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Originally Posted July 1, 2021
by Robert Baty

According to an email dated July 1, 2021, from Cindi Lincoln, Kent Hovind is planning a show trial to justify him “annulling” their church marriage (not legal, not binding, not civil) and otherwise condemning her for her actions including daring to request a return of certain money she provided to Kent Hovind.

The show trial is, reportedly, scheduled for July 5, 2021.

A pdf file containing the email is posted at:

Screenshots of the email are shown below:

Update July 2, 2021

PZ Myers picks up on the story and posted the following:

Update July 6, 2021

The Trial – Zoom/YouTube

Link to Cindi’s Broadcast

Link to A.J. Patterson (aka Atheist Jr.) Broadcast

Images From The Video

Update July 7, 2021

Mark Stoney has posted a file containing an alleged discussion (text) of conversations between Kent Hovind and other primary players in the current distress.

Kent Hovind, Cindi , Steve , Ernie Land, Paul Hansen , Jonathan Rife, Matt Powell, Chris Jones, Eric Hovind, Bill Sardi Messages

Update July 8, 2021

It might be argued that Cindi Lincoln could sustain a bigamy charge against Kent Hovind based on the following statute:

Update July 9, 2021

March 2020 message exchange between Freddie Urena and Ernie Land!

March 2020 Messages between Ernie Land and Freddie Urena

Link to just one of Ernie’s multi-level-marketing operations which Steve references via email on his YouTube channel under the name of “Riley”:

Regarding Ernie Land, Jacquelyn Weaver, in 2017, posted the following article on her blog:

Grumblings from the Hovind Conpound February 2021:

February 2021 Grumblings on the Hovind Conpound

Matt Powell and Aaron Carruth Exchange 2019 thru 2021:

Aaron , Matt Powell Messages

Discussion of Hovind Health:

Hovind Health Discussion 2020

Exchange between Cindi Lincoln, Paul John Hansen and Freddie Urena, featuring Ernie Land’s message to Kent Hovind:

March 2020 Cindi Paul and Freddie

Link to Mark Stoney post illustrated below:

Time mark link to end of referenced video:

An exchange with Paul John Hansen where Hansen defends Chris Jones and Jones’ travel with a child with whom he has been sleeping:

Hansen Defends Jones 2019

Update July 11, 2021

A.J. (Atheist Jr.) gives special attention to the “body slam” incident:

KENT HOVIND REPORTS the “Body Slam” Recording! Link to recording:

Link to A.J.’s video under which Kent Hovind post the link to the recording, with his additional comments illustrated below:

Mark Stoney file of Kent Hovind group discussions June 28, 2021 through July 11, 2021:

Group Discussion from the Hovind Conpound June 23 to July 11 2021

KENT HOVIND doesn’t want you to miss that “body slam” recording he is so proud of. He’s posted another message under another of A.J.’s videos at:

Link to recording referenced therein:

Update July 12, 2021

Kent Hovind also posted a comment to Cindi Lincoln’s YouTube channel advertising his “body slam” recording!

Link to Referenced Recording:

Kent, or his agent, found a Mark Stoney comment on yet another YouTube channel and so advertised his abuse recording there as well, just a few minutes ago!

Link to Video:

Link to Recording:

Kent Hovind Announces Documentary on Cindi Lincoln!

Kent brings in an anonymous “Joe” from New Mexico to try and make the case that there was no “body slam” as alleged by Cindi Lincoln.

Update July 16, 2021

Kent Hovind v. Mark Stoney via text messaging:

Kent v Mark 07152021

(Screenshot Below)

Update July 17, 2021

Kent Hovind’s Threat!

Update July 19, 2021

Billy Summers has discovered the “bull by the horns” response video prepared by Kent Hovind.  Kent appears to have posted it (unlisted) on July 14, 2021.  Billy tipped us off today after having noticed Kent posting a link to it somewhere, perhaps inadvertently (perhaps deliberately).

