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Originally Posted November 5, 2019
by Robert Baty

In a performance broadcast on November 5, 2019, Kent Hovind boasted of having filed a motion to vacate as to his 2006 criminal convictions in federal court.

Link to Video

Current Docket History

File Copy of Motion

Hovind Motion to Vacate 11052019


The document, prepared, according to Kent Hovind, by Paul John Hansen, convicted felon and well-known anti-government sovereign citizen promoter, is a testimony, despite Kent’s denials, that he follows anti-government, sovereign citizen, tax protest theology.

My Prophecy

The federal district court will deny the motion on grounds of the arguments being without merit, frivolous, and other reasons to be stated at the time the motion is DENIED.

“Change my mind!”


Update November 6, 2019

Peter J. Reilly returns Kent Hovind as a subject of his column at:

(Begin excerpt.)

Legal Analysis
Peter Goldberger focuses on “ appeals and other post-conviction aspects of federal criminal cases”. After reviewing the document prepared by Hansen, he wrote me:
“When a federal defendant has fully served his sentence, including any post-incarceration supervision, the district court where he was convicted no longer has authority to undo (“vacate”) the conviction, except by issuing the extraordinary writ of coram nobis.
Normally, any motion to vacate a federal conviction or sentence, for some fundamental reason not addressed in the original trial court proceedings or on appeal, must be filed within one year after the appeal time ends.
And coram nobis is only available when new facts come to light that could not have been discovered earlier, entirely refuting or defeating the charges, or when a new legal principle (constitutional or statutory) is announced that applies to the case — and which is retroactive (most aren’t) — that shows the conviction or sentence to be completely invalid, not just for some procedural reason, but substantively. (A conviction invalidated under the Supreme Court’s June 2019 Davis decision, could be an example.)
Nothing in this motion remotely reaches that standard;
most of it is based on procedural misunderstandings, at best, or legal nonsense at worst.
Peter Goldberger’s analysis of Hovind’s motion to vacate
(End excerpt.)

Update November 6, 2019

Initial Court response to Hovind motion

Hovind Court response to motion to vacate 11062019

In sum; The motion should be denied!


Update November 8, 2019

Kent’s response to the recommended dismissal of his motion to vacate indicates he will pursue “paper terrorism” out of spite until he dies.


Update November 10, 2019

Glen Stoll, Kent’s former business partner and legal advisor, representative, is on his way to federal prison, for doing for other clients what he did for Kent Hovind.

See latest update on related article in this venue at the following link:

Glen Stoll Indictment – Trial Set for Early 2020

Glen Stoll Indictment April 2019


Update November 11, 2019

The U.S. Tax Court case of Francis Steffan Hayes was recently decided.  Mr. Hayes had anti-government notions quite like Kent Hovind.  Here is the Court’s decision for reference:

Francis Steffan Hayes Tax Court Oct 2019

Mr. Hayes’ petition to the Court for consideration is posted at:


Update November 22, 2019

Looks like Kent is caught flat out lying again in his live performance tonight in that he is now claiming what he filed with the Court is NOT a “motion to vacate”, but rather a challenge to jurisdiction.

However, in the document Kent actually filed with the Court he explicitly refers to what he filed as a “motion to vacate” and claims he will file papers for the rest of his life if he doesn’t get his way.

Time marked link to Kent’s comments below:

Update November 23, 2019
Added this to further show Kent is flat out lying about his “motion to vacate”!


Update December 3, 2019

Since the last report, it seems Kent and Brady and Paul have been busy trying to decide what to do next.  No response has been filed as to the Court’s recommendations and 14-day deadline.  Kent can’t make up his mind whether or not he filed a motion or what, and claimed a new 21-page document was going to be filed on December 2, 2019.  Kent also claims a new website address featuring Brady Byrum’s work on his criminal case: KentHovindIsInnocent.LIFE.  However, no such operating website with that address has been found.

Screenshots below are from Kent’s performances since the last report above.


Update December 5, 2019

The sovereign citizen objection to the Court’s intentions to dismiss Hovind’s motion to vacate has been posted to the docket record and it is now in the hands of the judge to decide the matter.

The document was reportedly prepared by Hovind’s sovereign citizen theologian Paul John Hansen and it is immediately evident as being a sovereign citizen document based on the first page heading indicating it is not being “filed in” the federal court but rather being sent “to” the federal court; that being because Hovind/Hansen do not recognize the Court’s jurisdiction.

Hovind Hansen Objection to Dismissal of Motion to Vacate 12052019


Update December 6, 2019

Kent goes live and in the beginning of his performance he whines about his case and asks his people to ask their elected officials to get involved in his case, claiming the Court must vacate his 2006 convictions because there was no “verified complaint” in his case (i.e., a person, not police or government, complaining about a crime).

In comments in the above live broadcast, Kent claims that “1st Base” was missed by the Government and so his 2006 convictions must be vacated.  Kent claims “1st Base” is the presence of “verified criminal complaint” against him by a member of society; not any government agents/officials.

Nothing new here.  That argument is going nowhere.  Here’s just one reference to a case that had that issue and how it was dealt with.

There is also the study at the link below which delves into what Kent is up to, and the graphic following is an introduction/summary regarding the merits of Kent’s claims.


Update December 7, 2019

The Hovind/Hansen argument appears to turn on whether or not what Kent says is not in the record is required in order for his prosecution to have been legal and within the Court’s jurisdiction.  I propose that such as Kent claims is simply false and such a document is not required for his prosecution to have been within the jurisdiction of the Court.  The following are some references from Kent’s objections to the Court’s proposed dismissal of his “motion to vacate” and other references relevant to showing his claim is frivolous.



Update December 8, 2019

I have taken excerpts from Kent’s appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals as indicated below and for a further showing that his present sovereign citizen antics will be of no avail; he was properly investigated, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced.


Update December 10, 2019

Federal District Court will NOT vacate Kent’s 2006 convictions; issues ORDER of DISMISSAL & JUDGMENT!


Update December 12, 2019

Time marked link to Kent’s comments:




Update December 13, 2019

Kent Hovind still lying about the status of his “motion to vacate”!

Kent, your document #494, frivolous objections to the Report and Recommendations, was not timely filed and has no standing before the Court to be considered.


Update December 19, 2019

Kent continues to promote his false legal narrative!


Update December 20, 2019

The following image was posted to my Hovind FaceBook group and Kent’s comment noted therein is what is mentioned in the comments section following this article.

In a live broadcast tonight Kent again promotes his false legal narrative and promotes the rumor that they are out to get him again, without providing any relevant details as to what he is talking about.

