defendant has also taken on a private lawyer, Thomas Higgins, of Tucson, AZ.


The trial has been rescheduled to late in November, by agreement.


James Springer Trial Notice 10022018


Update November 26, 2018

After a certain amount of posturing, the following docket entry advises us of the current status of the proceedings in the criminal charge against James Springer as it relates to his filming at Fort Huachuca, AZ.


Full docket text for document 36:


MINUTE ENTRY for proceedings held before 
Magistrate Judge Bruce G Macdonald:


Status Conference as to James Alan Springer
held on 11/19/2018.


The parties stipulate to a continuance of the
bench trial.


The Court resets the bench trial to 4/23/19 at
9:00 a.m. for two days.


Excludable delay under 18, United States Code,
Section 3161 (h)(7) is found to commence on
11/19/18 and to end on 4/23/19.


The Court sets a Pretrial Status Conference for
4/8/19 at 9:30 a.m.


The Court states the Defendant may appear
telephonically for the Pretrial Status Conference.


Update December 29, 2018

James’ people had a big to-do in Texas today and James had a live-stream of the event.  After it was over, while walking to where ever they were walking to, James talked to a man about lawyer and cases.

James mentioned all the money he had paid lawyers only to be offered a plea deal where he pleads guilty to most charges and one gets dismissed.  James later admits he was talking about his Fort Huachuca case and goes on to discuss it briefly.

Time marked link to that discussion:


Update February 23, 2019

The last docket entry was a “text only” as shown below:


Full docket text for document 36:
MINUTE ENTRY for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Bruce G Macdonald: Status Conference as to James Alan Springer held on 11/19/2018. The parties stipulate to a continuance of the bench trial.


The Court resets the bench trial to 4/23/19 at 9:00 a.m. for two days.

Excludable delay under 18, United States Code, Section 3161 (h)(7) is found to commence on 11/19/18 and to end on 4/23/19. The Court sets a Pretrial Status Conference for 4/8/19 at 9:30 a.m. The Court states the Defendant may appear telephonically for the Pretrial Status Conference.



AUSA Bradley Baugher for the Government, retained attorney Thomas Higgins for defendant.


Defendant is present (telephonically) and released. Bench Trial reset for 4/23/2019 & 4/24/19 at 09:00 AM in Courtroom 3C, 405 West Congress Street, Tucson, AZ 85701 before Magistrate Judge Bruce G Macdonald. Pretrial Conference set for 4/8/2019 at 09:30 AM in Courtroom 3C, 405 West Congress Street, Tucson, AZ 85701 before Magistrate Judge Bruce G Macdonald. (Recorded by COURTSMART.) Hearing held 1:42 pm to 1:46 pm. This is a TEXT ENTRY ONLY. There is no PDF document associated with this entry. (CKS)


Update March 28, 2019

Looks like James has deleted many of his videos, including the one recording the alleged criminal incident at the military base.  He also set up a new YouTube channel at:


Update June 4, 2019

James’ recent videos (2) complaining about his private lawyer in the Fort Huachuca case:


James Alan Springer’s (aka James Freeman) lawyer filed a motion to withdraw and a hearing was scheduled for today, June 4, 2019, for that matter to be considered.  That last entry on the docket history was the scheduling of the hearing today.  We’ll have to wait to see what happened with that.


Update June 5, 2019

James Springer accepted a court appointed lawyer, trial delayed, status conference scheduled for later this month, and Springer gagged.


Update June 26, 2019

A conference was held earlier this month and the Court entered a “text only” order subsequent thereto:

Full docket text for document 46:

MINUTE ENTRY for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Bruce G Macdonald:

Status Conference as to James Alan Springer held on 6/19/2019.

Defense counsel requests defendant’s presence be waived for purposes of today’s hearing.


Defendant to make arrangements BEFORE the next hearing as to whether he is appearing telephonically. The parties discuss setting a trial at the next hearing.

