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Originally Posted by Robert Baty
August 28, 2020

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Steve McRae has a civil suit pending in Business Court in North Carolina; some dispute over a YouTube channel and some money.  The #1 issue that must currently be resolved, and is pending before the Court, is whether or not Kyle Curtis was properly “served”.

Steve McRae, or someone using his identity, seems to sense he is losing on the “service” issue and appears to have reached out to some divorce lawyers in North Carolina to seek advice he might find helpful.  The Rosen Law Firm has a website where Steve McRae, or someone using his identity, showed up to present a scenario similar to his situation with Kyle Curtis, a deception in my opinion, and find out what the Rosen Law Firm had to say about it.

This article’s intent is to archive that effort by Steve McRae, or someone using his identity.

Link to Rosen Law Firm Website:

Link to Rosen Law Forum Page:

The Rosen Law Firm Forum Exchange

I just added my comments to the Rosen Law Forum!

Another poster in the forum has added this:

Some more additions to that discussion:

A couple of more in that exchange:


Cheshire is live talking about the discussion above and Steve McRae has showed up in comments to deny he is behind those postings in his name.

Maybe he is.

Maybe he isn’t.

Link to Cheshire’s Video:

Time marked link to Cheshire’s comments about me:

Go to Rosen Law Firm forum link below for continuing discussion:

Time marked link to Cheshire’s comments about this article:


Update August 29, 2020

Here is a response I posted to the comments section of Cheshire’s video regarding one of her blunders.

Time marked link to her blunder

My comments posted to her comments section


Update August 31, 2020

Cheshire Viq v. Robert Baty

Link to Video


Update September 1, 2020

While I slept!

This positive coverage from Twitter!

The Rosen Law Firm appears to have deleted the discussion of the case from its forum page at:

The Judge in the McRae v. Curtis case, today, September 1, 2020, scheduled a hearing on the matter for September 11, 2020.






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