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Originally Posted October 11, 2016
by Robert  Baty

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Kent Hovind and his co-conspirator Paul John Hansen met Shawn Stuller while the three of them were residents in the Santa Rosa Florida county jail.

Shawn, age 27, has gone on to become Kent’s most famous disciple and has started his own anti-government ministry with the help of Kent’s main YouTube promoters Rudy and Erin Davis (aka LoneStar1776).

Shawn is currently serving a 20 year sentence and operates his ministry from behind bars at the Blackwater State Correctional Facility in Florida; with the help of Rudy and Erin who regularly broadcast Shawn’s recorded phone calls.

The foundation of Shawn’s ministry is based on false and/or misleading claims about his criminal history and the case that resulted in him being sentenced to 20 years in prison.

With Rudy’s and Erin’s help, Shawn has developed a base of financial supporters, most of whom seem to remain veiled in secrecy.

Barbara Bryson has recently appeared as one of those supporters, yet who she is and the extent to which she is involved with Shawn Stuller and Rudy and Erin Davis is not yet know.  It may be that Barbara Bryson is an unwitting victim of what may be a scam being perpetuated by Shawn Stuller and Rudy and Erin Davis in the promotion of an anti-government agenda such as Rudy and Erin Davis are known for because of their YouTube presence.

In recent broadcasts, Shawn Stuller described Barbara Bryson as his “momma bear”.  Shawn has apparently been estranged from his own, biological mother and other family members and has developed a close relationship with Barbara who has now gone so far as to travel from Massachusetts to Florida to visit with Shawn and, according to Shawn, try to take care of the $63,000.00 he reportedly owes the State.

Shawn advised Barbara to visit and stay with Kent Hovind on his compound in Conecuh County, AL and she took Shawn’s advice.  Barbara was featured in one of Kent’s broadcasts as indicated by the image at the top of this page.

Kent Hovind appeared to reinforce the false and/or misleading claims about Shawn’s case that might have led Barbara to believe he was worthy of her moral and financial support.

It may be that whatever was going on during the time of Barbara’s visitations may constitute a violation of Kent’s conditions of his Supervised Release.

I look forward to resolving all the mystery surrounding this important public issue.

You will notice in the references below that, since this story has begun being reported, Rudy and Erin Davis have been tampering with the evidence by removing from public view some of the videos.


Rudy & Erin Davis’ main YouTube channel:

Therese Moore (aka herbielina) identifies a Barbara Bryson as one of Shawn Stuller’s benefactors:

Kent Hovind broadcast featuring Barbara Bryson:

Shawn Stuller talks about Barbara’s visit to the Kent Hovind compound:

Shawn Stuller refers to Barbara as “mom”:

Shawn Stuller talks of his “mom” coming down from Massachusetts:

Shawn Stuller talks about Barbara’s stay with Kent and plans:

Shawn Stuller talks about his “mom” and the financial matters: (now private)



– He gave me the best brothers and sisters,

– a “mom” who cares for me in Christ…

And around the 8:40 in that video mark Shawn starts talking about how those financial matters are starting to work out.

Shawn Stuller talks about Barbara taking care of his financial problems: (now private)

I can’t get my license until I pay it.
My “mom” is paying my debt to the DMV,
to the Escambia County Courts and the
Santa Rosa County Clerk of Courts…
My “mom” is coming all the way from a far
away place to come and take care of it.
Let’s pray that everything goes well…
                                                                                                                           Excerpt from one of several “sovereign citizen” documents filed by Shawn Stuller while incarcerated in Santa Rosa County, FL along with Kent Hovind and Paul John Hansen; showing that Shawn had been influenced by Hovind & Hansen to try sovereign citizen tactics (all three signed this document):

 UPDATE November 24, 2016

Shawn Stuller reports in a YouTube broadcast with Rudy Davis that Barbara Bryson is flying in to see him again, leaving tomorrow.  According to the report, she may find Shawn in disciplinary confinement.

See time mark link below:


Barbara Bryson – Massachusetts Mystery Momma! — 6 Comments

  1. Therese Moore (aka herbielina) is the one who gave us the name “Barbara Bryson”, and so I asked her about it and the following is the present state of that conversation via the comments section of the YouTube linked below:

    1. From Robert to Therese

    Speaking of being an “integral part of the show”, I recall that you are the one who named “Barbara Bryson” as Shawn Stuller’s sugar momma.

