One of the recurring themes in the false legal narrative being promoted by Kent Hovind and his people is the claim that Judge Rodgers uttered the word “rape” in describing Kent Hovind and/or his crimes during his sentencing hearing in January of 2007.

Neither Kent or his people, however, have ever been open and honest in dealing with that issue and so it is to this day as evidenced by the recently released Brady Byrum production of a video series, “Kent Hovind is Innocent DVD Series”, and the YouTube broadcast by Rudy Davis, aka LoneStar1776, dated December 30, 2016.

My challenge to Kent Hovind and his man Rudy Davis, or their Champion, remains outstanding and unanswered as Kent and his people seem determined to get people to believe their lies by increasing the amount of times Kent and his people tell them.

Following is the link to and transcription of how Rudy presents the matter, lies and all, in his December 30, 2016 broadcast.

Link to YouTube Video:

(Begin transcription.)

There’s some people that believe that we should
lay off Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers and they
don’t have any, like, foundation, right, because
when you don’t have a standard for truth like
the Bible, like, your standard drifts like the
zeitgeist of the times and select, for instance,
I believe two plus two equals four and no matter
what peoples’ opinions are two plus two will
always equal four, right, but there’s some people
believe if you can get the massive public, the massive
amount of the public to believe a certain way then
the law, the law of the land, justice, becomes like
that law because simply because the majority of
people believe that way.
But see, I believe justice is very similar to
mathematics and that it’s always wrong to throw
a Baptist in prison for withdrawing his own money
from his own bank to pay his own bills when he
did not raise that money illegally.
And so no matter what statute you refer to or
whatever legal argument you come up with, it’s
wrong to put a Baptist miniser in prison for nine
We are going to be promoting that Judge Margaret
Casey Rodgers needs to be impeached and convicted
and it’s my hope that she will one day wake up in
in prison in a cold dark prison eating moldy food
with a, makes you want to vomit, and her family
will forget her…
Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, it’s my desire, the
Bible says you need to pay back four fold so I figure
you put an innocent man in prison nine years so
that would be 36 years for you.
You can spend 36 years in prison.
You can wake up in a cold dark prison eating food
that makes you want to vomit.
Your family and your husband and your kids will
absolutely forget who you are.
They will start to believe that you are guilty and
you deserve what you, the prison sentence that
you have and you can be, you can experience the
judgment four-fold over what you did to Kent
And let me just say two plus two equals four and
it doesn’t matter what laws or what legal arguments
you come up with, it’s always wrong, it’s always
wrong to put an innocent man in prison and to take
him away from his family for nine years and justice
will come.
– Rudy Davis (aka LoneStar1776)
– December 30, 2016



(End transcription.)



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