Proposition #62

During his incarceration, Kent Hovind was subjected to “Diesel Therapy” and moved over 30 times.

Kent Hovind: Affirm

Robert Baty: Deny

In today’s article from Kent, via his surrogates, he again makes the oft-repeated claim that he was subjected to “diesel therapy” while he was in the custody of the federal Bureau of Prisons.

In my experience in following the story, Kent Hovind has never documented any legitimate cause for this claim.  I suspect Kent’s official record will never be publicly disclosed.



“(Kent Hovind) was sentenced to 10-years in prison and moved over 30 times (this is called diesel therapy) during his incarceration.”

Also see:


“Diesel therapy is a form of punishment in which prisoners are shackled and then transported for days or weeks. It has been described as “the cruelest aspect of being a federal inmate.” It has been alleged that some inmates are deliberately sent to incorrect destinations as an exercise of diesel therapy.”

Proposition #62 is related to Proposition #25



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