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Originally Posted February 24, 2022

by Robert Baty

Scott Anoskey posted a video interview of Kent Hovind on his YouTube channel on February 19, 2022. At the time that channel was known as “The Christian Lense”. On February 24, 2022, he changed the name to “The Christian Lens”.

Link to Broadcast

In that interview, Kent Hovind, approvingly, was able to promote his false legal narrative as shown below.

I contacted Scott and offered to do a response video. He accepted and we agreed to do the interview on February 22, 2022. I was under the impression that it was going to be a live one-on-one broadcast. He later decided to also try to interview Cindi Lincoln, and Cindi agreed.

Scott and I had our interview on February 22, 2022. However, it was not live. He recorded it and said he would edit it and led me to believe it would be broadcast on February 23, 2022. He had not yet interviewed Cindi Lincoln. Scott had posted a video promoting a broadcast featuring Cindi Lincoln and me, but at some point later he removed that video. I did not notice he had removed it until some time after our recorded interview.

In my recorded interview with Scott I dealt primarily with 5 topics which Kent Hovind had mentioned in his interview with Scott regarding his false legal narrative:

1. Brady Byrum

2. John David Roy Atchison

3. S.W.A.T. Team

4. Structuring

5. “Worse than Rape”

During the course of the discussion, Scott brought up the issue of Kent claiming he was exempt from being taxed. I explained Kent’s personal tax situation and that Kent had been operating as a sole proprietorship as to the years for which he was criminally prosecuted and civilly examined as to his personal income taxes. I noted that Glen Stoll was recently convicted for doing for another client what he did for Kent Hovind.

More details may be considered at such time as Scott actually broadcasts the interview in its substantial entirety or, as is being hinted at, after substantial editing/censorship which he tries to deny.

The following exchange took place below Scott’s video at the following link:

Scott Anoskey and I also had a related exchange in a FaceBook group in the thread at the following. After posting his “go to hell” message, he blocked me. So, I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see what he might broadcast in the future.

Update February 25, 2022

Following is the email exchange between Scott Anoskey and Robert Baty. Pay attention to Scott’s representations and note that he never responded by email after the interview, which led to the banter in social media venues noted above.

Update February 26, 2022

Comments under one of Scott’s videos:

Link to the actual broadcast of Baty-Wiley interview illustrated above:

A follow-up program:

Update March 1, 2022

Cindi Lincoln broadcasts her interview with Scott Anoskey (aka The Christian Lens)!

Update March 2, 2022

Update October 22, 2022

Looks like Scott Anoskey is still kissing up to Kent Hovind!



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