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Originally Posted September 3, 2021
by Robert Baty

On August 23, 2021 a sealed indictment was filed in federal court as to Elias Costianes and an arrest warrant was issued.  He was arrested on September 1, 2021, processed, and released on the drug and weapons charges.  Earlier this year he had been indicted in federal court in connection with his activities regarding his January 6, 2021 antics in Washington, D.C.

There has been quite a bit of social media/news material published and broadcast about the cases, but none of them, as far as I can tell, have developed the story from the angle of Elias’ association with Kent Hovind and his people.

On the same day as the sealed indictment and arrest warrant were filed, Elias Costianes was found to be on Kent Hovind’s 145 acre conpound near Lenox, AL and appeared with Kent in a YouTube broadcast on that date.

Kent Hovind is an unrepentant federal felon who sent his first wife to prison along with himself after a 2006 trial on 58 tax related federal charges for which he was found guilty on all counts (his wife was found guilty on the 45 counts of “structuring).

Kent’s wife served about a 9 months in prison and Kent served about 8 years in prison, being released in 2015.  In separate, civil proceedings, Kent and his wife were found liable for millions in personal income taxes, penalties and interest.

Kent’s first wife divorced him after he was released from prison and came home unrepentant.  Kent quickly married another woman, Mary Tocco, a well-known anti-vaccination advocate.  That marriage didn’t last long and they split without benefit of a divorce.  After that, Kent quickly began living with another woman, Cindi Lincoln.  That relationship soured after a time and they have now split up.  They did not have a legal marriage and so just went their separate ways, while their personal issues remain unresolved.  Cindi wants $100,000 or so from Kent to replace money she provided to him for his business operations on his 145 acre conpound near Lenox, AL.  Also pending are a criminal charge against Kent Hovind for domestic violence and a temporary protective order.

Kent maintains “sovereign citizen” notions and an anti-government mindset and entertains similar sorts on his 145 acre conpound where many come and go.  Many have criminal histories of various sorts or other personal issues that “hiding out” at Kent’s conpound provides some relief.

Time Marked Link to Elias’ Appearance With Kent Hovind:

On September 1, 2021, the day of Elias’ arrest, Kent Hovind cryptically mentioned Elias’ problems in his YouTube broadcast on that date.

Time Marked Link to Kent’s Cryptic Comments:

Time Marked Link to Elias Costianes YouTube Illustrating His Credits as to the Kent Hovind “Movie”:

Link to Elias’ YouTube Channel and Hovind Videos Broadcast:

News & Social Media Reports

Docket Record in D.C. Case:

Document #1 – Statement of Facts – Affidavit

Costianes Statement of Facts 01062021 Incident

Document #7 – Indictment

Costianes Indictment

Conditions of Release as to Above Case:

Costianes Order Setting Conditions of Release Filed 02122021 Entered 04202021

News Article Regarding the Above Case:


By Mike Hellgren 
NOTTINGHAM, Md. (WJZ) — Neighbors were stunned when police swarmed a quiet Baltimore County neighborhood just before daybreak Friday.
An FBI spokeswoman said the agency arrested 42-year-old Elias Costianes in Nottingham on charges related to the January 6th riot at the United States’ Capitol.

August 3, 2021 Docket Entry Scheduling September 30, 2021 Hearing:

Department of Justice Status Report – Docket Entry #22:

Costianes Status Report 08302021 D.C. Case



Department of Justice Press Release on September 1, 2021 Arrest:


Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Maryland Man Previously Charged in Washington, D.C. for His Alleged Participation in the Capitol Riot Now Facing Federal Indictment in Maryland for Drug Conspiracy and Firearms Charges
Baltimore, Maryland – A federal criminal complaint has been filed charging Elias Nick Costianes, Jr., age 43, of Nottingham, Maryland, for the federal charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance and for possession of firearms and ammunition by an unlawful user of any controlled substance.  The criminal complaint was filed on August 23, 2021, and unsealed today upon Costianes’s arrest.  Costianes had an initial appearance scheduled today in U.S. District Court in Baltimore before U.S. Magistrate Judge J. Mark Coulson. Costianes was released under the supervision of U.S. Pretrial Services.

Docket Record for Above Case:


Elias Costianes Complaint 08232021

Agent Affidavit:

Elias Costianes Agent Affidavit 08232021

The full details regarding the connections between Elias Costianes and Kent Hovind and others connected with Kent Hovind have yet to be developed.

Updated Docket History

Conditions of Release:

Costianes Conditions of Release Entered 09032021

Entry of Appearance by Joseph R. Conte:

Joseph R. Conte is also Elias’ defense lawyer in related case above!

Update September 5, 2021

Elias Costianes posted another video on his YouTube channel today.  It is over an hour long and is a presentation of Kent Hovind’s “science center” tour.  The video, interestingly, does not present, as far as I noticed, a credits presentation (i.e., like noted above giving Elias credit for his part in creating the video).