Link to Broadcast

Link to my FaceBoook post about broadcast


Update January 3, 2020

Kent Hovind announces his continuing paper terrorism campaign against the federal government for daring to call him to account for some of his crimes.

My treatment of that claim is below:



Update January 10, 2020

Bwahahahaha!  Kent plays dumb, and the Court responds accordingly!


Update January 11, 2020

I think this might be worth emphasizing for its humor and because we just might be hearing more about it from Kent in coming days.  I have mentioned it before, but will emphasize it with the screenshot below.  Kent knew he was filing his objections late and so took a swipe at the Court declaring it lacked jurisdiction to impose a deadline (Kent could have easily asked for and been allowed more time) for filing objections.  In its dismissal order, the Court advised Kent that all timely objections (none) were considered.  It really is quite funny.  Of course, Kent’s untimely objections were frivolous in any case.  The ball now returns to Kent’s “court”.  What will he do next?



Update January 16, 2020


Update January 21, 2020


Update January 24, 2020

Kent continues his false legal narrative promotion!


Update January 31, 2020


Update February 6, 2020

Kent Hovind and his sovcit guru Paul John Hansen still promoting the false legal narrative and promising to fix things.


Update February 9, 2020


Update February 11, 2020

Tonight’s Version of Kent Hovind’s False Legal Narrative!

Update March 16, 2020

Kent never showed where he fulfilled his pledge to file a bunch of new paperwork some time ago, and he’s at it again in today’s broadcast, but what, really, is he up to????

Kent, you are lying, and you were guilty of tax evasion! – RLBaty


Update March 17, 2020


Additional comments from Kent’s video last night.  Of particular note is that Paul John Hansen was tried along with Kent Hovind, convicted, and sentenced to 18 months.  Paul served his time, got out a little early, and has been spending a lot of time on Kent’s conpound.


Update March 24, 2020

Kent is way behind on his promised next round of paper terrorism, but he did have this to say today.


Update March 26, 2020


Update March 27, 2020


Update April 5, 2020

Kent continues to promote his frivolous “no verified complaint” defense (addressed earlier in this article above).


Update April 7, 2020

Kent’s silly “verified complaint” notion is dealt with in my article above.


Update April 15, 2020

Just ran across this reference from Kent’s man Paul John Hansen at:

Go to link above for “article” mentioned in screenshot!


Update April 28, 2020

Yesterday, Kent Hovind again makes it clear that he is going to try and fulfill his pledge to spend the rest of his life to promote his false legal narrative.


Update April 30, 2020

The latest in Kent Hovind’s continue promotion of his false legal narrative.


Update May 5, 2020

I just ran across this interview Kent did early in April!

Time marked link to Hovind’s comments illustrated below:


Update May 6, 2020

Glen Stoll currently has his own legal problems:


Update May 6, 2020

Kent Hovind was on the Push Podcast YouTube channel yesterday, May 5, 2020, promoting to great extent his false legal narrative.

Kent broadcast it on his channel today, May 6, 2020!

Time marked link to Kent’s comments illustrated below:

Kent’s Show Host – Sean Jackson

Sean’s Political Website Noted Above:

Sean’s Political FaceBook Page:


Update May 7, 2020

Who wears it best?

Looks like Sean Jackson has shown himself as one who “can’t handle the truth”.


Update May 9, 2020


Update May 10, 2020

Also from the video:

“There’s paperwork going in real soon, maybe tomorrow, to file a suit against the government for what they did.  You know, the very first thing you have to have is a ‘verified complaint’.  Who is claiming I did this anyway … They missed first base …”

Kent Hovind

May 4, 2020


Update May 11, 2020

Link to Michael Decon FaceBook promotion:

Link to Michael Decon Twitter exchange:

Michael Decon’s Response!


Update May 12, 2020

Kent Hovind launched an attack on his biological family today.  I have a separate article on that at:

The following image and comments are taken from that video:


Update May 17, 2020

Kent’s Theo has broadcast today a video featuring his comments and information as to Kent’s tax-cheat advisor Glen Stoll.


Update May 20, 2020

The following screenshots show my exchange with Kent Hovind & Cindi Lincoln via J.R. Chadwick’s recent video critical of Kent Hovind.


Update May 27, 2020

Kent Hovind v. United States of America

Kent Hovind v. United States 05262020

Page 1 of Complaint

Update May 28, 2020

The case if frivolous and I look for it to be dismissed without the defendants ever having to be “served”..


Update May 29, 2020

Here is a Florida State reference to the statute of limitations on malpractice suits, which Hovind appears to be trying to get around by trying to drag Alan Richey into his federal case.  Florida State law allows for a 2 year statute of limitations for malpractice suits in such cases.  That would appear to have long expired for Hovind as to Richey, his criminal defense lawyer in 2006.


Update June 3, 2020


He can’t handle the truth.

He doesn’t want his minions even getting the chance.

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:


Update June 4, 2020

The Court tells Kent and Paul to get on with their case if they want to prosecute it.  Since they have paid the $400 filing fee, they are responsible for “serving” the defendants.  This is the Court’s ORDER telling them to get on with it.

Hovind Hansen Order 06042020


Kent Hovind’s and Paul John Hansen’s latest frivolous lawsuit referenced above gets the attention of Peter J. Reilly and Kent returns to the on-line pages of Forbes via Peter’s column at:


Update June 9, 2020

Kent is waxing hypocritical today in his comments aimed at Theodore/Theo Valentine Valenzuela.  Rodgers, Atchison, Heldmyer, Schneider and Richey have done nothing to Kent to cause him to spend all these years executing his “politics of personal destruction” towards them.  Had they done so, then Kent would all that much more be considered to be quite the hypocrite in continuing his pledge to spend the rest of his life in such an endeavor.


Update June 10, 2020

Jacquelyn Weaver adds her expertise to covering the latest frivolous, federal lawsuit from Kent Hovind at:

The Court notes Kent hasn’t yet filed for the summonses!


Weaver’s article notes that Hansen also filed his own, stand-alone, frivolous federal suit against his adversaries in Nebraska:

Hansen 06032020 Federal Suit in Nebraska

That case looks like it’s going nowhere fast and we might expect the Court to quickly DISMISS it.  Stay tuned!


I now notice that, quite interestingly, Hansen, with his Nebraska Complaint, filed a motion for summonses.  Of course, they will not be issued because, in that case, Hansen is going “in forma pauperis” and the Court will first decide if the case should proceed (likely it will be DISMISSED).  In the Hovind/Hansen Florida case, however, which is fee paid, no motion for summonses was filed.