Defense counsel plans to file several motions before the deadline, now set for 8/1/2019.

Mr. Storts relays defendant’s request for copies of police reports and other discovery.

Counsel for the Government objects.

The Court refers counsel to the order entered at the hearing on 6/4/2019.


Update July 26, 2019

James’ Motion to Dismiss All Charges

James Springer Motion to Dismiss Charges


Update August 2, 2019

Feds respond to James’ motion to dismiss all charges:

Springer Response by Feds to Motion to Dismiss 08022019


Just found this on James’ personal FaceBook page.  Not real clear, but it looks like he and his wife and his kids are becoming itinerants and heading north; perhaps to Canada.  I did not see any indications of his long term intentions.


Update August 3, 2019

This video helps explain what James is up to in “leaving” Texas:


Update August 7, 2019

I don’t know what to think about this!  It was previously reported that James had filed a motion to dismiss all charges, and the Government replied in opposition thereto.  Now it is noted that James has asked for more time to file motions.  Kaboom!  The Court says the extension is moot as the trial date has been vacated!  So, what is going on with that?  I don’t know!

Motion to Extend Time

Springer Request to Extend Deadline

Recent Docket History

Entry 52 – Text Only


Update August 10, 2019

James Springer files a response to the Government’s response to his motion to dismiss.

Springer Response to Govt Response 08092019


Update August 11, 2019

In response to a recent question during a broadcast, James refused to explain his ability to finance his lifestyle, particularly in the context of taking 2 nice vehicles and a new travel trailer, a wife, and 4 kids to live on the road (traveling the country and maybe into Canada).

Following are some screenshots that reflect on one of his and his wife’s business activities back in Rowlett, TX.


Update August 12, 2019

Looks like the anti-government folks got the big boy in California, “Johnny Five O”, to call for Mark Burgess/James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) the other day.


Update August 13, 2019

For some strange reason, it appears James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) has blocked me from his FaceBook page at:


James and Mark Burgess of Sioux Falls, SD have been stirring up the folks in Sioux Falls and in consequence thereof James is proposing an armed confrontation at the police station if he can get enough people interested in showing up.


Update August 14, 2019

Looks like James’ shoutout to bring in foreigners to plague the good folks of Sioux Falls is working as evidence by this latest video from Mark Burgess featuring 2 out-of-town wannabe anti-government activists (Patrick Roth and his girl).–N9U

Patrick, of course, has his own anti-government channel at:

Patrick also has a FaceBook page at:


Update August 16, 2019

Testimony of Patrick Roth regarding James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman), from an old news article featuring Patrick Roth at:


His videos, however, show that he sometimes conducts audits with a man who goes by the name James Freeman, a well-known figure in the auditing community who also posts his videos on YouTube.


And in his interview with The Star, Roth described Freeman as a sovereign citizen and said Freeman is not his real name.


“The reason he goes by Freeman, he tries to go as a sovereign,” Roth said. “He’s more anti-government, more aggressive style. And I don’t agree with that, but that’s just his way of doing things. He’s not the kind of guy that he’s just gonna shoot up a bunch of cops. He’s not gonna do that. But he thinks it persuades the public’s opinion and helps him grow.”

(End excerpts.)


Update August 17, 2019

Kind of funny, this!  It seems Roth has followed Springer/Freeman from Sioux Falls to Rapid City.  Perhaps he is looking for some attention from Springer/Freeman who is a big name in their movement.  Roth has had his share of hard times trying to make a name for himself within the movement.  In any case, he posted the video indicated in the graphic below, begging for money and announcing some of his intentions………..and then, maybe because he didn’t like me taking notice, he removed the video from his channel.


Update September 3, 2019

Springer’s motion to dismiss all charges is pending.  A motion to amend was filed and granted; to take into account one of the officers involved in his arrest was terminated by the Fort about a year ago, for cause.

