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Originally Posted January 17, 2023

by Robert Baty

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After hours and hours and hours of following the social media efforts by Jesse Boyd and examining and exhaustively evaluating such other evidence as might be available to me, I am going to “call it” and “call out” Jesse Boyd regarding the most fundamental claims regarding the “Montana 4” felony assault cases that were generated by an incident on November 12, 2022 near Brad Terrell’s property just down the road from Cameron, MT.

How it all started!

Following is what I think is a reasonably accurate illustration as to what the scene looked like (less the snow) as the vehicle sat parked for an hour or so, with Bethany Boyd and her boyfriend, Carter Phillips, doing whatever young people do when sitting in a car alone on the side of a desolate highway. Carter had come all the way from whereever Missouri to walk with Bethany across Montana and ask her to marry him. Reportedly, she said yes.

If the “Montana 4” (Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd, Eric Trent, and Carter Phillips) don’t settle their cases via dismissal or plea agreements, I would expect there to be considerable examination and cross-examination of testimony regarding the exact positioning of both vehicles during the incident. As noted above, I think the following illustration will be shown to be reasonably accurate, at least for purposes of this analysis, if not for trial purposes.

Now, notice again what Jesse said regarding Bethany’s parking of the vehicle:

Bethany turned left into the 30-40 feet of public easement or highway apron and parked the support vehicle to the right, facing out toward the highway for an easy exit.  She (Bethany Boyd) made sure to leave plenty of room for a vehicle to enter or exit Cameron Road onto or from the highway. Bethany did not cross the posted fence line about 30-40 feet in from the main road.”

Yep, you can see in my illustration that there is plenty of room for vehicles to enter and exit Cameron Drive. However, it is still a fact that the entrance/exit was blocked, in part. Jesse appears to be promoting the idea that if vehicles could squeeze through the gate without contacting the Boyd vehicle that the entrance/exit was not blocked. Based on my illustration, the entrance was blocked and Brad Terrell would have had a legitimate basis for complaining about it.

Perhaps more importantly is the fact that Bethany appears to have parked the vehicle illegally, on the wrong side of the road (entrance/exit).

Jesse Boyd likes to quote Montana statutes and misrepresent/lie about their application to the “Montana 4” criminal cases. So, I will offer the following Montana statute and the audience can decide whether Jesse or I do it better.

Get it? According to my reading of that statute, Bethany had her car parked illegally on the wrong side of the road; in addition to partially blocking the entrance/exit to Cameron Drive.

When Brad Terrell, unarmed, old, & overweight, was compelled to exit his vehicle to more easily and directly explain the nature of his complaint to Jesse Boyd, Jesse was “standing his ground” and refusing to simply move the vehicle and was escalating the situation via words and ultimately by drawing his double-barrel .410 shotgun on Brad. The rest, they say, is history.

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