Hansen Summons Motion in Nebraska Case


Update June 11, 2020

Kent breaks his silence and talks about his latest legal antics.



The Memorandum & Order in Hansen’s Case

Hansen v Nebraska Memorandum and Order 06112020


Update June 12, 2020

It does now appear that Paul John Hansen is a fugitive from justice, with an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Douglas County Nebraska.

Kent’s broadcast today includes his continued lying about the status of his pending civil case and his criminal case history.

Time marked link to graphic below:

Link to ORDER advising Kent & Paul the case goes nowhere if they don’t get summonses issued and serve their defendants:

Legal reference showing Kent flat out lying about sentence options:

Judge Rodgers statements at Kent’s sentencing further showing Kent is flat out lying about sentence options.

“…it is the judgment of the Court that the
defendant, Kent E. Hovind, is hereby committed
to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons to be
imprisoned for a term of 120 months…
I want to note this sentence is at the high end
of the guideline range, and that is due to the
aggravating factors that I find present in this
case, which include, but are not limited to:
the number of obstructive acts that
are involved, which include the personal
attacks against Mr. Scott Schneider and
Ms. Powe … intended as personal attacks,
and they are intended to smear their
reputation and to ruin their careers. This
type of behavior has continued. It is
reflected in the tapes that we heard played
here today. There is also the continued
efforts to obstruct by hiding and concealing
your assets in the face of this sentence …”


Update June 14, 2020

Perry Hansen, relative to Paul John Hansen, posted some comments a couple of months ago that almost went unnoticed.  It’s been a long, long time since I have noticed Perry speaking to the issue of his infamous relative.

Also out today is Peter J. Reilly’s update to his Forbes coverage of the Hovind/Hansen federal case and why it is never going to get anywhere but dismissed.  It deals with procedural problems as well as the meritless legal arguments proposed.

Nate Broady, another lawyer, chimes in on the frivolity of the Hansen/Hovind federal suit:


Update June 15, 2020

Kent tries to answer Peter J. Reilly, but apparently was speaking before considering Peter’s later article specifically pointing out the certain-to-fail “verified complaint” claim.  Also, Kent & Paul have yet to obtain and serve the summonses in their case.  No service, no case.

Kent may have recorded the above before seeing Peter’s later analysis article at the following link, but Kent has no good reason for not knowing of Peter’s analysis article before he broadcast his video today, June 15, 2020 around 3:00 PM MT.

Kent also, despite my analysis being made public since shortly after Kent/Paul filed their suit, evaded even trying to deal with my rebuttal to his frivolous “verified complaint” claim.


Update June 16, 2020

No suprise!  Kent and Paul show up late and file what is classed as an amended Complaint with requests for 3 summonses and a promise that a request for the 3 remaining summonses will be forth coming.  We’ll see what the Court does with that.

Hovind Hansen Amended Complaint 06152020

Following are screenshots from docket Documents #4 & #5 showing the Court ordering Hansen/Hovind to serve their own summonses and Hansen/Hovind coming back asking the Court to have the U.S. Marshal servce the summonses.  This could be a problem.

Reference dealing with service by U.S. Marshal



Update June 17, 2020

Kent Hovind: harboring a fugitive and still lying about his criminal history!


Update June 18, 2020

Peter J. Reilly, Forbes contributor, adds to his Forbes coverage of the Hovind/Hansen lawsuit with a discussion of Hansen’s frivolous legal notions in his Forbes article at the following link:


Update June 23, 2020

On June 22, 2020 the U.S. Tax Court decided the case of James A. Lloyd who operated a business called Christian Media Network.  His case has been under consideration for quite some time.  It is similar to the 2006 case of Kent Hovind.  Link below is to the opinion deciding the Lloyd case.

James A Lloyd Tax Court Dec 06222020

About James Lloyd by James Lloyd


Update June 28, 2020

Nope!  Kent, your case is going nowhere except in the direction of its ultimate dismissal for one reason or another.  You haven’t even managed to get summonses issued, much less served on your named defendants.


Update June 29, 2020

Is Kent Hovind & Paul John Hansen serious about prosecuting their case?  We will see.  The Court has issued an ORDER and indicated it stands ready to issue the summonses requested (3 of 6) if Hovind/Hansen comply with the ORDER!

Hovind Hansen Order 06292020


Update July 5, 2020

Kent Hovind continues the promotion of his false legal narrative!


Update July 10, 2020

Kent Hovind continues to promote his false legal narrative and lie about what is going on in his pending, federal, frivolous, sovereign citizen lawsuit seeking $500,000,000.00+ in damages.


Update July 14, 2020

Looks like Kent & Paul may be stuck, for now, with their original Complaint and the 3 summonses the Court said it was prepared to issue.  However, it will not surprise me if Kent & Paul have something into the Court soon, just to show the Court they can’t be told by the Court when any action is due or what action is required.  We’ll see.


Update July 16, 2020

Bwahahahahaha!  Sure enough, Kent & Paul sent in an Amended Complaint in such a way to insure it got to the Court after the deadline referenced in the Court’s earlier Order; just to try to show the Court they don’t “under-stand” the Court.

Hovind Hansen Amended Complaint 07162020


Update July 17, 2020


Update July 20, 2020

(My prophecy – Kent’s case ain’t going to trial.)


Update July 23, 2020

The $500,000,000.00+ claim gets a little closer to being dismissed.  Will Hansen & Hovind perfect their Complaint so the case can proceed and at least get one or more of their defendants “served” before dismissal?  Stay tuned!

Hovind Hansen ORDER 07232020


Update July 25, 2020


They have yet to “serve” anyone after 60 days!


Update July 29, 2020

Is Kent really that far “out of it” regarding his case?


Update August 4, 2020


Update August 5, 2020

Cheshire Viq (aka Goblin) reads a couple of articles from Forbes authored by Peter J. Reilly (only one is linked in the graphic below), with commentary.  The graphic below reflects the substance of what I heard they said about me in the broadcast.  I am not a “Presupper” as was suggested by Cheshire.  A number of other little such blunders was noted in the analysis they made of Kent’s $500,000,000.00+ lawsuit.

Link to Video


Update August 7, 2020

Kent Hovind follows Cheshire Viq and reads from Peter J. Reilly’s Forbes article about his case, repeats the baseball claim and his frivolous “verified complaint” claim.


Update August 7, 2020

Hansen & Hovind respond to Court’s ORDER by filing a new suit, pro se, against judge!

