Originally Posted November 1, 2016
by Robert Baty


The following exchange was taken from the comments section of the promotional video for Kent’s and Brady’s “Kent Hovind Innocence DVD”.  Not all comments in the thread are shown below because Kent does not allow all comments to publicly appear.

Link to Promotional Video


From “timtherussian”

Just tell us what’s on DVD number 8, AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO GET YOUR 30 million!  Why try to sell us a dvd to find out how we may help you?

From Brady Byrum

I cannot do that.

Video 8 includes a blank Sworn Affidavit of Criminal Complaint, and I would NOT want ANYONE to complete that and file it WITHOUT them seeing and understanding videos 2 through 7 first.

The Affidavit is supposed to be signed under penalties of perjury and that is why the Educational Information was put together over 15 months so that participants could LEARN FIRST and THEN ACT properly, IN TRUTH.

From Brady Byrum

I will explain, if you will allow.  The action DVD, if you were to watch ONLY IT, and desired to follow through with what we are asking, it would be causing you to not be telling the truth on an Affidavit, and we do not want that.

For you to HELP KENT, we need for you to get the package, view all 7 (of 1-7), and THEN go into the ACTION VIDEO and follow through.

We want you all to be honest in your affidavit that is your redress to government.

Once you see the depth and scope of fraud that was used against Kent, we believe you will feel compelled to help in this manner, and would feel right and proper in doing it honestly.

Plus you need to know the details in at least 2-7, and other people you may know, because this is not all that uncommon.

I hope this helps.



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