Link to Video:

Update July 20, 2021

Billy Summers July 20, 2021 Video Link:

Video Description

*Correction…. at the end of the video I talked about how it was Brady Byrum that call Chris Jones in bed with that boy…. but I was wrong and that assortment and it was Paul Hanson that walked in on them.
As the title says let’s keep things biblical for Kent Hovind and just start with 7 things that Kento either has done that is terrible or terrible things that have resulted because of his actions.
But all ole Kento will ever say to anything that is said in this video is he did nothing wrong in any of these instances…. so with that said to anybody who is supporting Kent Hovind and reading this description a challenge all of you to make a video response of 7 good things back Kento has done…. because looking back on even the years that I was supportive of him and his “ministry” I can’t actually think of a reasonably good thing that he is done…… is he running some sort of program down in Lenox, Alabama to help the downtrodden or is he just using the people that come to his compound/CONpound as free labor?
Is they really helping the cause of Christ?
Or is he hurting it because of those who actually see his actions when the cameras are off?
Please I’m asking anybody what is Kent Hovind doing for society that will help benefit somebody besides himself. Because what is done using you for what he needs you for your cast to the side like a piece of trash. Well with the exception of some of the longtime friends that he chooses….. and you know a man by the people that he surrounds himself with.
So in order to get caught up on some of this Kent Hovind stuff here is play playlist of the rest are the videos that I’ve done about Kento:

(End Video Description.)

Cindi Lincoln has a response video for Kent Hovind!

Update July 21, 2021

Jonathan Rife has added comments below Cindi’s video referenced above.

Link to my article on Jonathan Rife:

Bethany Rife followed her husband and offered the following comments under Cindi’s video referenced above.

Text Exchange From Hovind Group – 07212021

Text Exchanges from the Hovind Conpound 07212021

Mary Tocco breaks her silence today and comments on one of A.J.’s videos.

Mark Stoney v. Steve Lynn text exchange 2019 thru 2021:

Mark Stoney v. Steve Lynn Text Exchange

Update July 23, 2021

“Jobob Smiley” raises some interesting issues in a post today to Cindi’s latest video.

Update July 23, 2021

Mark Stoney Commentary on Kent’s Zoom #2!

Link to James Duncan FaceBook post illustrated below:

Time marked link to James’ appearance with Kent Hovind in 2020:

Update July 26, 2021

Text Message Today Sent By Kent Hovind

Tonight’s Performance

Text Exchange for Background on Kent’s Ire Towards Mark & Aaron:

Why Kent is mad at Mark and Aaron

Update July 27, 2021

Mark Stoney replies to Kent Hovind!

Update August 8, 2021

KENT HOVIND to Jo, Mary, Cindi, and the next candidate for his bed and board.

Time marked link to video comments illustrated below:

Related article on this site regarding the Kent Hovind arrest on July 30, 2021 for domestic violence:

August 9, 2021

Cindi Lincoln posted a number of comments below the YouTube video of A.J. at:

Cindi’s lengthier comment is illustrated below:

Update August 12, 2021

Update August 13, 2021

Peter J. Reilly posts a blog article providing his coverage of the story at:

Update August 16, 2021

Update August 18, 2021

Cindi Lincoln posted her YouTube documentary on the issues at:

Description of Above Referenced Video:

(Begin quote.)
Kent Hovind exposed: DONORS BEWARE!!
Cindi Lincoln shows the real character of Kent Hovind and his inner circle including:
1. Ernie Land, primary and most active Board Member and Financier, Owner and Sole Shareholder of CSE, Inc. who wrote the fraudulent 20 year contract now BREACHED which STOLE more than half Cindi’s income;
2. Steve Lynn, Technology and Personal Assistant and “Guido” to Kent, in charge of Kent’s audio recordings of Cindi. Recently arrested for stealing a truck. Recently confessed to STEALING 10’s of thousands of dollars from CSE. Recently alleged to be in possession of porn, heroin, and methamphetamines. Allegedly used by Kent Hovind to trash and strip Cindi’s rental property where Cindi gave him 30 Day Notice to vacate.
3. Brady Byrum, creator of content, and personal advisor to Kent on legal and personal matters. Recently accused of molesting his own children and neice.
4. Bill Sardi, member of CSE Board…
I’m sorry this is so long, but I kept finding more and more evidence to include. And, since Kent Hovind and his circle of “Yes Men” are lying and slandering me to discredit my witness, therefore, I’m compelled to rebut their lies with all the evidence I can. Please note: I’m not a professional video maker, so please forgive the computer glitches. Also, if you see any errors that need correction, kindly contact me via facebook messenger and I’ll be happy to correct any errors. Remember, the man and the message are NOT the same. Let God be true, but every man a liar. Jesus is still the son of God come to earth, and He can speak through a donkey, a child, a woman, and an inanimate concept called Wisdom shouting in the streets.
Thank you, and God bless you.
(End quote.)