Hovind Hansen Complaint 08062020

Updated Docket Record

Order of Recusal by Judge Cannon (not surprisingly)!


August 8, 2020

The new suit against Judge Cannon, at this time, isn’t quite Forbes worthy, but Peter J. Reilly has invited guests to pen articles about it for his personal blog.  The first guest post has been made, with an introduction by Peter.

Link to Blog Article

Introduction by Peter J. Reilly & Notes

Kent Hovind is fond of using sports analogies in describing his legal situation. The one he is leaning on right now is about the absence of a “verified complaint” in his 2006 prosecution being equivalent to a runner failing to touch first base thereby invalidating the grand slam that the prosecution hit with his conviction that was held up on appeal.


I prefer board and card game analogies. Litigation is like a duplicate bridge tournament.  There are strict rules about when you can bid and you have to be open about what your bids mean.  There are also strict rules about how you play.  And there is the etiquette on top of that.  I like to say that Hovind and Hansen go into court and play crazy eights because that sounds funny.  What they actually play is TEGWAR – The Exciting Game Without Any Rules, which ironically is explained in a baseball movie Bang The Drum Slow (go to 0:46)


TEGWAR was a card game that the pro ballplayers would use to get money from foolish civilians who asked to sit in on their card games.  Sovereign citizens had some success with TEGWAR stye legal tactics when they held court in Denny’s with appeals to the International House of Pancakes.  In actual courts, it does not work that well as we are seeing in Hovind’s current half-billion dollar lawsuit against the United States and some individuals some, if not all, of whom have immunity.


I have decided that the latest round of Hansen mishegas is not Forbes worthy but at my request Robert Baty, bane of the basketball ministers and Kent Hovind’s worse nightmare, is giving my hardcore readers an update.


For more background see My Hovind Posts As Youtube Stars which includes links to the original coverage. 


For more background see My Hovind Posts As Youtube Stars which includes links to the original coverage.


The book is really good too with a closing paragraph that almost competes with Middlemarch.

“He was not a bad fellow, no worse than most and probably better than some, and not a bad ballplayer neither when they give him a chance, when they laid off him long enough. From here on in I rag nobody.”

Actually is not in the same league as Middlemarch, but I still like it.  Here is the end of Middlemarch so you know what I mean.

“Her finely touched spirit had still its fine issues, though they were not widely visible. Her full nature, like that river of which Cyrus broke the strength, spent itself in channels which had no great name on the earth. But the effect of her being on those around her was incalculably diffusive: for the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.”


Guest Article Text by Robert Baty

Hansen/Hovind v. Judge Cannon – A Class Action?
By Robert Baty
August 8, 2020
Paul John Hansen and Kent Hovind filed a federal COMPLAINT against Judge Hope Thai Cannon which was docketed in federal court on August 6, 2020.
That COMPLAINT stems from Judge Cannon’s handling of the related case filed by Hansen and Hovind wherein they are seeking over $500,000,000.00 in damages related to Hovind’s successful criminal prosecution in 2006.
Here is  Judge Cannon’s latest ORDER in that case, which prompted the suit against her.
In this article, I will offer some brief, non-lawyerly observations.
I am not a lawyer.
I am not the son of a lawyer.
Besides listing themselves as plaintiffs in the case against Judge Cannon, they list “Creation Science Evangelism Ministry” as a plaintiff.  It is not clear whether or not Kent Hovind, who signed the Complaint and listed “Creation Science Evangelism Ministry” under his name, is proposing that is simply his “doing business name” or that he is representing “Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc.”, the tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation that was set up by Kent’s man Ernie Land to collect contributions and to own the assets of Kent’s operations in order to keep the IRS from seizing them to pay Kent’s past-due taxes.
If the corporation is intended, and not merely Kent’s business name, it must be dismissed as a plaintiff as neither Kent nor Paul are qualified or authorized to represent the corporation in federal litigation such as is being proposed.
After Kent’s and Paul’s names and the name of “Creation Science Evangelism Ministry”, they have listed “et al”.  No other plaintiffs are actually named.  The COMPLAINT explains what that “et al” represents.  Kent and Paul want the case certified for “class action”, claiming that “the class is so numerous that joinder of all members is impractical”.    Kent and Paul are also not qualified or authorized to represent any other plaintiff that might be named.   Well, I think I can say with confidence that trying to get this certified as a class action will go nowhere.
In brief, Judge Cannon’s ORDER in the $500,000,000.00+ suit was critical of Kent’s and Paul’s efforts, noting that certain defendants had apparent immunity, a statute of limitations had apparently expired for such action, the previous amended complaint was too long, gave Kent and Paul a deadline for curing perceived defects, and advised them the case may be dismissed if the defects were not cured.

Rather than simply deal with any concerns via motions, Kent and Paul filed the stand-alone COMPLAINT against Judge Cannon, whining about the ORDER, whining about not getting it soon enough, and adding charges designed to have Judge Cannon removed from the related case and from office.


The specific claims appear to be frivolous on their face and will not be dealt with in detail in this article.

Judge Cannon did quickly recuse herself from the case filed against her by Hovind and Hansen.  That was to be expected.  It will be reassigned and a new judge will make appropriate determinations as to where the case against Judge Cannon will go.
I suspect it will not result in getting Judge Cannon removed from the related case for $500,000,000.00+ in damages.



Federal Rules (Local) of Civil Procedure (Pensacola)

Federal Local Rules Pensacola


Update August 9, 2020

Judge Cannon mentions a 4-year statute of limitations which Kent Hovind & Paul John Hansen have proposed is in error and claims their suit is filed under the State statute that provides for a 20-year statute of limitations.  I think Kent and Paul have it wrong.  Here is the Florida Statute Kent & Paul reference in their suit against Judge Cannon.

Florida Statute on Statutes of Limitation

Link to “Prison Legal News” article below:

I also posted about the statute of limitations issue in my Hovind FaceBook group at:

In my simple way of thinking, I note that Florida Statute in Title VIII, Section 95.11(1), cited by Kent Hovind and Paul John Hansen, states:

“95.11 Limitations other than for the recovery
of real property.—Actions other than for recovery
of real property shall be commenced as follows:
(1) WITHIN TWENTY YEARS.—An action on a
judgment or decree of a court of record in this state.”

“An action on a judgment or decree…” is not what they seem to think it is and does not have reference to their “1983” Complaint setting up their $500,000,000.00+ case.


Update August 10, 2020

That Judge Cannon has also recused herself from the Hansen/Hovind $500,000,000.00+ case has also been reported in the docket history of that case.