Springer Amended Motion to Dismiss 09032019


Update September 6, 2019

James Alan Springer, perhaps seeing dismissal of the charges in his future, has revived his Fort Huachuca arrest video at:


Update September 11, 2019

Springer WINS – Case to be Dismissed!

Springer Dismissal Motion by Government 09092019


Update September 12, 2019

James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) has taken notice of my coverage of his story.  Go to link below for comments following his opening post reflected in the screenshot below.

The following is from James’ thread above and sounds to me like the kind of threat that involves, may involve, the incitement of activities that would clearly be illegal (i.e., physical violence against persons and/or property such as is commonly threatened by such as James and his kind):

As I prophesied, the Court wasted no time in rubber stamping the Government’s motion to dismiss the criminal charges against James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) stemming from his arrest at Fort Huachuca, AZ in 2018.

Springer Dismissal Order 09122019


Jesse Smith posted this to James’ FaceBook page, referencing this webpage:


James did a personal live broadcast today on his personal YouTube channel and mentioned the Fort Huachuca case several times.  Following is one memorialization of some of his comments.


Here’s another post from James’ FaceBook thread referenced above.  It’s almost as if they are stalking me and my work.   Bwahahahahahaha!


I think James and his people are flat out lying about some of what they claim, but that’s alright.  Kent and his people sound the same when they make lame excuses for being less than open and honest in dealing with issues.

James page, for instance, gives me “like” and “share” options, but no “comment” option.  James also surely knows he can click on “join” in my group if he thinks he has anything that should be posted there.


Update September 13, 2019

A little more feedback from James’ minions!

The Springer campaign gets under way!

I think James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) really can’t stand the fact that I am the one that broke the story about his criminal charges being dismissed as to the Fort Huachuca matter.
Link to Pulliam’s video:
Look what the little hypocrites are doing as they start their campaign to monetize James’ little victory.

The following seems to me to be a more accurate representation of Pulliam’s video referenced above by James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman).


Who do we know that is parking his “home” across the street from this place while visiting anti-government activist John Lamb in Montana?


No, this is not “doxxing”.

The guy just broadcast his location via YouTube for all the world to see! .


Update September 14, 2019

James endorses the murder of a law enforcement officer; typical of what he and his people have to say about such things!


Update September 18, 2019

Some have observed that James appeared to be training his children to be professional public nuisances such as himself.


Here’s more evidence in support of that observation.


We may never hear “the rest of the story” regarding this recent event near Glacier National Park.


Update September 26, 2019

How To Spot A Sovereign Citizen


Update December 14, 2019

What has James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) been up to lately?

Same old public nuisance sort of thing!

His channel appears more commercialized than ever!


Update February 22, 2020

I saw a message from James Alan Springer indicating he was not posting so many videos because he is preparing for trial in his Leon Valley, TX (Bexar County) cases.  I couldn’t find where a specific date for trial had been set.  Last I saw there was a State motion for a continuance.


Update March 14, 2020

James Alan Springer gets his public nuisance partner arrested and is all worked up about it in this live broadcast:

James is a tricky one.  He apparently pulled the above video and posted a shorter version to a different YouTube channel at the link below (absent his antics at the police station and discussion with the sargeant there).


Update March 15, 2020

James is back on FaceBook live whining about his problems getting “David Boren” out of jail!  David did get out of jail, just without James’ help.  James, of course, has to continue his typical whining.

Justin Pulliam also went nuts over David Boren’s arrest last night and spent almost 2 hours trying to make some money off of it.

David Boren has now put out his own video:


Update April 21, 2020

James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) is just ecstatic about avoiding arrest yesterday while 3 of his chums get arrested.


Update April 28, 2020

“Auditing the Auditors” also reported on the James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) incident noted above, via YouTube at:

Update June 24, 2020

The graph report is being added here to reflect on the continuing interest that has been shown regarding my coverage of James and his kind as presented in this article.


