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In a performance broadcast on November 5, 2019, Kent Hovind boasted of having filed a motion to vacate as to his 2006 criminal convictions in federal court.

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Current Docket History

File Copy of Motion

Hovind Motion to Vacate 11052019


The document, prepared, according to Kent Hovind, by Paul John Hansen, convicted felon and well-known anti-government sovereign citizen promoter, is a testimony, despite Kent’s denials, that he follows anti-government, sovereign citizen, tax protest theology.

My Prophecy

The federal district court will deny the motion on grounds of the arguments being without merit, frivolous, and other reasons to be stated at the time the motion is DENIED.

“Change my mind!”


Update November 6, 2019

Peter J. Reilly returns Kent Hovind as a subject of his column at:


Legal Analysis


Peter Goldberger focuses on “ appeals and other post-conviction aspects of federal criminal cases”. After reviewing the document prepared by Hansen, he wrote me:


“When a federal defendant has fully served his sentence, including any post-incarceration supervision, the district court where he was convicted no longer has authority to undo (“vacate”) the conviction, except by issuing the extraordinary writ of coram nobis.


Normally, any motion to vacate a federal conviction or sentence, for some fundamental reason not addressed in the original trial court proceedings or on appeal, must be filed within one year after the appeal time ends.


And coram nobis is only available when new facts come to light that could not have been discovered earlier, entirely refuting or defeating the charges, or when a new legal principle (constitutional or statutory) is announced that applies to the case — and which is retroactive (most aren’t) — that shows the conviction or sentence to be completely invalid, not just for some procedural reason, but substantively. (A conviction invalidated under the Supreme Court’s June 2019 Davis decision, could be an example.)


Nothing in this motion remotely reaches that standard;

most of it is based on procedural misunderstandings, at best, or legal nonsense at worst.

Peter Goldberger’s analysis of Hovind’s motion to vacate


Update November 6, 2019

Initial Court response to Hovind motion

Hovind Court response to motion to vacate 11062019

In sum; The motion should be denied!


Update November 8, 2019

Kent’s response to the recommended dismissal of his motion to vacate indicates he will pursue “paper terrorism” out of spite until he dies.


Update November 10, 2019

Glen Stoll, Kent’s former business partner and legal advisor, representative, is on his way to federal prison, for doing for other clients what he did for Kent Hovind.

See latest update on related article in this venue at the following link:

Glen Stoll Indictment – Trial Set for Early 2020

Glen Stoll Indictment April 2019


Update November 11, 2019

The U.S. Tax Court case of Francis Steffan Hayes was recently decided.  Mr. Hayes had anti-government notions quite like Kent Hovind.  Here is the Court’s decision for reference:

Francis Steffan Hayes Tax Court Oct 2019

Mr. Hayes’ petition to the Court for consideration is posted at:


Update November 22, 2019

Looks like Kent is caught flat out lying again in his live performance tonight in that he is now claiming what he filed with the Court is NOT a “motion to vacate”, but rather a challenge to jurisdiction.

However, in the document Kent actually filed with the Court he explicitly refers to what he filed as a “motion to vacate” and claims he will file papers for the rest of his life if he doesn’t get his way.

Time marked link to Kent’s comments below:

Update November 23, 2019
Added this to further show Kent is flat out lying about his “motion to vacate”!


Update December 3, 2019

Since the last report, it seems Kent and Brady and Paul have been busy trying to decide what to do next.  No response has been filed as to the Court’s recommendations and 14-day deadline.  Kent can’t make up his mind whether or not he filed a motion or what, and claimed a new 21-page document was going to be filed on December 2, 2019.  Kent also claims a new website address featuring Brady Byrum’s work on his criminal case: KentHovindIsInnocent.LIFE.  However, no such operating website with that address has been found.

Screenshots below are from Kent’s performances since the last report above.


Update December 5, 2019

The sovereign citizen objection to the Court’s intentions to dismiss Hovind’s motion to vacate has been posted to the docket record and it is now in the hands of the judge to decide the matter.

The document was reportedly prepared by Hovind’s sovereign citizen theologian Paul John Hansen and it is immediately evident as being a sovereign citizen document based on the first page heading indicating it is not being “filed in” the federal court but rather being sent “to” the federal court; that being because Hovind/Hansen do not recognize the Court’s jurisdiction.

Hovind Hansen Objection to Dismissal of Motion to Vacate 12052019


Update December 6, 2019

Kent goes live and in the beginning of his performance he whines about his case and asks his people to ask their elected officials to get involved in his case, claiming the Court must vacate his 2006 convictions because there was no “verified complaint” in his case (i.e., a person, not police or government, complaining about a crime).

In comments in the above live broadcast, Kent claims that “1st Base” was missed by the Government and so his 2006 convictions must be vacated.  Kent claims “1st Base” is the presence of “verified criminal complaint” against him by a member of society; not any government agents/officials.

Nothing new here.  That argument is going nowhere.  Here’s just one reference to a case that had that issue and how it was dealt with.