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Kent was exploiting the fact that a Rowan County, NC Deputy Sheriff was promoting his place in one of today’s broadcasts.  So, I thought I would ask Rowan County for a statement regarding that.

Update August 11, 2020

Paul John Hansen remains a fugitive from justice according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s website at:

Following is signature page from their suit against Judge Cannon:


Update August 12, 2020

Latest response from Rowan County, NC


Update August 14, 2020

Kent is still refusing to publicly explain what is really going on with the litigation!

Screenshots below show no “motion” has been added to the docket history.  Time will tell.

The $500,000,000.00+ Case

The Case Against Judge Cannon


Update August 18, 2020

Kent & Paul have not obeyed the latest Court Order in their $500,000,000.00+ suit.  What is the Court to do?  Stay tuned!


Update August 19, 2020

Another judge recuses in the Hansen-Hovind frivolous case against Judge Cannon, and Kent’s highly touted “motion” has yet to show up in either the Judge Cannon case or the $500,000,000.00+ case.


Update August 19, 2020

Kent Hovind and the Deputy Sheriff!

My latest correspondence from the county about that:


(Begin quote.)
From: Sifford, John
To: Robert Baty
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2020 2:52 PM
Cc: Auten, Kevin;
Ramsey, David C;
Wyrick, Tim;
Moose, Chad;
Everett, April G
Subject: Response to Citizen Request via Rowan County Facebook
This email is to acknowledge the receipt of your
email to Rowan County regarding Rowan County
Deputy Sheriff Donnie Wagoner.
The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office is reviewing
the information that you raised our awareness
about, and will be conducting a review of the matter
with Deputy Wagoner.
I will make contact with an additional email once
our review of this matter is complete.
Captain John C. Sifford
Rowan County Sheriff’s Office
Administrative and Support Services
232 N. Main St.
Salisbury, NC 28144
(End quote.)

Judge also recuses in $500,000,000.00+ case, and it has been referred for reassignment.


Update August 20, 2020

I failed to look at the note entry for entry #10 on the $500,000,000.00+ suit.  The case has been reassigned to Judge Michael J. Frank.

The case against Judge Cannon has not yet been reassigned, as indicated in the note below which followed the docket entry of recusal by Judge Elizabeth M. Timothy (docket entry #5):


Kent’s latest representation of his false legal narrative:


Donnie Wagoner has broadcast a couple of YouTube videos promoting Kent and his conpound, and in the one broadcast today, he has let us know he is the one who gave Kent his new van.


Update August 24, 2020

Donnie Wagoner, Rowan County, NC Deputy Sheriff, broadcasts his “Real Tour” video of Kent Hovind’s conpound.  Donnie appears to be the one doing the filming in the video at the following link:

Rowan County, NC Sheriff’s Office Response to Concerns

From: Sifford, John <>
To: Robert Baty
Sent: Monday, August 24, 2020 2:41 PM
Cc: Auten, Kevin; 
Ramsey, David C; 
Wyrick, Tim; 
Moose, Chad; 
Everett, April G

Subject: RE: Response to Citizen Request via Rowan County Facebook (Follow-up/Update)




Thanks for your additional email.


It appears that the most recent video was posted yesterday.


Employee Donnie Wagoner met with supervisory staff of the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office this morning regarding the issue that you brought to our attention.


(snip, snip)


As of about 11:00 am this morning, he was advised of the concerns of this office during

the meeting, and appropriate actions have been discussed with him.


With this matter being a personnel issue, I cannot discuss any further details of our meeting

with Deputy Wagoner.


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention!!




Captain John C. Sifford

Rowan County Sheriff’s Office

Administrative and Support Services

232 N. Main St.

Salisbury, NC  28144

Apparently, since this morning and in consequence of Donnie’s meeting with the Sheriff, Donnie’s 3 Hovind promotional videos (see links above) have been removed from his public listing of videos on his YouTube channel link below, while still being accessible if you have the links shown above:

Pensacola, FL Federal District Court Action Today!

Case Against Judge Cannon Dismissed as Frivolous!

Explanation of Above Dismissal!

HovindHansen v Cannon ORDER 08242020

Show Cause Order in $500,000,000.00+ Suit

Hansen Hovind v USA et al Show Cause Order


Update August 26, 2020

Meanwhile, in Eric Hovind’s civil case against Ralph Strean and SevenFold Films 2 new motions to dismiss have been filed.

Hovind v Strean 2nd Motion to Dismiss 08212020

Hovind v Strean 2nd 2nd Motion to Dismiss 08212020


Update August 27, 2020

Time marked link to Kent Hovind video illustrated below:

Links to 3 Donnie Wagoner Hovind promotional videos illustrated below:

“The Real Tour”

“Super Sound Satellite”

“Ghost Town of Repton, Alabama”


Update September 10, 2020

Kent Hovind books an appearance on the “fake news” program of James White of Northwest Liberty News out of Kalispell, MT!

Time marked link to comments illustrated below

Bad news for Hansen & Hovind.  A Report & Recommendation has been filed in the $500,000,000.00+ suit.  No surprise.  It is being proposed that the case be dismissed for failure to prosecute and failure to comply with court orders.

Hansen Hovind Report and Recommendation 09102020


Update September 15, 2020

Update September 24, 2020

Hansen-Hovind Objections Filed!

Hansen Hovind Objections 09242020

Update September 25, 2020

So, it appears the missing amended complaint has showed up, with a rec’d date stamp of September 4, 2020.  I don’t think it will change anything, and look for a dismissal soon.

Hansen Hovind Amended Complaint Docketed 09252020

Today’s Court Order!

It appears there was a clerical error in failing to post the entry of the Hansen-Hovind amended complaint dated September 4, 2020.  So, the case is remanded to the magistrate judge who will, undoubtably, give it a read and comment before the case is DISMISSED.

Hansen Hovind Order of Remand

Update September 28, 2020

Kent Hovind gone to lying again about his $500,000,000.00+ case.  If it was so “exciting”, he would be showing what was going on instead of lying about it.

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Update October 6, 2020

Update October 21, 2020

Looks like Eric Hovind & Ralph Strean called it quits in their big federal case, made a deal, and had their case dismissed.

Update October 22, 2020

Hovind talking about his and Hansen’s big $500,000,000.00+ federal case tonight, misleading his audience as to the status thereof.

Nothing happening today, and when something happens, it will in all likelihood be a further step to the case dismissal, if not the dismissal itself.

Update November 3, 2020

Not sure what this Hansen/Hovind motion is all about.  Seems the Court might not have jurisdiction over the access to PACER, or what Hansen/Hovind might be wanting in order to have access.