Update July 16, 2020

I had a run-in with Steve McRae recently, and come to find out he is a fan of James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) and his “1st Amendment Auditors).  In this video, Steve gets himself into trouble in promoting one those guys by the name of Earl David Worden, who is a convicted sex offender and is currently under indictment.

Link to Steve’s Video:

Link to article about my run-in with Steve:

Link to article critical of Steve’s promotion of Worden:


Update August 1, 2020

Looks like James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) has decided he, like Kent Hovind, needs a conpound from which to operate.  He claims he bought 14.5 acres, maybe in Colorado somewhere (Update November 20, 2020 – Looks like it is in or near Torrance County, NM), and is working to clear it.  In the meantime, he indicates he hasn’t been doing his public nuisance work like he did in the old days.

Update September 29, 2020

In a live, YouTube broadcast today, Steve McRae, show host, indicated that James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) was tuned in.

Time Marked Link to Video (4:15 mark):

Update October 4, 2020

“Nate the Lawyer” announces he will reduce his coverage of the melodramic flurry of fluff that has become the story of McRae v. Curtis; limiting his reporting to the official story as reflected in the Court proceedings and substantive developments such as they may be.

(Go to link above for attached video clips.)

(The above added here because the “rapist” is also a Springer-like guy.)

Update November 19, 2020

Looks like James has set up his housekeeping, landclearing, homesteading operation in Torrance County, NM.

James working on becoming a nuisance in his new neighborhood!

Part II of that incident is at:

Leading up to that was this:

Update November 26, 2020

Maybe someone will take James up on his offer and we can find out if he honestly, truthfully completed a written request for information.

Time marked link to graphic below:

I think what James is wanting to get is the photo a policeman took of James’ fellow public nuisance using the name of Baio, and as is recorded by James in his broadcast at:

Update November 28, 2020

It seems James may have finally gotten himself tazed and arrested; details pending!

Update Video

Another Video Report of the Arrest

Looks like James will be set free today after he posts the $1,000 bond!

Update November 28, 2020 1:00 PM MT

James Alan Springer – A Free Man!

My current search shows no one in jail by that name!

Update November 28, 2020  3:30 PM MT

James did not disappoint.  He has posted a short video bragging about his physical injuries and claiming he’s on his way to the hospital to document such for his lawsuit; though he also indicates he is “just fine”.   Bwahahahahaha.   Seems he may have already hidden his video.

Graphic with Text

James’ now-private, after-jail video is featured at the time marked link in the following video:

Update December 1, 2020

(What a maroon.  James Alan Springer asking his people to call the authorities and complain, pleading with them to be “respectful”.   Bwahahahahahaha!)

Update December 3, 2020

James Public Nuisance Alan Springer is broadcasting live this afternoon along with some of his creepy groupies.

Coincidentally, Schrodinger’s Cat has just posted a short video on one of James’ fellow Arizona nuisances, Chauncey Hollingberry.  Chauncy’s trial is currently set for February 2, 2021.

Update December 5, 2020

James is back on the job and has gotten the attention from law enforcement again.  It is currently live, so it is unknown how it will end.  James is threatening to file charges for being unlawfully detained.

Update December 11, 2020

James is/was live at:

James’ shorter warm-up act is at:

Update December 15, 2020

Update March 7, 2021

Looks like James and his wife are pregnant again.  I think this will make 5 kids for the couple.

Update April 14, 2021

I don’t know if these references are noted above, but I happened across them today and so here they are now.

A FaceBook Address for Alicia Springer

A FaceBook Address for James Springer

Update April 26, 2021

James is upset about Eric Brandt’s sentencing and not being able to live broadcast the hearing!


Update April 30, 2021

Link to video coming up later today!

Update May 8, 2021

Pay Pal Patty, et al – 1st Amendment Scammers!

(Begin excerpts from text.)