Steve Lynn also made the banner headline in The Monroe Journal this evening!

Update September 8, 2021

Steve Lynn made a midnight trip to Kent’s conpound last night and made a video of the trip, as if it would rebut the critics and help out Kent Hovind.  I don’t think it did that.  Steve quickly made the video private, but not before others could capture and preserve it.  Cindi Lincoln captured it and broadcast it on her channel with her own narrative, written introduction.

Link to Steve Lynn’s Broadcast:

Link to Cindi Lincoln’s Broadcast of Steve Lynn’s Video:

Update September 13, 2021

Regarding Cindi Lincoln’s car problems, from FaceBook thread at:

Update September 20, 2021

Court Proceedings Today

Update September 22, 2021

Court Orders!

Kent Hovind Guilty of Domestic Abuse

Order in State v Hovind Guilty

Protective Order to Remain In Effect

Lincoln v Hovind Protective Order Enforceable till Further Notice

Update September 23, 2021

Hemant Mehta and The Monroe Journal picked up on the story and report on it!

Update September 23, 2021

Kent makes make believe marriage to Sandra Princess Sawyer official in live broadcast tonight!

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Update September 24, 2021

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Update September 25, 2021

“Ryan the Presbyterian” broadcasts an important video on the silence of young-earthers on the Hovind story.

Update September 30, 2021

Cindi Lincoln’s latest video broadcast:

Update October 1, 2021

Time marked link to video illustrated below:

Update October 6, 2021

Hovind motions for a new trial!

Hearing scheduled for October 8, 2021!

Hovind DV Motion for new Trial

Update October 7, 2021

Kent’s Domestic Violence Hearing! – Update!
Credible reports are that the hearing was held today and Kent is really wanting a re-trial in order to allow his cook and mysterious conpound resident Freddy Urena to testify as a rebuttal witness to Cindi Lincoln (i.e., try to show she’s been lying).
Supposedly, the judge has promised a ruling on the motion by next Wednesday. I wonder if Freddy would really be willing to testify if the DA were to be made aware of his questionable history and grill him about that on cross examination????

Update October 13, 2021

Cindi Lincoln interview Stephen

One of Stephen Andrew Bowlin’s FaceBook Pages

Image used for above video:

Update October 14, 2021


Stay Tuned!

Kent’s Reply

Update October 15, 2021

Charles interviews Cindi

(I had trouble getting video to play!)

Update October 16, 2021

Update October 18, 2021

I don’t know if there is a story here or not, but this comment was posted today to Cindi’s video at:

No jail today! – Notice of Appeal Filed!

Hovind Notice of Appeal 10152021

Update October 19, 2021

Regarding Cindi’s Child Custody Issue

Link to Cindi’s Video Where Comments Below Were Posted:

Cindi’s Explanation

Update October 20, 2021

The Monroe Journal

October 21, 2021 Edition

Update November 6, 2021

Regarding yesterday’s court action:

Update November 18, 2021

Update December 10, 2021

Time marked link to Kent’s legal advice for Cindi Lincoln as broadcast tonight from his 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL and as illustrated below:

Text of Above:

 “I spent 5 hours day before yesterday with an attorney in Miami … He said, here is what she needs to do!  Publish a simple letter like this:”