Hansen Hovind Motion for PACER Access

Order denying electronic filing privileges requested above:

Hansen Hovind Denied Electronic Filing Privileges 02012021

Update November 5, 2020

Following is my analysis of the 2006 indictment found at the following link; showing the charged structuring transactions and number of days between the transactions.  Kent Hovind has most often claimed he withdrew the money every 2 weeks; not so according to my analysis.  These are only the structuring transactions charged.  The case indicates others could have been added but, due to prosecutorial discretion, they were limited to those 45 incidents.

In tonight’s live broadcast, Kent Hovind again misleads his audience about what is going on with his case.

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Current screenshot of docket history in above case:

Update November 9, 2020

Eric Hovind has an interview and talks about his daddy’s criminal history.  It begins about the 00:12:15 mark at:

Update November 21, 2020

Update December 1, 2020

Especially interesting comments about Paul John Hansen!

Update December 4, 2020

Lawful Masses with Leonard French broadcasts analysis of the Hovind/Hansen federal case:

In a live performance tonight, Kent spent a lot of time promoting his false legal narrative, with the help of Paul John Hansen and Brady Byrum, in separate phone calls.  Following is the link to the broadcast and selected graphics created from the video.

Update December 6, 2020

For ready reference, here is the record of Kent Hovind’s U.S. Tax Court ORDER establishing his personal income tax liablities for tax years 1998 through 2006.

Hovind Personal Income Tax Court Order

Kent Hovind invoked the jurisdiction of the U.S. Tax Court via his lawyer Jerold W. Barringer, who only filed anti-government, tax protest nonsense.  Kent ultimately got rid of him, but did nothing to actually prosecute his own case.

For more on Barringer, see:

Update December 12, 2020

Summary of The Case & Status

Original Complaint – 57 Pages – Entered May 26, 2020

1st Amended Complaint – 17 Pages – Entered June 16, 2020

2nd Amended Complaint – 56 Pages – Entered July 16, 2020

Report & Recommendation – Entered September 10, 2020 – Terminated September 25, 2020

3rd Amended Complaint – 18 Pages – Entered September 25, 2020

ORDER Remanding to Magistrate Judge for Reconsideration – Entered September 25, 2020

Update December 18, 2020

Kent Hovind and Paul John Hansen flat out lying tonight in a live broadcast starring Kent and Paul.

Update December 19, 2020

Kent Hovind’s 2006 Indictment

Kent Hovind 2006 Indictment

Update December 22, 2020

Neither Kent or Brady will face me to talk about that!
See information above for details!
Links to some of my coverage of the Brady Byrum story:

Update December 23, 2020

Alan S. Richey, Kent’s 2006 private defense attorney, has a FaceBook page at:

Richey’s wife has a FaceBook page at:

Update December 27, 2020

Kent Hovind, you broke the law.

Kent, you are the liar.

Come out, come out, and let’s discuss that!

Update December 28, 2020

Paul John Hansen has bragged of his 1,000 clients.  For one of them, he has recently filed a federal suit in California.  It’s just beginning, and likely will go nowhere as it is frivolous.

Hansen California Case 12092020

The property identified in the Complaint:

The TJ Herbst Trust

There is a Thomas J. Herbst who filed for bankruptcy in 2019 and was discharged in March of 2020, shortly before the actions noted above.  It could be the same Thomas J. Herbst involved with Hansen in that lawsuit.

Thomas J Herbst Bankruptcy 102019

Thomas J Herbst Income Statement

Kent & Paul perform together tonight in a live performance which is full of lies and crazy notions.  I only captured part of it in the graphic prepared from the video and shown below.

UPDATE December 29, 2020

Herbst/Hansen California suit avoids dismissal for now.  The Court was about to dismiss the case, but Hansen paid the filing fee and the Court is allowing a re-start.  So, expect the defendants, if served, to get the case dismissed.

Hansen CA Case Findings Recommendations 12282020

Hovind CA Case New Start 12292020

Bwahaha! Hansen’s Payment Document

Hansen Fee Paid in CA Case 12282020

Update January 2, 2021

A little testimonial from who I believe to be Paul John Hansen’s brother, from the comments section below the video at:

Update January 4, 2021

Kent Hovind, flat out lying again tonight; about his legal problems!

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Update January 6, 2021

FINALLY!  In what seems a rather unusual move, the defendants have joined together and filed a motion to dismiss as presented in the file linked below:

Hovind Hansen Motion to Dismiss 01062021

Update January 8, 2021 (1:50 Time Mark)

From the live chat feature to above video: (33:15 Time Mark)

(No response was noticed by me!)

Update January 12, 2021

Update January 13, 2021

Kent & Paul – Still lying about that case!

Update January 18, 2021

Brady Byrum is back with a fund-raising scheme to raise $1,000,000.00 for Kent’s dinosaur shaped building and to further promote Kent’s frivolous and false legal narrative.

Regarding error coram nobis, see:

Sample of a Coram Nobis Federal Tax Evasion Case

Sample of a Coram Nobis Writ in Federal Court

This case below might give some insight into where Brady might be going with a Coram Nobis claim:

Update January 20, 2021

Kent falsely claims that Brady Byrum will debate Kent’s legal problems.


Update January 21, 2021

Time marked link to Kent’s comments illustrated below:

Update January 22, 2021

There is no good reason to believe Kent’s 2006 convictions will ever be overturned.

Update January 24, 2021

Update January 25, 2021

Hansen & Herbst file objections to Court’s findings and recommendations in their fraud upon the Court case.

Hansen Herbst Objections 01222021

Update January 28, 2021

More action in the Hansen-Herbst case!

Docket Entry #8 – More Objections from Hansen-Herbst

Hansen Herbst Objections 01262021

Docket Entry #9 – ORDER

Hansen Herbst ORDER 01262021

Docket Entry #10 – Status Conference Scheduling, etc

Hansen Herbst ORDER setting status conference 01262021

Update January 29, 2021

Glen Stoll, Kent Hovind’s former co-conspirator in his efforts to evade his legal liabilities, has recently entered into a plea agreement to settle his pending criminal case for doing for Karl & Laurie Brady the same sort of thing he did for Kent Hovind.

My article on Glen Stoll is at:

Glen Stoll plea agreement is at:

Glen Stoll Plea Agreement Letter 01152021

Update February 1, 2021

Peter J. Reilly publishes this article as a Forbes contributor regarding the Glen Stoll angle to the Hovind story:

(Begin excerpt.)