    What would you like to tell “us” about Barbara as that story continues to develop?



    2. From Therese to Robert

    I never insinuated Ms Bryson was any kind of a sugar momma.
    You must REALLY be Bored Bob.
    I thanked her for sending a book Shawn seemed to really enjoy.

    Sherlock Holmes you are NOT.

    I’m pretty sure no one has offered to pay Shawn’s great fine, and the only other offer I heard about is someone is paying for a private lawyer.

    And as far as you making out a bunch of Christians who love our country and Constitution as some anti-government conspiracy is ridiculous.

    Like I are really bored.
    Did anyone read your blog besides me? Lol. 👈😸


    3. Robert to Therese

    You missed the point of my inquiry.

    You named her as Barbara Bryson.

    Shawn calls her “mom”, “momma bear”.

    I added the “sugar”.

    How much “sugar” is one of the unknowns.

    You seem to me to be holding back, herbielina.

    Did you want to add something to the coverage of the story regarding Barbara and her involvement in Shawn’s story?

    You are right, of course. I am no Sherlock Holmes.

    I need your help on this if you would simply be open and honest with us about what you know about Barbara Bryson and her involvement with Shawn; particularly with reference to her recent visits with Kent and Shawn and whatever she had to do with helping Shawn resolve his financial problems in this last week.


  2. Update: Comments from Shawn Stuller October 11, 2016

    Shawn says:

    “Mom” left DAL today.

    Just wanted to say that she walked by faith
    not by sight, got on the plane, landed in
    Atlanta, paid for a car, said I am going to go
    visit Kent Hovind, ended up getting there,
    jumping on a 4-wheeler, losing her glasses,
    staying there, meeting all of the people

    They loved her, accepted her immediately.

    They discussed what was going on in my
    life. They were so gracious and thankful
    and they were all unified in Christ.

    They all did Bible studies.
    They all cooked together.

    I just can’t wait until she comes back…

    She’s on a plane right now….

    I can’t wait to see her again…

    (End transcription.)

    I got the impression that “mom” (aka Barbara Bryson) is not anywhere close to being an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist or any other kind of Baptist.

    Shawn’s description seems consistent with that opinion.

    Lots to learn about the “mystery momma from Massachusetts”.

    Maybe we will be learnin’.
    Maybe not.


  3. SHAWN STULLER – Birthday Boy!

    Shawn has been repeatedly promoting the fact that his 28th birthday
    is coming up soon; as if he wanted some presents while denying he
    needed anything.

    In one o his latest broadcasts tonight via Rudy Davis (aka LoneStar1776),
    Shawn, after professing his humility recommends that those wishing to
    send him something should do so via the following:

    – Crusaders for Christ
    – P.O. Box 425
    – Foxboro, MA 02035

    Is the the front organization his “Massachusetts Mystery Momma”
    is using to raise money?

    And what happens if you try to Google that address?

    I got:


    – Merchandising Consultants in Foxboro
    – Hurlbut & Associates
    – P.O. Box 425
    – Foxboro, MA 02035



  4. Shawn Stuller talks about his family’s extensive criminal enterprise tonight (Father Thomas and brothers Joshua & Brian). It sounds like he has been successful in getting Brian to join his ministry; and Brian appears to be on the outside.

    Shawn also speaks of his “sugar momma”, Barbara Bryson, and her ministry as he looks forward to cashing in come his upcoming birthday. So, for those interested, send money to Barbara to send to Shawn.

    Shawn speaks:

    Somebody is doing something (for
    my birthday) out there.

    I think Miss Barbara (Bryson) out

    They have a:

    Crusaders for Christ
    P.O. Box 425
    Foxboro, MA 02035

    Let’s let Miss Barbara have to work
    a little more. She loves working.
    She loves doing things. She loves
    just accomplishing lots of things.

    She’s been a dear angel in this; also
    with Therese (Moore – “herbielina”)
    and all you guys.


  5. Rudy & Erin talk to Shawn Stuller tonight about Bryce’s sentencing today.

    Shawn also mentions his

    – “crusading mom Barbara”

    with whom he had visitation some time ago (which has been reported here previously).

    After his initial comment at the time marked link below, Shawn mentions her again around the 12:15 mark and speaks of an incident and states something like,

    – “…if I had said one word they would not
    – have allowed Barbara Bryson to come
    – see me ever gain…”

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