      ‘I, Cindi Lincoln, hereby apologize for lying about my former husband Kent Hovind body slamming me a year ago.  He did NOT body slam me.  I made that story up to make him look bad.  As you can clearly hear on the audio recordings he made, I was the aggressor the entire time and he was calm and simply protecting his phone and his body by pushing me off to the side as I lunged at him.  I behaved very badly that day and I’m sorry.  I’m also very sorry I went to atheist web sites for support.
I’m sorry my lie has done great damage to the cause of Christ and the wonderful Christian ministry Creation Science Evangelism in Lenox, AL.  I encourage all to visit there and listen to Dr. Hovind’s amazing messages that have changed countless lives.  I also ask that you support him and his ministry financially as they seek to get the gospel out.
I will be taking down all the videos I have made that speak evil of him and ask others to do the same.  During the many years I have followed his ministry and during the 3 years I was his wife he was righteous and never yelled at me or hit me or mistreated me in any way.  I was wrong.  Please forgive me and tell any others you have spread my false claim to.
~ Cindi Lincoln’

Update December 12, 2021

The above video has been made “private”, but it has since been posted to Kent’s Utreon channel as shown below:

Update December 19, 2021

Kent & Cindi Go Out To Lunch!

Link to Video Under Which Comments Illustrated Below Were Posted by Kent Hovind:

(8:25 PM MT – AJ has deleted Kent’s comments reported below.)

Text Only (Begin quote.)

AJ, Your favorite person to interview to try to discredit me, CL… you know who that is, Crazy Lady! is at it again. i took the crew at DAL to eat at the Chinese restaurant in Brewton like we do every other Sunday and CL came in AFTER we were there and sat by the cash register and exit door to be sure we saw her. When i went up for 2nds she called out loudly, “There goes Pinocchio!” for all to hear.
There were about 20 of us from DAL who saw what happened. We ignored her but after we left i thot, I wonder if she did this to try to have me arrested for violating the silly ‘protection order’ she got against me. Hmmm?
You know what they say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”
So, to be safe, we called the police in Brewton and the sheriff in that county and our county and explained the whole thing. They, and most of the county, is finding out what a Crazy Lady she is.
Last week she filed a frivolous motion with the county court to ask the sheriff to accompany her to get things that she donated to the ministry years ago back for herself.
The court ruled against her same day. We don’t have any of her property here and feel that she created her own financial problems and wants to blame us.
I met with a Miami lawyer 10 days ago and agreed that the simplest solution would be for her to write a simple apology letter admitting that she lied when she claimed i “body slammed” her.
During my Comments on Comments a week ago on Kent Hovind Official or Dinosaur adventure land channel at the end someone asked how things were going with the lawsuit Crazy Lady filed against me. I read that suggested letter on that show to answer the question.
Anyway, i know you and your viewers love to hate me and the message i preach and the Lord i preach for and you would be thrilled if CL could get me thrown in jail for any reason but today’s attempt by CL backfired and just alerted more people in law enforcement to smile, nod and ignore Crazy Lady when she calls.
I’m still open for a debate on why you believe in evolution. Call 855-big-dino ext 1 when you get the nerve. 🙂

(End quote.)

Jodie Turner Babin provided this eye-witness account:

(Begin report.)

Funny part is, I was there eating with her.
We went to church together. We were there first and seated by the register. I walked next door and when I came back she told me there’s Pinocchio.
When I turned around there was Kent and Sandra.
It was clearly painful for Cindi to see him. She still loves this man. Since we hadn’t started eating I suggested we go next door and do Mexican instead. She had tears in her eyes.
I said they’ll probably call the police because of protection order just to cause a scenen and to make you look bad.
So we left.
We had no clue they did call the police!
That is so funny!
Anyway, feel free to share this.
I live in this community. My husband works with a man who is highly rated in this community. They all hate DAL and the people that live there, the bad elements that come and the cult activities.
They despise Kent Hovind.
And now that they are learning about Cindi… They are coming to her defense. My landlord hates KH! My husband’s boss hates him too.
Because when he first came here, Kent went door to door asking for money and donations. This is a farming but poor community. People having a hard time much less having their privacy invaded by someone begging for money.

(End report.)

Copy of ORDER in the Lincoln v. Hovind case.  Cindi’s motion was denied.

Update April 5, 2022

Settlement docket scheduled for April 19, 2022 in the case of Alabama v. Kent Hovind!


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