The best known Glen Stoll client is Kent Hovind, Doctor Dino. Hovind became prominent in the right wing conspiracy media bubble in 2015. Nearing the end of a long prison sentence for tax related crimes which had involved Stoll-created trusts, he was being tried for activity in relation to property seized as a result of his 2006 conviction.

In a phone interview with Hovind in January 2015, I asked him if his association with Glen Stoll might have been part of what created his problems.


(End excerpt.)


Update February 3, 2021

Update February 24, 2021

Hansen & Hovind ordered to show cause, if they care, as to why the $500,000,000.00+ case should not be dismissed.  They are given until March 11, 2021.

Hovind Hansen Show Cause ORDER 02242021

Action today in the related Hansen-Herbst Litigation!

Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss

Hansen Herbst Motion to Dismiss 02252021

Defendant’s Support for Motion to Dismiss

Hansen Herbst Support for Motion to Dismiss 02252021

Certificate of Service

Hansen Herbst certificate of service 02252021

Update February 28, 2021

Kent had a rare speaking engagement in Seale, AL this evening and, expectedly, got in a plug for his false legal narrative.

(Video has since been removed from FaceBook!)

Update March 7, 2021

Kent Hovind plays up his Job Complex today as he makes it clear that he has moved on from his old life, his old kids, his old grandkids, Jo Hovind, Mary Tocco, Cindi Lincoln, but he hasn’t moved on from his false legal narrative which he has pledged to promote for the rest of his life.

Update March 12, 2021

The latest filings by Hansen & Hovind in the $500,000,000.00+ federal suit!

Hansen Hovind Response 03112021

Hansen Hovind Notice 03112021

Paul John Hansen has typically not revealed a physical address for himself in Conecuh County, preferring to just give a post office box.  This time he seems to have slipped up and give a physical address; the property owned by Mia Vos, a former Hovind fan who had planned to live in the property when visiting from Canada.  Mia, reportedly, sold the property but the sale documentation has yet to be revealed.  Did she sell it to Kent Hovind, Paul John Hansen, CSEM, Inc., or another??  Time will tell.  It is now known as Paz Marah RV Park and it has a FaceBook page at:

Update March 22, 2021

The federal court in the related Hansen-Herbst mortgage fraud case has, today, scheduled a hearing on the defendants’ motion to dismiss, without leave to amend, for April 28, 2021.

Hansen Herbst Hearing on Dismissal Scheduled

Fake Lawyer Rick Martin (“The Judge Slayer”) arrested for being a fake lawyer.  Maybe Paul John Hansen will also be arrested for being a fake lawyer in the Herbst case.

Link to related story:

Update March 29, 2021

Hansen/Hovind file amended objections to defendants’ motion:

Hansen Hovind Amended Opposition to Motion 03262021

Update April 19, 2021

A.J. Patterson (Atheist Jr.) & Theodore (Theo) Valentine Valenzuela have a discussion of things Hovind!

Update April 20, 2021

Show Cause ORDER in the Hansen-Herbst case!

Hansen Herbst Show Cause Order 04202021

Update April 21, 2021

The federal district court in Pensacola, FL has issued its Report & Recommendation in the Hansen-Hovind $500,000,000.00+ case.  No surprise, dismissal is recommended.

Hovind Hansen Report and Recommendation 04212021

The actual ORDER of DISMISSAL should follow shortly.

Update April 22, 2021

Hemant Mehta (aka “The Friendly Atheist”) reports on the latest developments in the Hansen-Hovind case, with a tip-of-the-hat to me, Robert Baty!

In what I call Hansen’s mortgage fraud case involving him and his client T.J. Herbst, Hansen filed an Amended Complaint.

Hansen Herbst Amended Complaint 04202021

Update April 24, 2021

This morning, in comments below the video of his latest performance, Kent Hovind speaks of his $500,000,000.00+ federal lawsuit; falsely representing the status thereof.

Update April 26, 2021

Hansen-Herbst Amended Complaint going nowhere.  Court orders Hansen-Herbst to respond to the Motion to Dismiss!

Hansen Herbst Order 04232021

Update April 28, 2021

Hansen has now filed a motion for special privileges in the Hansen-Herbst case.

Hansen Herbst Motion of Relief by Hansen 04272021

Screenshot of Above Motion Document

Hansen/Hovind denied electronic filing privileges in Florida Hansen/Hovind case:

Hansen Hovind Denied Electronic Filing Privileges 02012021

Update May 3, 2021

Hansen & Hovind in the $500,000,000.00+ case want more time to respond and want CM ECF privileges.

Hansen Hovind plead for more time 05032021

Hansen pleads for CM ECF 05032021

Hovind pleads for CM ECF 05032021

Update May 5, 2021

Hansen/Hovind get more time to respond to Report & Recommendations and are again DENIED CM-ECF privileges.

Hansen Hovind ORDER on Motions for Relief 05042021

Update May 13, 2021

Regarding Hansen’s Herbst Case in California:

Hansen files his opposition to the motion to dismiss and is denied CM-ECF privileges!

Hansen Herbst Opposition to Motion to Dismiss 05102021

Hansen denied CM ECF Privilege in California 05122021

Update May 24, 2021

Hansen-Hovind Objections to Report & Recommendations!

Hansen Hovind Objections to R and R 05242021

Update June 2, 2021

The $500,000,000.00+ Case – DISMISSED!

Hansen Hovind ORDER of Dismissal 06012021

In separate action, the defendants in the Hansen-Herbst case filed a document in further support of their motion to dismiss the Hansen-Herbst Complaint.

Hansen Herbst Defendants Defense of Motion to Dismiss 06022021

Update June 5, 2021

“Kent Hovind Half Billion Dollar Lawsuit Dies With A Whimper”

by Peter J. Reilly

(Begin excerpts.)