There is also the study at the link below which delves into what Kent is up to, and the graphic following is an introduction/summary regarding the merits of Kent’s claims.


Update December 7, 2019

The Hovind/Hansen argument appears to turn on whether or not what Kent says is not in the record is required in order for his prosecution to have been legal and within the Court’s jurisdiction.  I propose that such as Kent claims is simply false and such a document is not required for his prosecution to have been within the jurisdiction of the Court.  The following are some references from Kent’s objections to the Court’s proposed dismissal of his “motion to vacate” and other references relevant to showing his claim is frivolous.



Update December 8, 2019

I have taken excerpts from Kent’s appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals as indicated below and for a further showing that his present sovereign citizen antics will be of no avail; he was properly investigated, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced.


Update December 10, 2019

Federal District Court will NOT vacate Kent’s 2006 convictions; issues ORDER of DISMISSAL & JUDGMENT!


Update December 12, 2019

Time marked link to Kent’s comments:




Update December 13, 2019

Kent Hovind still lying about the status of his “motion to vacate”!

Kent, your document #494, frivolous objections to the Report and Recommendations, was not timely filed and has no standing before the Court to be considered.


Update December 19, 2019

Kent continues to promote his false legal narrative!


Update December 20, 2019

The following image was posted to my Hovind FaceBook group and Kent’s comment noted therein is what is mentioned in the comments section following this article.

In a live broadcast tonight Kent again promotes his false legal narrative and promotes the rumor that they are out to get him again, without providing any relevant details as to what he is talking about.

Link to Broadcast

Link to my FaceBoook post about broadcast


Update January 3, 2020

Kent Hovind announces his continuing paper terrorism campaign against the federal government for daring to call him to account for some of his crimes.

My treatment of that claim is below:



Update January 10, 2020

Bwahahahaha!  Kent plays dumb, and the Court responds accordingly!


Update January 11, 2020

I think this might be worth emphasizing for its humor and because we just might be hearing more about it from Kent in coming days.  I have mentioned it before, but will emphasize it with the screenshot below.  Kent knew he was filing his objections late and so took a swipe at the Court declaring it lacked jurisdiction to impose a deadline (Kent could have easily asked for and been allowed more time) for filing objections.  In its dismissal order, the Court advised Kent that all timely objections (none) were considered.  It really is quite funny.  Of course, Kent’s untimely objections were frivolous in any case.  The ball now returns to Kent’s “court”.  What will he do next?



Update January 16, 2020


Update January 21, 2020


Update January 24, 2020

Kent continues his false legal narrative promotion!


Update January 31, 2020


Update February 6, 2020

Kent Hovind and his sovcit guru Paul John Hansen still promoting the false legal narrative and promising to fix things.


Update February 9, 2020


Update February 11, 2020

Tonight’s Version of Kent Hovind’s False Legal Narrative!

Update March 16, 2020

Kent never showed where he fulfilled his pledge to file a bunch of new paperwork some time ago, and he’s at it again in today’s broadcast, but what, really, is he up to????

Kent, you are lying, and you were guilty of tax evasion! – RLBaty


Update March 17, 2020


Additional comments from Kent’s video last night.  Of particular note is that Paul John Hansen was tried along with Kent Hovind, convicted, and sentenced to 18 months.  Paul served his time, got out a little early, and has been spending a lot of time on Kent’s conpound.


Update March 24, 2020

Kent is way behind on his promised next round of paper terrorism, but he did have this to say today.


Update March 26, 2020


Update March 27, 2020




Kent Hovind’s Motion to Vacate 11/5/2019! — 5 Comments

  1. In his December 19th video that you link too, at about 9:10 in the video he goes on to mention that he received word they are trying to put him back into prison under new charges.
    Any thoughts or ideas on what that could be?

    • @ t65rex
      There have been rumors about law enforcement interest in whatever it is Kent is up to in Alabama, but no real details as to specifics.
      Many have been hoping the rumors have substance and that at some point, preferably sooner rather than later, Kent will find himself again on the receiving end of some serious criminal charges, maybe along with some of his cronies.
      “We” continue to wait and see and, of course, quite typically, Kent didn’t give any details as to what he was talking about.

        • Very interesting. I had figured it might be a hollow cry, but I have noticed that the county he dwells in grows ever weary of his actions. I remember his issue with the county and the bill he fought against for the culvert he ‘repaired’.

          Hopefully something is done soon. Kent often claims the tribulation will began very soon, I believe 2021 is his ‘prediction’. I scares me to know what we may see in the coming years.

          All we can do is keep watching for the updates. Perhaps more beans will spill in the time to come.

          All in all. Been following your work here for a few years now. Very good! Keep it up!

          • @ t65rex
            As it turns out, Kent spoke of his alleged “they are out to get me again” claim tonight in his live Q & A broadcast.
            I have added a graphic and comments about that to the above article.
            Kent also, of course, promoted his current “no verified complaint” false narrative which I have again addressed on my Hovind FaceBook page as linked in my latest update above.

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