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A few days ago, Kent Hovind broadcast a performance featuring himself, Brady Byrum and Paul John Hansen; promoting the False Hovind Legal Narrative.

It soon after mysteriously disappeared and some have been clamoring to find it and have it preserved.

It is, indeed, an important historical event in the continuing effort by Kent Hovind to fulfill his promise to spend the rest of his life promoting his False Legal Narrative (or until he gets a presidential pardon, his case(s) are overturned, and he collects millions in damages).

Some have been able to capture and preserve the broadcast, and this article is intended to archive such efforts.

Following is the successful preservation effort under the YouTube account of “EatDrinkandBeMary Tocco”, a play on the name of Kent’s current, legal wife, Mary Tocco (Kent is presently living with another woman by the name of Cindi Lincoln).


Many other articles regarding Kent and his story can be found on this website.  All articles (over 350 currently) are listed chronologically at the following link:




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