Kent Hovind declined to comment referring me to Hansen.
Paul Hansen’s theory that he based the case on is that the jurisdiction of the federal government is extremely narrow. As far as I can tell the idea is that since the Constitution gives the federal government exclusive jurisdiction over what would become the District of Columbia and land where there are forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings, it has no jurisdiction anywhere else except by contract. Judge Rodgers et al never established that Hovind was subject to the authority of the federal government, so taking his stuff and locking him up was criminal. I have more on Hansen’s theories here.
Hansen claims that attorneys know that he is right, but are afraid to say so because they will get disbarred. He told me that when judges and prosecutors realize that he is on to them they will usually fold. I asked him for a comment on the dismissal and this was his response.
It is of no surprise. This is a billion(s) dollar issue.
The US does not want anyone to investigate the fact that the IRS, or the USA, can not produce any factual (written law) evidence that Kent Hovind had any legal duty, to collect any tax, for the USA, from any person with CSE Ministries, for any year, even today. The reason why is that the constitution bars them from such in multiple ways. We have asked the IRS and they refuse to respond, this could branch into a suit like this one all by itself possibly.
I am working on a reconsideration-motion now. Being that Kent had no legal duty, their entire case collapses as to every count/charge made in 2006. It is exculpatory in nature, a felony to conceal, individually. Possibly we will force the court to make a declarative statement on these individual facts. All nexuses with the US are contractual. (consensual, requiring full disclosure)
In a follow-up e-mail he wrote:
Peter – In America we have ways of forcing disclosure as to duty, it is impossible for an US administrator to evade apart from arrest if done properly, I’ll likely be utilizing such tools soon.

(End excerpts.)


Hemant Mehta has also now published on the matter at:

(Begin excerpts.)

Hovind has always deserved to be laughed out of the courtroom.  Now he has been.  Couldn’t have happened to a worse person.
As far as I can tell, Hovind hasn’t mentioned his loss during his daily livestream yet.  There’s virtually no chance he could win an appeal, but if anyone’s dumb enough to try it anyway, it’s him.

(End excerpts.)


Update June 7, 2021

Barry Duke posts an article about the dismissal of the Hansen/Hovind $500,000,000.00+ federal case:

The Sensuous Curmudgeon also covers the story at:

Update June 9, 2021

Hansen sent in 20 more pages to try and bamboozle the Court, to no avail.  The Court is preparing a written response to the motion to dismiss, suggesting that the case will, as expected, be dismissed.

Hansen Herbst Response on Motion to Dismiss 06082021

Update June 10, 2021

Report & Recommendation (that case be dismissed) filed in Hansen-Herbst case!

Hansen Herbst Case Report and Recommendation 06102021

Update June 12, 2021

A.J. Patterson (aka Atheist Jr.) broadcasts a YouTube video today discussing the Hansen-Hovind $500,000,000.00+ case.

Update June 14, 2021

The “Irish Demon” interviews Paul John Hansen on the phone via YouTube at:

Update June 16, 2021

Paul John Hansen incorporated the T. J. Herbst Mission as a “corporation sole”, in Wyoming.  Here is a file containing the incorporation document.

T J Herbst Mission Incorporation Document by Paul John Hansen

Update June 17, 2021

Another YouTuber reports on Kent Hovind and the dismissal of his and Hansen’s $500,000,000.00+ federal case at:

Update July 1, 2021

Kent Hovind regularly notes that you can “always file something” and so he and Paul John Hansen have today filed a motion for reconsideration in their $500,000,000.00+ “frivolous and delusional” case!

Hansen Hovind Motion for Reconsideration 07012021

Update July 2, 2021


Hansen Hovind Motion DENIED 07022021

August 10, 2021

Separate article on this site following the appeal by Hansen & Hovind is at:

Update November 12, 2021




Kent Hovind’s Motion to Vacate 11/5/2019! — 9 Comments

  1. In his December 19th video that you link too, at about 9:10 in the video he goes on to mention that he received word they are trying to put him back into prison under new charges.
    Any thoughts or ideas on what that could be?

    • @ t65rex
      There have been rumors about law enforcement interest in whatever it is Kent is up to in Alabama, but no real details as to specifics.
      Many have been hoping the rumors have substance and that at some point, preferably sooner rather than later, Kent will find himself again on the receiving end of some serious criminal charges, maybe along with some of his cronies.
      “We” continue to wait and see and, of course, quite typically, Kent didn’t give any details as to what he was talking about.

        • Very interesting. I had figured it might be a hollow cry, but I have noticed that the county he dwells in grows ever weary of his actions. I remember his issue with the county and the bill he fought against for the culvert he ‘repaired’.

          Hopefully something is done soon. Kent often claims the tribulation will began very soon, I believe 2021 is his ‘prediction’. I scares me to know what we may see in the coming years.

          All we can do is keep watching for the updates. Perhaps more beans will spill in the time to come.

          All in all. Been following your work here for a few years now. Very good! Keep it up!

          • @ t65rex
            As it turns out, Kent spoke of his alleged “they are out to get me again” claim tonight in his live Q & A broadcast.
            I have added a graphic and comments about that to the above article.
            Kent also, of course, promoted his current “no verified complaint” false narrative which I have again addressed on my Hovind FaceBook page as linked in my latest update above.

  2. Looks like some interesting developments. I wonder if Hansen filing his lawsuit put him under the radar. From the looks of the charges against him, its all just typical sovereign citizen stuff.
    I found an interesting blog post on the guy. I never knew he was a landlord. His rentals are in terrible condition apparently. He doesn’t like to preform repairs or general maintenance. Many of his tenants have issues with him. From what I read, he had one of them file their social security checks directly too him to pay for rent. He likes to pray on the poor and the desperate, much in the same way as good old Kenny boy.
    Of course, once again, as a typical sov. citizen he doesn’t following building codes. So, of course, he has plenty of run ins with inspectors and code enforcement. That is one thing I cannot seem to understand about them, why building codes?
    I guess we will see how this all goes from here. I wonder, since, Hansen will likely be arrested and on trial once more, will all the skeletons start coming out of the closet? Or, is this too soon to be wishful?

    • @t65rex
      Those of us who have been watching for awhile are quite aware of Hansen’s antics back in Omaha, though I am sure there are a lot of details yet to be revealed.
      Notice my latest update today with a little testimonial from one of Paul John Hansen’s relatives, Perry Hansen.

      • Pretty wild when your own family is calling you out. You gotta be pretty low to have that happen.
        I find it funny that Kent and his goons always arrive ‘fashionably late’ to court. Looking forward to seeing how this develops further. Based on Reilly’s articles and Broady’s video, it looks like Kent will never get this case over turned. Its fun watching them squirm around with their sov. cit. antics though. Hopefully this will all catch up to them, looks like sooner for Paul.
        Wonder how soon until he gets arrested with his warrant?

        • @t65rex
          They can’t arrest Hansen (or Hovind for that matter) too soon as far as I am concerned.
          I think, despite the charming put-ons, they both know full-well that the case is frivolous and going nowhere except to be ultimately dismissed.
          Their goal is simply to harass “the man” and try to force some inconvenience upon everyone in the context of a show they can exploit with their base of supporters.
          It works for them, as far as I can tell.
          I wish there were an easier, quicker way to shut them up and lock them up.

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