Charges filed against three men after alleged use of force incident involving Oklahoma City Police

Posted:  Updated: 
OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Three men have now been charged with falsely reporting a crime after a use of force incident involving Oklahoma City Police.
Oklahoma City police were on the scene of a bizarre 911 call last Thursday.
It was a call that would eventually launch an investigation and social media outrage into an Oklahoma City Police Department officer’s use of force.
Officers didn’t know it at the time, but Wallace is a self-proclaimed “First Amendment auditor” from Nebraska who spends his time recording law enforcement officers across the country.
He was arrested on scene and bonded out the next day.
However, on Thursday, new charges were filed.
This time, against Wallace and two others, Patrick Roth and Timothy Harper.
The affidavit says Harper is the one who dialed 911 from Roth’s phone while Roth allegedly stood watch nearby recording the incident himself.
KFOR broke the news of the charges to Roth earlier by phone.
According to court documents, the whole scheme was designed to create, quote, “a false emergency call about a possible crime in progress” and to, quote, “elicit a uniformed officer’s response for the benefit of their social media.”
We did call Oklahoma City police for comment on the recent charges. They say they released the body cam footage to be transparent and the affidavit speaks for itself.
Arrest warrants have been filed for Harper, Wallace and Roth, but as of Thursday afternoon, none have been arrested.

(End excerpts from text.)

Update November 5, 2021

In July of 2020 James introduced us to what he called his 14.5 acres of unimproved real estate via a video previously referenced above which can be found at:

In April of 2021 he provided us with an update as to what he has been making of it via a video which can be found at:

Best I can tell, after consultations with my super secret sources, James, his wife, and now 5 kids by my count, are squatting somewhere on the northeast corner of New Mexico State Highway 217 and Fisburn Lane.  Kinda reminds me of Full Colon Mitch who has been similarly squatting on property out in California.

I could be wrong about that!

Update November 7, 2021

Comments regarding James Alan Springer as posted the evening of November 6, 2021 at the following link:

Update December 20, 2021

Update March 9, 2022

“Blue Bacon” on James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman)!

Part I

Update March 11, 2022

Part II from “Blue Bacon”

Update June 24, 2022

It appears James Alan Springer (aka James Freeman) has set his sites on the government operations of Mountainair, NM, near where he was last reported to be squatting.  Following is a link to a recent video of one of his public nuisance stunts at a city council meeting.

Update July 12, 2022

Looks like James Alan Springer has his sights set on that small town near where he is rumored to be “squatting”.

Update August 1, 2022

James Alan Springer appears live with Steve McRae on YouTube at:

Update August 8, 2022

Sounds like James Alan Springer is enjoying some success in heating things up for the Mountainair, NM Police Department:

Update February 19, 2023

Another FaceBook page for James, with a lot of “friends” who I recognize.

Update April 16, 2023

Maybe James will make an appearance in Montana to help promote The Montana 4 false narrative!

Update June 13, 2023

James Springer has been upset by his treatment in New Mexico and has filed a federal suit to prosecute his claims.

James Springer Federal COMPLAINT 06092023

Order on Briefing on Request for Restraining Order

Link to news article about the case:

Update June 14, 2023

It is what it is, but it seems kind of silly to me.  Obviously, if the plaintiff could respond within 14 days it’s a given that he could respond within 7 days, or 5 days, or 3 days, or…



On James Freeman * — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for showing this. Please continue this investigation. The flaws of current cop-watchers should be shown so that the entire community can become more skilled at monitoring police activity.

    • @Mbjee
      Thanks for the consideration, but I must leave the heavy lifting for other critics who are a lot better at it than I am.
      James happened to catch my attention when his Fort Huachuca case came up, and I was not previously aware of so much going on with him and his kind.
      I was greatly disappointed that that case was dismissed.
      My article has enjoyed steady and continuing interest since I first posted it. I am not sure why. Even James took note of it on his FaceBook page at one time, as noted in the article. We will see where it goes. If the interest is legitimate, I am glad to have been able to contribute.

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