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Originally Posted February 21, 2023

by Robert Baty

According to Jesse Boyd legal dream team member, promoter, and private investigator John Lamb, February 21, 2023 is to be a big day in the history of The Montana 4 case!

As of 12:30 PM MT on February 21, 2023, I was unable to find any new docket entries on the on-line court website. It is not known how timely the on-line site is. Sometimes it seems to take awhile for the filed documents to show up on-line. So, we wait.

As of 8:30 PM MT, Tuesday, February 21, 2023, nothing new has been seen as having been posted to the on-line docket record of The Montana 4 criminal case out of Madison County, MT. Similarly, no public statements have been seen having been posted by John Lamb or any other promoters of The Montana 4 version of things. Maybe later!

Update February 22, 2023

It appears the filings hit the docket after I went to bed late last night.

More coverage from The Butcher Shop!

Update February 23, 2023

The Butcher Shop Revisits The Parking Issue!

Come out, come out, Jesse Boyd, and show us that “exact spot” where your vehicle was parked!

Jesse Boyd’s claim about Jesse Laney Boyd founding Mississippi College may be a lie!

Update February 24, 2023

Link to ORDER sealing Boyd responses to 3 motions in limine and related exhibits:

Link to Boyd reply to State’s response to Amended Motion to Dismiss:


Links to related articles on this website:



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