Link to Video:

Update September 10, 2021

Joseph Conte formally appointed as counsel for Elias Costianes!

Costianes formally appointed Conte as Counsel 09092021

Update September 16, 2021

Elias Costianes – BMW Salesman

Update September 28, 2021

Status report in the Capitol Breach case against Costianes, though much of the report also has application to related Capitol Breach cases.

Costianes Status Report in Capitol Breach case 09282021

Update October 14, 2021

In his “Capitol Breach” case, Elias Costianes has been given new conditions of release and he has filed to suppress comments he may have made because he was not “Mirandized”.

Costianes conditions of release as of 10142021

Costianes Motion to Suppress 10142021

Update October 28, 2021

In the “Capitol Breach” case, Kent Hovind’s man Brady Byrum tried to file an amicus brief and was denied.  Otherwise, Costianes’ lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss.

Costianes Motion to Dismiss 10282021

Docket Entry #30:

Update October 29, 2021

Department of Justice response to Costianes motion to suppress:

Fed response to motion to suppress Costianes Capitol Breach case

Update November 5, 2021

Sounds like it could be awhile before any substantive action in the Costianes cases!

Update November 19, 2021

Status Report

Costianes Status Report 11192021

Government’s Response to Motion to Dismiss One Charge

Costianes Opposition by Feds to Motion to Dismiss Charge 11192021

Update November 21, 2021

Scott MacFarlane tweets the following:

Update November 22, 2021

Elias Costianes Status Conference

Update November 24, 2021

Looks like Costianes now has 2 federal cases docketed on the guns/drugs charges, but it appears the “Complaint” case is morphing into an “Indictment” case.

The “Complaint” case reported earlier above:
The “Indictment” case I just noticed and just posted to the docket:

The Indictment:

Costianes Indictment Unsealed 11182021

FBI News Release on Indictment:

Update November 30, 2021

I just ran across this fund-raiser from Elias.  I am guessing it was first published back in September when his drugs/weapons charges Complaint was filed.

Arrest Warrant Executed Showing Costianes Arrest on Drugs/Weapons Charges September 1, 2021

Update December 14, 2021

Current docket history on the weapons/drugs charges:

Update January 15, 2022

Cases just rockin’ along!

The August drugs/weapons case was changed to the November drugs/weapons case!

Update January 20, 2022

Elias Costianes due back in Court on January 26, 2022 on his “Capitol Breach” case.

Update January 26, 2022

Just rocking along!

Update March 12, 2022

Trial set on weapons/drugs charges!

Update May 5, 2022

Elias’ cases are rocking along, but there has been some recent activity worthy of note.  Both recent docket records are shown below.  He now has a new federal public defender in his “Capitol Breach” case and has filed some motions.  In his drugs/weapons case there has been a superseding indictment filed.

Costianes Superceding Indictment 042022

Update July 28, 2022

Elias Costianes obtains private counsel for his drugs & weapons case!

Costianes gets private counsel in drugs and weapons case

Update August 4, 2022

Scheduling ORDER issued in drugs/weapons case; trial now scheduled for March 2023.

Costianes Scheduling Order Drugs and Weapons Case

Update August 31, 2022

Elias Costianes looking for a new lawyer in his “Capitol Breach” case:

Update December 11, 2022

Peter A. Cooper appears on behalf of Elias Costianes:

Peter A Cooper Appears for Elias Costianes

Status of Status Conferences:

Update February 10, 2023

PACER was having a problem and I could not check the Capitol Breach case status.  I was able to access the drugs/weapons case and found the following updates:

Update April 28, 2023

I checked the dockets.  In both cases, they are just rocking along with various filings as Costianes tries to get the charges against him dropped.  So far, no success.

Update June 16, 2023

Elias Costianes has made a deal on the weapons/drugs charges while his Capitol Breach case continues as if for trial.

Costianes Plea Agreement 06092023

Costianes Sentencing Order 06092023

Update July 5, 2023

It appears Elias Costianes is also now in the process of make a deal to resolve his Capitol Breach case.

                               Update September 30, 2023

Elias Costianes made a deaI in his drugs/weapons case and has been sentenced to 24 months.  He has to turn himself in in January 2024.  The settlement of his Capitol Breach case is still pending.

                                    Update October 5, 2023

Elias Costianes has not made a deal yet on his Capitol Breach case.  Next hearing is shortly after he is scheduled to turn himself in on the drugs/guns case noted above.


Update November 14, 2023

Elias Costianes has filed a motion to vacate in his weapons/drugs case, claiming ineffectiveness of counsel and asking for a do-over for purposes of sentencing in order that he will be available to care for his sister whom he says will otherwise die.

Update February 26, 2024

Elias Costianes, earlier this month, filed suit against the USA and many related individuals!

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