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Originally Posted April 23, 2023

by Robert Baty

On November 12, 2022, Jesse Boyd, Eric Trent, Carter Phillips and Bethany Boyd (aka The Montana 4) were arrested in Madison County Montana and charged with felony assault, with weapons, as a result of their encounter with Brad Terrell earlier that day. That ended their hiking project. Jesse Boyd has pledged to return to the scene of the crime and “restart” the hiking project. They have been out on bond since November 2022, and trial has been tentatively scheduled for November 2023.

Update April 25, 2023

Update April 27, 2023

Jesse Boyd Calls Abortion Activists to Help

Update April 28, 2023

Update April 29, 2023

Looks like Jesse might be planning to be out 2 months or more with his walking/driving agenda.

Link to post below from the Jesse Boyd & The Montana 4 FaceBook group:

You can go to Jesse’s FaceBook page for the rest of the pictures, including the urinal.

Update April 30, 2023

Jesse worships at a Confederate shrine in Alabama!

Jesse says he’s taking I-20 and hoping to make Dallas/Fort Worth later today.

Update May 1, 2023

Next Stop New Mexico

Lying all the way!

Update May 2, 2023

Update May 3, 2023

Jesse thinking of me?

Update May 4, 2023

California Dreamin’

Update May 5, 2023

Update May 6, 2023

Update May 7, 2023

Update May 8, 2023

Update May 9, 2023

Update May 10, 2023

Yesterday the State filed an application to revoke bail and issue and arrest warrant as to The Montana 4; based on their antics regarding the proposed weekend events. I have a stand-alone article about that at:

Update May 11, 2023

Some of the comments under Jesse’s post above on his page:

Link to my Debi Westlake article for those unfamiliar with my history with her and Montana anti-government types:

Judge Berger’s ruling may be found at:

Update May 12, 2023

Update May 13, 2023

Update May 17, 2023


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