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The State of Connecticut was legally and factually justified in removing Baby Sofia from her mother and alleged father in November of 2018 and in retaining custody with the prospect that parental rights might be terminated and that the child might be adopted.

AFFIRM: Robert Baty

DENY: (to be named)




Chapter 319a Secs. 17a-90 to 17a-209   Child Welfare

Sec. 17a-101g … Removal of child in imminent risk of harm.

(e)  If the Commissioner of Chidren and Families, or the commissioner’s designee, has probably cause to believe that the child or any other child in the household is in imminent risk of physical harm from the child’s surroundings and that immediate removal from such surroundings is necessary to ensure the child’s safety, the commissioner, or the commissioner’s designee, shall authorize any employee of the department or any law enforcement officer to remove the child and any other child similarly situated from such surroundings without the consent of the child’s parent or guardian.  The commissioner shall record in writing the reasons for such removal and include such record with the report of the investigation conducted under subsection (b) of this section.

The following is the form used to advise Baby Sofia’s mother of the child’s removal, as published by Baby Sofia’s mother!

Following is an excerpt from a legal document filed in the case and published by Baby Sofia’s mother, though she has refused to publish the next page which further advises what Baby Sofia’s mother did not do!


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Update December 16, 2019

Sally Finck & Joyce Farrell Catalano continue their anti-government/anti-CPS crusade with calls for harassment and more defamation.


Update December 20, 2019

Despite having disappeared and the abandonment of Baby Sofia to “the system”, it appears some of the promoters are still offering the mother and alleged father bad advice.

In response to the above, I dispatched one of my most effective, efficient, and creative agents to Connecticut in order to try and find out what may be going on.

The report I received back indicates that Baby Sofia, like Baby Holm before her, may have been moved to another foster home, for security reasons, and Baby Sofia’s mother and alleged father will not be being told of the new arrangement.



Update December 24, 2019


Update January 28, 2020

There has been new developments in the related Connecticut case that has been bouncing around the courts for a decade or more and is centered around the notion of “predictive neglect” involving some alleged incompetent parents.

Judgment of the Federal Court

69-Page Ruling behind the above Judgment

Hasemann Watley Order

It is reported that Hasemann-Watley have appealed!




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